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    This bundle combines the two previously released bundles - Physical Science Clip Art Bundle and Matter, Energy, Forces and Motion Clip Art Bundle - into one giant bundle. This bundle includes 239 (121 color & 118 grayscale/black line) images.

    Atoms, Molecules & Elements:

    ● Single atom in blue, single atom in green

    ● Two blue atoms, two atoms 1 blue + 1 green, two green atoms, two atoms 1 orange + 1 green, two orange atoms

    ● Helium atom

    ● Electron cloud

    ● Hydrogen molecule (labeled + unlabeled versions)

    ● Nucleus

    ● Oxygen molecule (labeled + unlabeled versions)

    ● Periodic table of elements

    ● Water molecule (labeled + unlabeled versions)

    Relative Density:

    ● Glass divided into sections - oil, water, syrup (labeled + unlabeled versions)

    ● Divided glass including different elements in each section (labeled +unlabeled versions)

    ● Empty glass

    ● Grape

    ● Key

    ● Plastic bottle cap

    ● Piece of sponge

    ● Coin

    ● Screw

    ● Soda can

    ● Diet soda can

    ● Bottle of water

    ● Bottle of oil

    ● Bottle of syrup

    Heat Induced Changes In Matter:

    ● Arrow

    ● Candle

    ● Candle melting

    ● Cookie dough

    ● Baked cookie

    ● Egg

    ● Fried egg with translucent whites

    ● Fried egg with opaque whites

    ● Fire

    ● Ice cream

    ● Ice cream melted

    ● Ice cube

    ● Water from melted ice cube

    ● Marshmallow on stick

    ● Melting toasted marshmallow on stick

    ● Match

    ● Lit match

    ● Burnt match

    ● Popcorn kernels

    ● Popped popcorn

    ● Boiling water

    ● Water vapor

    Mixtures and Solutions:

    ● Cereal in milk

    ● Cookie dough with chocolate chips

    ● Hot Cocoa

    ● Lemonade

    ● Salad dressing

    ● Salt shaker

    ● Salt and heated pot

    ● Bottle of soda

    ● Sugar pot and sugar cubes

    ● Glass of water

    Light Energy - Absorb, Reflect & Refract

    ● Binoculars

    ● Boat reflecting in water

    ● Flashlight

    ● Flashlight with ball creating shadow

    ● Flashlight shining on mirror

    ● Flashlight shining into water

    ● Straw in glass of water

    ● Mirror with word "Reflect" reflected

    ● Refracting telescope

    ● Plant silhouette in window

    ● Prism

    ● Visible spectrum

    Forces and Motion:

    ● Canoe (speed)

    ● Speedboat (speed)

    ● Apple Falling From Tree (gravity)

    ● Ball Rolling Down Hill (gravity)

    ● Person Pulling Wagon

    ● Person Pushing Wheelbarrow

    ● Horseshoe Magnet

    ● Bar Magnets with Opposite Poles that Attract

    ● Bar Magnets with Like Poles that Repel

    ● Roller skater (friction)

    Forms of Energy:

    ● Car (gas)

    ● Dam (water)

    ● Fan (cooling)

    ● Gas pump

    ● Guitar (sound)

    ● Lamp (light)

    ● Light bulb

    ● House with solar panels

    ● Sun

    ● Toaster (heating)

    ● Wind turbine

    Properties of Matter:

    ● Beaker

    ● Key (buoyancy)

    ● Rubber duck (buoyancy)

    ● Lemon (color)

    ● Lime (color) (1 black line image for both lemon and lime)

    ● Glass of water

    ● Measuring tape

    ● Ruler

    ● Scale

    ● Basketball (size)

    ● Marble (size)

    ● Balloon (texture)

    ● Pinecone (texture)

    ● Bowling ball (weight and shape)

    ● Feather (weight and shape)

    Changes in Matter:

    ● Apple (cut)

    ● Cloud

    ● Sugar poured into drink (dissolving)

    ● Ice cubes melting

    ● Icicles (freezing)

    ● Log on fire (burning)

    ● Mirror fogged up (condensation)

    ● Juice poured into popsicle mold

    ● Popsicle (freezing)

    ● Popsicle melting

    ● Pot with steam rising (evaporation)

    You save 20% when purchasing the bundle instead of each set individually.

    The bundle includes 121 PNG color illustrations, and 118 PNG black line versions of the same illustrations. These are high resolution (300 dpi) transparent background graphics. No watermarks will appear on the files that you download. The clipart illustrations measure approximately 6 inches to preserve image quality when resizing.

    The following are links to the individual sets that are included in this bundle:

    Atoms, Molecules and Elements Clip Art

    Relative Density Clip Art

    Heat Induced Changes in Matter Clip Art

    Mixtures and Solutions Clip Art

    Light Energy - Absorb, Reflect & Refract Clip Art

    Changes in Matter Clip Art

    Properties of Matter Clip Art

    Forms of Energy Clip Art

    Forces and Motion Clip Art


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