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This is the growing bundle of my interactive phonics brochures that include phonics skills, passages, comprehension, and word work. This bundle IS NOT complete! Act quick… the price will go up as units are added!

Note: A packet will be added weekly/bi-weekly until the bundle is complete!


These fluency and comprehension passages and activities are interactive, fun, and perfect for beginning readers. Each tri-fold focuses on a targeted phonics skill and also reinforces fluency and comprehension. While using each brochure, students get the opportunity to learn a new phonics skill and practice that skill in the context of reading for comprehension.

I created this resource to be used in guided reading groups. Many phonics skills contain two separate passages at different levels to meet the needs of various students. Each tri-fold combines phonics, fluency, comprehension, and word work. I used the form of a brochure because my students hate worksheets! It might seem silly, but turning a flat piece of paper into a brochure adds a lot of excitement to little ones. Adding a paperclip as a spinner adds another element of excitement.

Step 1 – Introduce the phonics skill/word family. I always show a PowerPoint or a poster with the phonics pattern and a list of words. We write the pattern in the air and we ALWAYS sing a song about the pattern. (Stay tuned… I’ll upload my PowerPoint slides in the near future.)
Step 2 – Read a list of words with the phonics pattern. Pictures are included.
Step 3 – Read the passage. (I use these passages in guided reading groups, so I have my students whisper read. I help them decode as needed.)
Step 4 – Read the passage a second time and underline all of the words with the phonics pattern. Students must write the words they underlined for extra phonics practice.
Step 5 – Read the passage a third time and answer the comprehension questions.
Step 6 – Students learn they can use words they know to read and write new words. They will use a spinner (paperclip and pencil) or word boxes to build and write words with the phonics pattern.
Step 7 - Students retell the beginning, middle, and end of the story with words or illustrations.

Here’s what’s included…
Click on each individual unit to see a preview.
Short A Word Families:
-at, -ap, -an, -ad, -am, -ag, -ack

Short E Word Families
-et, -ed, -en, -eck, -ell

Short O and U Word Families
-ot, -ob and –og, -op, ub and ut, -ug, -um and –up, -un

Short I Word Families
-id, -ig, -ip, -in, -ick, -it

Vowel Teams
-ai says /ā/ (long a) as in faith
-ay says /ā/ (long a) as in play
-oa says /ō/ (long o) as in boat
-oe says /ō/ (long o) as in aloe
-ee says /ē/ (long e) as in week
-oi says /oi/ as in boil
-oy says /oi/ as in boy
-oo says /oo/ as in food
-oo says /oo/ as in foot
-ow says /ou/ as in cow
-ow says /ō/ (long o) as in bow
-ie says /ē/ (long e) as in thief
-ie says /ī/ (long i) as in pie
-ou says /ou/ as in house
-ou says /oo/ as in soup
-ou says /ŭ/ (short u) as in trouble
-au says /ô/ as in auto
-aw says /ô/ as in saw
-ea says /ē/ (long e) as in beach
-ea says /ĕ/ (short e) as in bread
-ey says /ē/ (long e) as in monkey
-igh says /ī/ (long i) as in light
-eigh says /ā/ (long a) as in eight
-ue says /oo/ and /yoo/ as in glue and cue
-ew says /oo/ and /yoo/ as in grew and pew
-ui says /oo/ as in fruit

R-Controlled Vowels
-er as in fern
-ir as in bird
-ar as in car
-or as in torn
-ur as in burn

ch says /ch/ as in chair (beginning)
ch says /ch/ as in bench (ending)
tch says /ch/ as in batch (ending)
sh says /sh/ as in shell (beginning)
sh says /sh/ as in wash (ending)
th says /th/ as in thorn (beginning)
th says /th/ as in bath (ending)
wh says /wh/ as in what (beginning)
ph says /f/ as in photo
ng (-ing, -ang) as in sing and sang (ending)
nk (-ink, -ank, -unk) as in sink, bank, trunk (ending)
dge says /j/ as in badge (ending)
ck says /k/ as in back (ending)
wr says /r/ as in wrap (beginning)
kn says /n/ as in knock (beginning)

The following units are not yet posted.... Units will be added weekly!

Magic e - CVCe

Word Endings {-le, -el, -al, -il}

Beginning Consonant Blends

Ending Consonant Blends

Silent Letter Combinations

Prefixes and Suffixes
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Phonics Brochures {THE BUNDLE}: Interactive Reading Passages