Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson

Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson
Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson
Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson
Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson
Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson
Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson
Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson
Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson
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This is now a 700+ slide PowerPoint presentation about the Periodic Table of the Elements that includes critical notes (red slides) activities, lab ideas, video links, review questions, skits, visuals, project idea, three page homework, modified version, answer key, two page lesson notes and much more.

Also included is a 175 slide review game that concludes the unit for a fantastic review. Game template and answers are provided.

The PowerPoint begins introducing Dimitri Mendeleev is and Henry Moseley, followed by a neat activity that involves playing cards. Instructions to the activity are built into the PowerPoint. Teacher passes out several playing cards from the deck to the students. Teacher then places the rest face down in the front somewhere. Students are then asked to organize the cards in a logical fashion and to determine the values of the mystery cards. Students work together and eventually line up the cards by suit, and from 2 to Ace in increasing order of value. They predict the missing cards. This is a neat activity that gets the students understanding the basic set-up of the Periodic Table by family groups, increasing atomic mass / number, and how Dimitri Mendeleev was able to predict some of the general properties of unknown elements. Some questions and answers are built into the slideshow to wrap up this activity. A description of the Periodic table is then described with step by step notes. Students create a mini Periodic table to record information on, alternative Periodic Tables are shown, Horizontal rows (Periods) and vertical columns, (Group/Family are addressed) Increasing amu, and electron negativity are covered as students add arrows to their mini periodic table in their journal / notebook. Transition Metals are covered - Malleable, Ductile, Luster, Good Conductors, High Density, Conductors of Heat, Chemically Reactive, Metallically Bonded, Most are Solid. A quick trip to the class thermostat to see liquid Mercury and its unique properties is framed as the worlds shortest field trip. A Thermite reaction demonstration is provided and link to a video. The demonstration requires some old iron shot puts and aluminum foil. The Alkali Metals are addressed, followed by the Alkaline Earth Metals. Students color code their mini Periodic Table when each Family/Group is introduced. Metalloids are addressed in a series of step by step notes (Luster, Brittle, Semi-conductors). Non-Metals are covered in a series of step by step notes (Brittle, Poor Conductors, Dull, May be Translucent, Exist as (s) (l) (g), Covalently Bonded, Low Density) A neat little activity with paper clips and toothpicks helps students get the idea between malleable and brittle. A link with instructions for a neat lab about metals, non-metals, and metalloids is provided. Questions to the lab and answers are provided. The Noble Gases are then covered one a time, mini-periodic table is sketched in and color coded, and a really neat dramatic skit activity occurs. Four students volunteers become characters (two Nobles, and two Surfs) Each character has speaking lines and this is a really fun but educational dramatic skit. The idea behind the skit is that the Nobles don't react with anybody (Snooty Nobles) This is always a student favorite. A cool end of the unit project is framed where students research elements from the Periodic Table and create an element page with facts and information about the Elements. These are all hung on the wall to complete the Periodic Table (I usually have each student complete two which never quite completes the whole table but gets close) This is a fantastic PowerPoint that will get your students excited about the Periodic Table. See my whole unit option on TpT before you buy this PowerPoint.

This PowerPoint includes critical notes (Red Slides), exciting visuals, challenge questions, activities with directions and more. Text is usually placed at the top of the slide so it can be read from all angles of a classroom. Color coded slides, as well as a shade technique is used to increase student focus and allows the teacher to control the pace of the lesson. These PowerPoints are meant to be interactive as possible and ask many questions, provides built in review opportunities, explains directions to activities, and much more. Transition effects are never used.

Atoms and Periodic Table of the Elements Unit on TpT (2000+ slides, HW, Notes, and much more.)
Atoms and Periodic Table of the Elements on TpT (Hardgood that I email you after shortly after purchase)

This unit includes all of the lessons below in one organized folder....
-Atoms and Periodic Table Unit Homework, Answer Key, Lesson Notes, PowerPoint Freebies, and much more
-Introduction to the Atom, Atomic Mass, Isotopes and more (390 Slides, HW, Notes)
-Inside the Atom, Nucleus, Quarks, Leptons, and much more (360 slides, HW, Notes, and more)
-Atomic Theory, Electron Orbitals, Molecules (500 Slides, HW, Notes, and more)
-Atomic Bonding and Balancing Chemical Equations, Endo and Exothermic Reactions, (340 Slides, HW, Notes, and more)
-Atoms PowerPoint Review Game
-Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson (400 Slides, HW, Notes and much more)
-Periodic Table of the Elements PowerPoint Review Game
-Atoms and Periodic Table of the Elements Crossword Puzzle with Solution

Entire Curriculum that I offer on TpT
Entire 4 year Science Curriculum, 20 Full Units (35,000 Slides) HW, Notes, and much more

Please visit my other posting on TpT called The Atoms and Periodic Table Unit which includes this PowerPoint within the 2000+ slide PowerPoint roadmap, 13 page bundled homework / assessment, 8 page modified assessment, detailed answer keys, and 14 pages of unit notes for students who may require assistance that chronologically follow the PowerPoint slideshow. The answer keys and unit notes are great for support professionals. This larger file also includes PowerPoint review games (2 games 110+ slides each), 30 .flv videos, lab handouts, activity sheets, rubrics, materials list, templates, guides, and much more. This Unit is a digital download, but requires that you email me at after checkout so I can send it to you through another company because it is too large for the TpT uploader. I use another company called which can send large files. TpT only sends me your user name on a digital download good so you will need to contact me with your email address so I can send it to you digitally. The cost of this larger unit is $9.99 The unit takes between 40-60 minutes to download once I have sent it to you but this unit is well worth the wait. Everything arrives in editable format and can be modified to fit any curriculum or time requirement.

Areas of Focus within The Atoms and Periodic Table Unit: Atoms, Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment, Cathode Tube, Atoms, Fundamental Particles, The Nucleus, Isotopes, AMU, Size of Atoms and Particles, Quarks, Recipe of the Universe, Atomic Theory, Atomic Symbols, #'s, Valence Electrons, Octet Rule, SPONCH Atoms, Molecules, Hydrocarbons (Structure), Alcohols (Structure), Proteins (Structure), Balancing
Equations, Atomic Bonds, Ionic Bonds, Covalent Bonds, Metallic Bonds,Ionization. Periodic Table of the Elements, Organization of Periodic Table, Transition Metals, Electron Negativity, Non-Metals, Metals, Metalloids, and much more.

I also sell all 20 Middle-Level Science Units as a hard good on TpT and this mailed on an 8GB USB drive ($20 Value) free shipping. This includes all 20units (35,000 slides), in Life, Earth, and Physical Science for students in grades 5-10, This also includes 275 pages of bundled homework / assessment that chronologically follows each unit, 175 pages of modified assessments, 325 pages of answer keys, 260 pages of unit notes, 40 PowerPoint review games (5000+ slides), 325 videos, hundreds of pages of handouts, First Day PowerPoint, Guidebook, and Four Year Curriculum Guide and classroom license. This is everything you need to run an incredible four year science curriculum on one USB drive. $99.00

If you have any questions or would like to sample a unit for quality please email me and I will gladly assist you any way I can. Thank you for your time and interest in this PowerPoint.

Science from Murf LLC

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