Percents and Interest Video Lesson with Guided Notes

Supporting document included
This is an additional download that supports the video.

This video lesson is perfect for sub plans, class activities, math centers, remedial help, or flipping your class.

This lesson will teach your students how to solve problems involving percents. In particular, your students will be able to...

* Use proportions to solve percent problems such as "12 is what percent of 84?" and "A team won 18 of 23 games. What was their winning percentage?"

* Find simple interest using the simple interest formula

* Convert fractions to percents

You receive not only the instructional video but accompanying notes for students to complete as they watch the lesson. Answer key is also included.

This means you can easily hold your students accountable, increase their retention and understanding, and provide them a great resource for review.

Perfect for in-class demonstration, remedial help, sub plans, or for flipping your class.

Upon purchase, you will immediately receive the student notes as well as access to stream the full video lesson from Teachers pay Teachers. If you want your students to access the video at home, you will be able to request either a downloadable copy or a YouTube link. Please allow up to 2 business days after submitting your request to receive these additional video formats.

This video lesson is designed for Algebra 1 students. To teach this concept on a more introductory level, check out these pre-algebra video lessons:

* Convert Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Pre-Algebra Video Lesson

* Percent Problems Pre-Algebra Video Lesson

* Interest Pre-Algebra Video Lesson


Grab the related video lessons:

* Ratios, Rates & Conversion Factors

* Proportions

* Percent Change

* Multiplying & Dividing Exponents

* Zero & Negative Exponents

* Scientific Notation

* Exponential Functions

* Exponential Growth & Decay

Or, save money by purchasing the complete Percents & Exponents Unit & enjoy video lessons all unit long.

The full Percents & Exponents Unit includes the following resources for ALL of the lesson listed above:

* Video lessons that teach each concept in a way students can easily understand

* Guided student notes that keep students engaged, hold them accountable, and serve as a fantastic study tool (teacher’s version is also included)

* Differentiated practice/homework exercises that build students' skills

* Quick review videos to reinforce key concepts

* Unit review & study guide that teach study skills & improve test scores

* Editable assessments that make it easy to accurately assess students' skills

Get the complete Percents & Exponents Unit here.

Or, save even more with MathLight's growing Algebra 1 curriculum.


Want to see an example first?

Download our free pre-algebra Integers unit with videos here.

Or, you can view our full lineup of pre-algebra videos (which will also show you what to expect in the student notes) at Just click "Try it free" and choose "Show me the videos."


The MathLight curriculum is also a great option for homeschoolers, as it includes video explanations for each concept. Visit for more info.

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to ask a question here or email us at

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