Phillis Wheatley Famous Black Women in History Activities for Reading Song

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Teach students about Phillis Wheatley, a female American author that wrote to General Washington during the American Revolution. Analyze her letter to General Washington, her impact on him, and his response to her, using music. This worksheet uses 1 song that can be accessed on YouTube or Teachers Pay Teachers for students to listen to as a part of the activity.

This worksheet includes:
- the song lyrics for use as a readers theater activity with access to the instrumental music available on YouTube
- a list of comprehension questions with the answer key
- an identifying root words activity
- an identifying prefixes activity
- an identifying suffixes activity
- a short response writing activity with prompts that challenge students to think about Wheatley's unique position as a woman, slave, and author, as well as her interactions with General Washington.

How to use this resource:
- Students will preview the questions on page 1 then listen to the song while following along with the lyrics on pages 2 and 3.
- Students will then answer the questions on page 1.
- When students are done, they can continue to be engaged by completing the root words, prefixes, suffixes, and short response activities on pages 4 - 8.
- Review the root words activities on pages 4 and 5 before allowing students to continue to the prefixes and suffixes activities. The activities on pages 6 and 7 build on previous knowledge from the root words activities.
- The answer key for pages 1 and 4 - 7 are located on pages 9 - 13.

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Phillis Wheatley, Black women in history
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