Periodic Table Complete Bundle - Lesson, WebQuest, Task Card and Inquiry Project

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Periodic Table Complete Bundle - This activity bundle contains a PowerPoint Lesson, WebQuest, Task Card Activity and Inquiry Project and it will save you 50%! Please read on for the description of each.


1) Periodic Table PowerPoint Lesson:

The Periodic Table. This TWO DAY package includes the lesson (student and teacher versions of the PowerPoint) and a student lesson handout as a word document. The PowerPoint is fun and and engaging with TWO videos and a worksheet accessible right from the PowerPoint.

Please view the Preview File to obtain a sense of my style, see how my power point lesson is structured and evaluate my work.

Included in the lesson package is:

- The teacher version of the PowerPoint
- The student version of the PowerPoint
- Videos embedded into the PowerPoint
- Student worksheet
- Student lesson handout

In order, the lesson covers:
1) History – Mendeleev
2) Element squares
3) Atomic Number
4) Atomic Mass
5) Valence Electrons
6) Metals/Non-Metals and Metalloids
7) Groups and Families
8) Periods


Buyer Comments:

- "A-MAZE-ING! I purchased three PowerPoint presentations from you. My students have commented several times how cool they are as we've worked through them!! I love your student version of the slides as well - really helps accommodate IEP students. Thanks so much!!!"

- "awesome!"

- "Worked great for my classes. Thanks!"

- "Loved this! Thanks :-)"

- "Great item"


The student version of the power point contains multiple blanks that need to be filled in throughout the lesson. These blanks are conveniently underlined and bolded on the teacher copy. I have found this to be the most effective means of keeping my students engaged and active without having them write everything out. This also leaves more time for discussion and activities.

Additional Chemistry lessons can be accessed below.

Lesson 1 - Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes
Lesson 2 - The GUESS method of problem solving
Lesson 3 - Density
Lesson 4 - Particle Theory and Classification of Matter
Lesson 5 - Atomic Theory - The History of the Atom
Lesson 6 - Atomic Structure and Notation
Lesson 7 - The Periodic Table
Lesson 8 - Ions
Lesson 9 - Chemical Symbols, Formulas and Compounds Introduction


2) Periodic Table WebQuest and Element Assignment:

Periodic Table WebQuest and Element Assignment. This assignment is in two parts, a WebQuest where students go to specific websites to find answers to the 22 questions. The second part is an element research assignment where they are assigned an element, research it and create a summary presentation.

The WebQuest comes with a complete answer key and the Element Assignment a detailed rubric which looks at the students presentation skills as well as content, layout and more.

The tasks will take from 2-4 days depending on how long you allocate for student presentations.

Works well as an introduction to the periodic table, as review and/or as an assessment.

What's included:
- Student WebQuest (22 Questions) with Answer Key
- Element Research Assignment

Questions include:
- Periodic table overview
- Periods
- Groups
- Valence electrons

Buyer Comment: "Students love technology! This was an excellent way for students to hone research and presentation skills and incorporated many learning styles."

"Fantastic! The kids really love technology and had a great time completing this activity."

"love this! my students think that webquests are the best!"

"My 9th grade physical science class really enjoyed this assignment!"

"Extremely thorough! Thank you so much!"


3) Periodic Table Task Card Activity:

This 15 Periodic Table and Elements Task Card resource allows your students to review concepts involving Elements, Rows, Groups, Atomic Mass and Families. Example Questions Include: Question 1: Silicon is a ______ found in group _____. Question 2: This collection of elements on the periodic table conducts heat and electricity well.

I've created a video walkthrough which shows how this Task Card Activity is used and why it's so simple yet engaging for your students. It can be found here

This resource is very unique. It can be utilized in a clue gathering, puzzle solving, highly active and engaging activity for those learning about The Periodic Table and its Elements or as an alternative to worksheet review. Whether you do it as a whole class game or as a worksheet your students will actually want to get done, your students will want to finish so that they are able to solve the puzzle. The students must answer 15 questions and match their answer with the word(s) on the Task Card Review Game Word Chart. Once the correct matched words are put in order (answer to #1, #2, etc.), they will display a motivational quote.

Do you use Science Workshops in your class? These would be perfect! All answers are included and the game is really easy to understand.

I've also included a simple word document which just contains the questions and answers. I usually give this out to my students after we've completed the activity for them to review at home.

What's included:
- 15 Task Cards
- Student worksheet
- Teacher answer key
- Task Card Review Game Word Chart
- A complete answer chart for teacher and/or student use

Overview: There are two ways to use these cards

1) Task card review game - lots of fun!
- Students are placed in groups of two and have to work their way through the task cards. Each task card answer leads the student to a clue (a word).
- Once the group has completed each task card they will have enough clues to solve the puzzle.
- Once the group has solved the puzzle, they are the winner.

2) Engaging Worksheet Review with a goal
- Give out the Question Sheet and Task Card Review Game Word Chart
- Engage your students and have them want to complete their homework so they can solve the quote. This works in very much the same way as the game above except it can be done individually (or in pairs) as seat work or homework
- The students must answer the question then match their answer with the word(s) on the Task Card Review Game Word Chart. Once the correct matched words are put in order (answer to #1, #2, etc.), they will display a motivational quote.
- It really gets the kids interested and wanting to finish as they are rewarded with the answer

You may also be interested in these other Task Card Activities.

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Elementary Mathematics:
Algebra, Exponents and Polynomials
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Money Word Problems - Calculating Final Price, Change and Cost
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Calculating Simple Interest
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High School Mathematics:
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Please view the preview file to get a better idea of how you could utilize this resource in your classroom.

I also have other Task Card resources as well as a range assignments and lessons/units from other grade levels at my store. Please come, have a look around and don’t forget to follow if you like what you see.

PLEASE NOTE: You can purchase the entire unit for the price of 5 individual lessons by clicking here.


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Periodic Table Complete Bundle - Lesson, WebQuest, Task Ca
Periodic Table Complete Bundle - Lesson, WebQuest, Task Ca
Periodic Table Complete Bundle - Lesson, WebQuest, Task Ca
Periodic Table Complete Bundle - Lesson, WebQuest, Task Ca
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