Photo Cards - Speech, Language, Vocabulary, ELL, Phonemic Awareness

Photo Cards - Speech, Language, Vocabulary, ELL, Phonemic Awareness
Photo Cards - Speech, Language, Vocabulary, ELL, Phonemic Awareness
Photo Cards - Speech, Language, Vocabulary, ELL, Phonemic Awareness
Photo Cards - Speech, Language, Vocabulary, ELL, Phonemic Awareness
Photo Cards - Speech, Language, Vocabulary, ELL, Phonemic Awareness
Photo Cards - Speech, Language, Vocabulary, ELL, Phonemic Awareness
Photo Cards - Speech, Language, Vocabulary, ELL, Phonemic Awareness
Photo Cards - Speech, Language, Vocabulary, ELL, Phonemic Awareness
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    These are your new best friend in therapy. Hundreds of real life photo cards, created with a simple design to maximize versatility. Make them once and use them all year long.

    Adapt them for changing seasons or themes using props and containers.

    Pair them with turn taking games or a child’s special interests to increase motivation.

    Use these cards:

    •With pre-k through adults

    •As an independent task


    •With mixed groups.

    Vary difficulty:

    •For younger children pair photo cards with real objects

    •For older children and adults use written words

    Current Photo Card Sets:

    *Contains some repeated cards

    Photo Cards Include:

    Scenes: farm, zoo, woodland forest, ocean (underwater), rainforest, pond, sky, road, ocean, beach, city, home, bedroom, closet, kitchen, bathroom, living room, garden, pool, park, grocery, school, garage, yard, restaurant, theater, mall, party

    Small pictures scenes: country, mountains, sunrise, sunset, hospital, school, airport, hotel, church, office, park, museum, city, doctor's office, hut


    Fruits: apple (red), apple (green), apples, strawberries, banana, lemon, orange, blueberries, grapes, figs, plums, pineapple, watermelon, peach, pear, cherries, raspberries, kiwi, limes, cantaloupe, coconut, avocado, dates

    Vegetables: carrots, corn, broccoli, peas, eggplant, tomato, bell pepper, chili pepper, celery, peas, zucchini, green beans, mushrooms, beans, lettuce, onion, cauliflower, potato, butternut squash, sweet potato, salad, pumpkin, pickles, beets, kale

    Grains: croissant, oatmeal, muffin, waffle, crackers, tortilla, rice, pasta, pancakes, cereal, toast, bagel, bun

    Dairy: eggs, yogurt, cheese, ice cream sundae, egg (whole), eggs (fried), eggs (scrambled), butter

    Meat/Protein: hotdog, sausage, steak, ham, peanut butter, bacon, turkey (roasted)

    Condiments/Pantry: syrup, salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, jelly, jam, honey, can of food, flour, dip

    Sweets: chocolate, cookie, brownies, doughnut, ice cream, ice cream cone, ice cream sundae, popsicle, lollipop, apple pie, pumpkin pie (whole), pumpkin pie (slice), cake, candy, candy cane, skittles, jelly beans, sprinkles, chocolates (variety), milkshake

    Snacks: French fries, popcorn, nuts, pumpkin seeds, peanut

    Meals: hamburger, spaghetti/dinner, soup, pizza, slice of pizza, casserole

    Drinks: lemonade, chocolate milk, orange juice, soda / pop / coke, milk, tea, ice


    Farm Animals: horse, sheep, pig, goat, rooster, donkey, llama, duck, goose, cow, chicken, chick, hen

    Zoo Animals: giraffe, elephant, kangaroo, camel, leopard, chimpanzee, lion, tiger panda, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, panther, gorilla, polar bear, koala, zebra, cheetah, lino cub

    Forest Animals: bear, rat, bat, squirrel, raccoon, fox, porcupine, elk, deer/fawn, wolf, skunk, chipmunk, mouse, mice, mole, hog/boar, ram

    Pets: dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit, goldfish, Dalmatian

    Reptiles: lizard, turtle, snake, alligator

    Insects/Other: fly, chameleon, caterpillar, cricket, beetle, dragonfly, moth, bee, spider, frog, worm, grasshopper, butterfly, ant, ladybug, snail

    Birds: dove, macaw, ostrich, turkey, swan, pelican, owl, eagle, robin, pigeon, crow, parrot, peacock, penguin, flamingo, hawk

    Fish/Ocean: fish, crab, dolphin, octopus, seal, walrus, orca whale whale shark, clam

    Vehicles: train, tricycle, wagon, scooter, moped, canoe, kayak, rowboat, sailboat, airplane, helicopter, ambulance, ship, car, pickup truck, school bus, van, police car, fire engine, bulldozer, tractor, bike, taxi, garbage truck, rocket, jet, raft, hot air balloon, sailboat, submarine

    People/Occupations: baby, children, man, woman, grandmother, grandfather, mailman, family, trash collector, plumber, veterinarian, police officer, farmer, construction worker, fire fighter, doctor, nurse, surgeon, scientist, teacher, students, dentist, waitress/server, soldier, football player, cheerleader, detective, cowboy, knight, baseball player, boxers, sports fans, king

    Actions/Emotions: 125+ photos scenes of people. Includes a variety of babies, children, men and women.

    Body Parts: face/head, neck, hand, mouth/lips, arm/elbow, leg/knee, toes, feet, eyes, ear, tongue, nose, teeth, skull, skeleton, hair (long, short, bun, wavy), back, thumbs up, thumbs down, stomach, heart (checking heartbeat)

    Health: sick/fever/flu, thermometer, headache, pill, cough, medicine, sneeze, tissue/Kleenex, hurt, Band-Aid, shot/vaccine, needle, sprain, crutches, arm brace, broken bone, x-ray, first aid kit, cane, helmet, car seat, wheelchair, stethoscope, tweezers, gauze, hospital, reception/information, waiting room, doctor's office

    Clothes: T-shirt, dress, shorts, sweater, socks, pajamas, swimsuit, pants, jeans, coat, sweatshirt (hoodie), dress/gown, sports jersey, robe, vest, overalls

    Accessories: watch, gloves, glasses, hat, purse, backpack, wallet, umbrella, apron, baseball cap, tie, hair clip, beanie, mittens, raincoat

    Jewelry: ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings

    Shoes: shoes, flip flops, sandals, work boots (new), work boots (old), slippers, boot, snow boots, rain boots


    Furniture: table, chair, crib, couch / sofa, stool, recliner, rug, dresser, bookshelf, bed

    Appliances: television, washer dryer, blender, mixer, refrigerator, oven / stove, dishwasher, microwave, toaster, lamp, fan

    Things at Home: doormat, plant, clock, calendar, hairdryer, toilet, bathtub, sink, shower, batteries, flashlight, books, mail, light bulb, candle, match, vase, birthday candles, trash can (empty & full), blanket, pillow, towel, laundry, hanger, plant pot, stamp, letter/mail

    Kitchen/Dishes: fork, spoon, knife, bowl, plate, glass, cup, mug, baby bottle, spatula, can opener, measuring cup, whisk, oven mitt, kettle, grill, pan, clean dishes, dirty dishes, cooking pot, pitcher

    Toiletries/Hygiene: brush, soap, water, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, toilet paper, comb, razor, dental floss, nail polish, hair gel, perfume, make-up, lotion/cream

    Cleaning supplies: mop, bucket/pail, broom, dustpan, sponge, spray bottle, duster, vacuum, rag

    Crafts/sewing: paint, paintbrush, needle, thread, button, pin, stamp, bow, knit/yarn, peg, string, zipper

    Containers: box, sack, paper bag, suitcase, open suitcase, bag, jar, jug, pail, tin

    Pet supplies: fish bowl, dog tag, dog bone

    Money related: money, coins, cash, diamond, check, safe

    Electronics/hardware: charger, spring, switch

    Parts of a Home: mailbox, outlet, window, fence, brick, window (open & closed), (brick)wall

    Musical Instruments: recorder, trumpet, violin, guitar, saxophone, banjo, triangle, harp, piano, drums

    Tools: wrench, tape measure, pliers, shovel, screwdriver, screw, axe, drill, hammer, nail, rake, spade, hose, wheelbarrow, saw

    School Supplies: scissors, paper, notebook, crayon, markers, glue stick, stapler, lunchbox, desk, pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, glue, tape, ruler, journal, file folder, chalk, tack

    Toys: baby doll, teddy bear, play food, bubbles, blocks, play dough, action figure, rubber ball, puzzle, kite, inflatable tube (floaty), xylophone, dice

    Sports Equipment: basketball, baseball, baseball bat, soccer ball, tennis racquet, tennis ball, volleyball, skateboard, sled, goggles, golf ball, cleats, football, helmet, paddle, fishing pole, weights, medal

    Travel: vacation/road trip, ticket, passport, map, duffel bag, savings/piggybank, credit card, airport, hotel

    Weapons/Military: sword, badge

    Things in the City: buildings, crosswalk, playground, stop sign, flag, lamp post, skyscrapers

    Things in Nature: nest, spiderweb, leaves, flowers/bouquet, sand, seashells, tree, palm tree, fall tree, grass, soil/dirt, Earth, moon, sun, planet, rose, daisy, sunflower, cactus, rocks, stick, rainbow, log, thorns, feather, acorn, fire, snowflake, sunrise, sunset, hillside, night, ocean wave, mountains, snow, cloud, lightening, wind, thunderstorm, rain, rainbow, fog

    Basic Concepts: on (location), off (location), in, out (by, next to) in front, behind (in back of), between, around, top, bottom, over, under, through, small (smaller, smallest), medium, middle, large (larger, largest), big (bigger, biggest), on (switch), off (switch)


    Valentine's Day: Valentine's card, box of chocolates, candy hearts, making cards, opening present, date (couple)

    Easter: Easter eggs, Easter basket, Peep, chocolate bunny, Easter bunny, coloring eggs, Easter egg hunt, finding eggs

    St. Patrick's Day: gold, pot of gold, four leaf clover, Leprechaun hat

    Fourth of July: parade, picnic, flag, fireworks

    Halloween: ghost, mummy, vampire, pirate, princess, knight, witch, wizard, ninja, superhero, clown, witch hat, pirate hat, wig, cape, wand, mask, crown, glow stick, face paint, tombstone, Halloween decorations, Jack-o-lantern, pumpkin pie, candy corn, candy apple (+ more sorted into photo list ex. bat, pumpkin)

    Thanksgiving: Also sorted into lists above - squirrel, acorn, tree, sunflower, leaves, rake, apple, apples, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, gourds, pumpkin seeds, turkey, casserole, corn, green beans

    Christmas: holly, wreath, ornament, Christmas tree, Christmas cookies, candy cane, gingerbread man, gingerbread house, Santa Clause, toy bag, reindeer, sleigh, fireplace, chimney, present, stocking, elf, elf hat, nuts, nutcracker, bell, bow, making cookies, hot cocoa

    Graduation: school, graduation, graduate, diploma

    Wedding: bride, groom, wedding, church

    Rhyming Word Cards: ab, ack, ad, ag, ail, ake, alk, all, am, an, ap, ar, at, aw, ed, ee, eg, en, est, ice, ick, ie, ill, in, ing, ip, it, oat, og, oke, one, op, ose, ot, ug, un, up, ut

    Other: booth (seating), seats (theater seating), menu, tickets, gift, picnic basket, gum, confetti, snowman, ice, tire, anchor, sale (for sale sign), pencil point, bottle cap, scale, heart (shape)


    Questions or Concerns

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