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Perry Math #1 (fractions, decimals, percent, slope)

Randy Bamboo
Grade Levels
3rd - 12th
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15 pages
Randy Bamboo


Watch video here. It covers fractions, percent, decimals and slope. I know slope is too difficult for elementary, but it relates to the safety issue, and why it's "Perry Math." (just skip the slope part for elementary) (To watch the video you have to click on the link at the beginning of this description...you won't be able to watch it by clicking the download button...it's on youtube.)

Here's the lyrics...

These math lessons are dedicated to my great uncle, Perry Hubbard, who was born in 1902. Math might not be your favorite subject, but it can help us all stay alive.

Ol' Perry Hubbard was our grandmother's brother
They went down to the pond one hot muggy summer
Just wanted to cool off, but it was a little too shallow
how we wish we could let him know
Don't dive Perry, the slope isn't right
Be careful Perry, that pond bottom is dark as night

Perry dove in head-first and suffered a serious injury. All attempts to save him failed. Perry was 18 years old--his family was devastated.

Don't dive Perry, the slope isn't right
Be careful Perry
Oh Perry we miss you, every single night
Oh Perry we miss you, every single night

Thousands of kids and adults have died or been paralyzed by diving in unsafe situations or in horseplay. Remember Perry and think twice before you dive in.

Perry probably knew slope is the measure of the steepness of a line, but when it's a scorching hot summer day, we don't always think clearly before we dive into a nice, cool pond.

In math, there are three types of slope you can encounter. A slope can be positive, negative, or equal to zero. When the slope is equal to zero, it is horizontal or flat.

Slope = rise/run. The top part of the fraction, the numerator represents how much you rise, or don't rise, and the bottom part, the denominator, stands for how far you "run" or move sideways.

At the pond Perry dove into, you can see that the slope = 1/3, rise 1, run 3. You'll notice the opposite bank of the pond has a negative slope, -1/3, rise -1, run 3. To find the degrees of a 1/3 slope, you divide 1 by 3 to get .33. You then press (2nd, tan) on your calculator—then enter .33 and press enter again to see that a 1/3 slope equals 18 degrees. If the pond had a 4/5 slope, it would have been much safer for Perry to dive in to. A 4/5 slope equals .80. Press (2nd, tan), then enter .80 to see that a 4/5 slope equals 38 degrees.

It is essential we understand how portions of whole numbers....fractions and decimals work.

Here's April

Some people like their numbers whole
I hear you baby but there's so much more
When you hear numerator think north pole
When you hear denominator think down deep in a hole
Denominator is the total number of pizza slices
Numerator is the number your teeth pulverizes
If you have a 10 slice pizza, but you're not that hungry
Say hey big mama make it two slices, well maybe three
Or if you're practically starvin' say hey big daddy make it 5 outta 10

Did you notice that 5/10 is the same as 1/2? That's called reducing or simplifying a fraction. 1/2 is a lot easier or simpler to picture in your mind than 5/10. Once you understand that fractions, decimals and percents are all saying the same thing, you are ready to roll.

Yeah, Even as a kid I liked to divide my green peas I'd say hey little brother lookeeee here. Actually, it was more like please eat my peas!

Teacher told me to learn my fractions
that's where you'll find all the action
Here's a little hint
1/4 is .25 or 25%
1/2 is .50 or 50%
yeah notice a pattern, here's a hint
That fraction bar means divide
the bottom into the top and let it ride
That fraction bar means divide
the bottom into the top and let it ride

What do you mean "let it ride?"

I mean fractions are going to happen regardless. I say bring it on fractsheeeeeeeeeeeon! And all you 1/3 (one thirds) might want to find a 2/3 and make a whole or be on the first bus out of town.

First bus outta town?

Hehehe, just kiddin'.

When it comes to percents, try some relaxation Yeah...........you know, we were all born a fraction Just a fraction of what's to come
Weigh about 9 pounds, on day one
After so many trips later, around that sun
Just divide 9 by what you now weigh
So if it was 128, don't worry, you don't have to say But if it was, that would be 9 divided by 128 Which would be .07 or 7/100 or 7% of your present weight

Yeah...........you know, we were all born a fraction
Not only of our size, but also of our actions
'Cause you know it's not too easy
for a newborn baby to help a lady
or help the lost, broke-down tattered and torn,
no, not even maybe
but as you eat your veggies, get a little taller,
you know you can make a difference,
be part of the solution, all across this land
So ride high, in that saddle, second to none
Yeah, time to shine,
time to tame, that fraction dragon

Yeah, you know we were all born a fraction.

Next time we’ll talk about adding and subtracting, decimals and fractions. So won’t you please, please join us for all the action. Yeah, yeah, yeah all the action!

Hey, I see you over there, you little fraction.

You can listen to the soundtrack for my next math video here. (scroll down to bottom of page) Here's the lyrics...(video coming soon)

Our number system is called the "base ten" son
Base 10 blocks have a cube to represent one

Then a ten cube strip to represent ten
And a 100 cube block to represent 100 friend

We use the base ten to tell us place value
Eyeball that digit, it'll give you the clue

Let's take the number 5,342
See where that digit is cuz, see the value

Shut the front door
The one's place is worth two, the ten's place forty more

As for the "Benjamin’s”, yeah there's three
In the thousand's place, that'd be 5 g's

Let's talk about number patterns
Numbers that follow a certain sequence, Vern

See how 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, doubles each time
Or with 28, 19, 10 - every time it's minus nine

So now we're kind of on a roll
Choosing logical numbers is "number sense" I was once told

Stay away from the ridiculous answers
Show your brilliant mind like a solid gold dancer

Then there's skip counting, yeah it's kind of fun
Counting forwards or backwards by a number other than one

10,20, 30, 40 or maybe
3, 6, 9, 12, 15 hoppin' like a flea

When we learn to do math in our head
It's called "mental math" - done with zero pencil lead

Something like 9x9 or 100 – 50 are two problems you can do
Use memorization or mental math, like tyin' a shoe

Certain symbols are used when you compare two numbers, said the man.
This (<) represents less than while this (>) stands for greater than.

So 53 >49 or 555 < 999, yeah let your mind shine

Course we use this (=) if they're equal
And tune in next time, there will be a sequel
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Copyright by RC Beaird 2015
Total Pages
15 pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
2 Weeks
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