Physical Science Physics PowerPoint, Notes & Exam Bundle

Physical Science Physics PowerPoint, Notes & Exam Bundle
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SAVE 35% by purchasing ALL my DIFFERENTIATED & EDITABLE Physical Science PowerPoints, Notes and Exams!

About this Bundle:
This bundle is designed to help you deliver, discuss and assess physical science content. There are three teaching tools included with each product in this bundle:
• PowerPoint Presentation (differentiated and editable slides)
• Scaffolded Notes (differentiated, editable and modified/completed notes included)
• Summative Examination (differentiated, editable and answer key included)

This product is hosted on a third-party website. Purchasers will receive instructions on how to access and download the files of this product once purchased through TpT.

About the Differentiation:
Topics are differentiated for upper elementary, intermediate and advanced students. This bundle is MOST appropriate for middle school grades, but works great for upper elementary and lower high school grades as well. A color-shape code is found on the upper left corner of every PP slide to help you differentiate concepts for your students' needs and abilities.

Concepts are aligned with most state science standards and NGSS.

This bundle includes:
Atoms PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered: What is an atom?, History of Atoms, Atomic Structure, Subatomic Particles, Element, Electron Configuration, Atomic Number, Atomic Mass, Isotopes, Average Atomic Mass, Radioactive Isotopes, Ions, Periodic Table, Types of Elements, Periodic Table Groups, Periodic Table Trends

Chemistry PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered: Element, Compound and Mixture, Molecules vs. Compounds, Valance Electrons, Lewis Dot Diagrams, Ionic Bonds, Covalent Bonds, Polar vs. Nonpolar Covalent Bonds, Bonding Diagrams, Hydrogen Bonding, Chemical Formula, Chemical Reaction, Evidence of a Chemical Reaction, Chemical Equations, Conservation of Mass, Balancing Chemical Equations, Conservation of Energy, Endothermic vs. Exothermic Reactions, Types of Reactions, Combustion, Radioactive Decay, Fission and Fusion

Energy PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered:Types of Energy, Mechanical Energy, Light (Radiant) Energy, Electrical Energy, Sound Energy, Thermal Energy, Chemical Energy, Nuclear Energy, Energy Units, Power, Energy Transfer, Energy Transformation, Conservation of Energy, Kinetic and Potential Energy, Collisions

Energy Resources PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered: Natural Resources, Nonrenewable Energy, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydroelectric Energy, Geothermal Energy, Biomass, Our Energy Use, Conserving Energy

Forces and Motion PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered: Types of Forces, Friction & Air Resistance, Gravity and Weight, Balanced vs. Unbalanced Forces, Net Force, Calculating Force, Motion, Velocity & Acceleration, Graphing Motion, Patterns of Motion, Newton's Laws, Inertia and Momentum, Collisions, Real-World Applications of Forces and Motion

Magnets and Electricity PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered:Magnetic Force (Magnetism), Magnets, Magnetization, Magnetic Field, Earth's Magnetic Field and Poles, Using a Compass, Credit Cards, Computer Hard Drives and MRIs, Electric Force, Electric Field, Electric Energy (Electricity), Static vs. Current Electricity, Types of Circuits, Voltage, Resistance and Current, Electric Power, Conductors and Insulators, Electromagnets, Electric Generators

Matter Properties PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered: What is matter?, States of Matter, Physical Properties of Matter, Qualitative Properties of Matter, Quantitative Properties of Matter, Intensive vs. Extensive Properties, Chemical Properties of Matter, Metals vs. Nonmetals, Alloys, Physical Change, Chemical Change, Conservation of Mass

Mixtures and Solutions PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered: Mixtures, Homogeneous vs. Heterogeneous Mixture, Solutions, Solute and Solvent, Saturated and Unsaturated, Solubility vs. Temperature, Solubility vs. Pressure, Supersaturated Solutions, Water as a Solvent, Alloy, Colloid, Suspension, Density, Separating Mixtures

Simple Machines PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered: Work, Work & Energy, Power, Mechanical Advantage, Simple Machines, Inclined Plane, Wedge, Screw, Wheel and Axle, Lever, Classes of Levers, Pulley, Pulley Systems, Compound Machines

Thermal Energy and Heat PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered: What is heat?, Generating Heat, Heat Transfer, Conduction, Conductors & Insulators, Convection, Convection Current, Radiation, Temperature, Specific Heat, Phase Change, Sublimation and Deposition, Heating Curve, Plasma, Physical vs. Chemical Change

Water Properties PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered: Water on Earth, Freshwater vs. Saltwater, Drinking Water, Physical Properties of Water, Hydrophobic vs. Hydrophilic, Chemical Properties of Water, Molecular Structure, Polarity, Hydrogen Bonding, Structure of ice, Cohesion, Surface Tension, Adhesion, Capillary Action

Waves and Sound PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered: What is a wave?, Types of Waves, Transverse Waves, Longitudinal Waves, Surface Waves, Properties of a Wave (Wavelength, Frequency, Period, Phase, Velocity), Wave Behavior (Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction, Interference), Sound, Pitch, Ultrasound, Doppler Effect, Volume, Speed of Sound , Sound Barrier and Sonic Boom, Acoustics

Light and Optics PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Topics covered: What is light?, Photons, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Electromagnetic Energy, Electromagnetic Energy & the Sun, Speed of Light, Wave Equation, Doppler Effect, Transparent, Translucent, Opaque, Properties of Waves, Concave and Convex Lenses, Polarizing Lenses

PowerPoint, Notes and Exam Format Information:
The PowerPoint is a .pptx file. The notes and exam are .docx files. The fonts are safe for use with Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Word and come with most Microsoft Office versions.

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