Physics Bundle, 90 detailed lessons grades 8 to 10, + Free AP Physics Bundle

Physics Bundle, 90 detailed lessons grades 8 to 10, + Free AP Physics Bundle
Physics Bundle, 90 detailed lessons grades 8 to 10, + Free AP Physics Bundle
Physics Bundle, 90 detailed lessons grades 8 to 10, + Free AP Physics Bundle
Physics Bundle, 90 detailed lessons grades 8 to 10, + Free AP Physics Bundle
Physics Bundle, 90 detailed lessons grades 8 to 10, + Free AP Physics Bundle
Physics Bundle, 90 detailed lessons grades 8 to 10, + Free AP Physics Bundle
Physics Bundle, 90 detailed lessons grades 8 to 10, + Free AP Physics Bundle
Physics Bundle, 90 detailed lessons grades 8 to 10, + Free AP Physics Bundle
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This bundle is a result of a 3 year program, which has created lessons full of fun lab work, highly visual and original explanations to aid understanding, and easy to follow and fully explained math. All of the lab work, experiments and teacher demos are fully explained to aid the new educator. With regular quizzes to embed understanding and give you the teacher assessment of progress of your students.

The program was to create 135 lessons to inspire physics to grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. This bundle of 90 lessons are the units of work for grades 8, 9 and 10.

As with all my bundles I want to supply the highest quality lessons at an affordable price. If you purchased each lesson at $3.00 it would cost $270.00 yet in this bundle you get every lesson, every piece of lab work and explanations for just $79.99. Not only saving you dollars but the time it takes to produce 90 lessons.

Not only this as a thank you I am giving away free of charge with this product my AP physics study guides x 23 and assessments x 26 priced at $39.95 on TPT, and another free gift my Science Literacy Reading Articles, 18 original, informative, and fun, great bell ringers priced at $6.00 giving you a total of $45.00 in free gifts and fantastic additions to your teaching resource bank.

Yes you did read the page count correctly over 3700 pages in this bundle !!!!!!!!!!!!

The preview file contains random slides from the presentations within this bundle, so you can see for yourself the style of work and it's quality.

In this bundle you are not purchasing just a series of lessons you are purchasing:-

Fully explained lab work and demonstrations.

A powerful means of formative assessment for every lesson in the whole unit.

Regular homework to embed student learning.

A fantastic easy way to track pupil’s progress.

Powerful and visually linked PowerPoints

Free worksheets to provide practice, differentiation and extension work.

Important Information – the first slide of each lesson in this unit bundle starts with a quick quiz/test based on the previous lesson/s learning. Depending on your class ability you can increase their understanding by doing one of two types of activities.

High Ability. Your pupils should answer the questions under test conditions. The second slide gives the answers and your pupils should self-assess or peer mark. This then gives you – the teacher – formative assessment on your pupils progress – recorded in their books. FOR EVERY LESSON.

Medium to low ability. At the start of every lesson show the question slide. Ask your students to look back at their work and look for the answers to the questions. This is a great review activity. Then after 2 – 3 lessons perform the quiz as above and you will see the understanding improve.

All power points to tell a story

learning objectives clearly and uniquely visually linked, short, relevant and punchy, revised a minimum of 3 time a lesson.

Fun pictures all over to help tell the tale.

All slides plain black background font comic sans minimum 24 for contrast and easy to read at the back.

As many fun, creative and original practical’s built in to lessons as could be implemented.

Practical instructions given along with prep room requests.

TEEP embedded, alongside philosophies from working with the Stimulating Physics program

Lessons in this bundle:-


Lesson 1 Wave an introduction

Lesson 2 Speed of waves

Lesson 3 Refraction

Lesson 4 Spectrometers

Lesson 5 Ultrasound

Lesson 6 Infrasound

Lesson 7 The Ear


Lesson 1 Scalar or Vector

Lesson 2 Speed time graphs

Lesson 3 Acceleration

Lesson 4 Velocity time graphs


Lesson 1 Resultant forces

Lesson 2 Gravity, weight and mass

Lesson 3 F= m x a

Lesson 4 Action and reaction forces

Lesson 5 Momentum

Lesson 6 Crash hazards

Lesson 7 Stopping distances

Lesson 8 Breaking distances and energy

Lesson 9 Circular motion


Lesson 1 Energy stores and transfers

Lesson 2 Energy efficiency

Lesson 3 Supplying electricity

Lesson 4 Keeping warm

Lesson 5 Renewable energy

Lesson 6 Non-renewable energy

Lesson 7 Stored energy GPE and KE


Lesson 1 The solar system part 1

Lesson 2 The solar system part 2

Lesson 3 Gravity and orbits

Lesson 4 Life cycle of stars

Lesson 5 Red shift

Lesson 6 The big bang


Lesson 1 Reflection and refraction ray diagrams

Lesson 2 Light the color of

Lesson 3 Lenses and images

Lesson 4 The electromagnetic spectrum introduction

Lesson 5 The electromagnetic spectrum

Lesson 6 Uses of the EMS part 1 and 2

Lesson 7 Dangers of the electromagnetic spectrum

Lesson 8 Radiation and temperature

Lesson 9 Investigating thermal energy


Lesson 1 The atom

Lesson 2 Inside atoms

Lesson 3 Electrons and orbits

Lesson 4 Background radiation

Lesson 5 Types of radiation

Lesson 6 Radioactive decay

Lesson 7 Half life

Lesson 8 Uses of radiation

Lesson 9 Medical uses of radiation

Lesson 10 Nuclear power

Lesson 11 Fission

Lesson 12 Fusion


Lesson 1 Electrical circuits

Lesson 2 Current and potential difference – series circuits

Lesson 3 Current and potential difference – parallel circuits

Lesson 4 Current, charge and energy

Lesson 5 Resistance

Lesson 6 Investigating resistance 3 lessons

Lesson 7 Transferring energy – electricity

Lesson 8 Electrical power

Lesson 9 Transferring electrical energy 2

Lesson 10 Electrical safety


Lesson 1 Bending and stretching

Lesson 2 Extension and energy transfers

Lesson 3 Pressure and up thrust

Lesson 4 Pressure in liquids


Lesson 1 Electromagnetic induction part 1

Lesson 2 Electromagnetic induction part 2

Lesson 3 Supplying electricity

Lesson 4 Transformers and energy


Lesson 1 Magnets and magnetic fields

Lesson 2 Electromagnetism

Lesson 3 Magnetic forces


Lesson 1Energy and changes of state

Lesson 2 Particles and density

Lesson 3 Energy calculations

Lesson 4 Gas pressure and volume

Lesson 5 Gas pressure and temperature


Lesson 1 Static introduction

Lesson 2 Static electricity

Lesson 3 Static uses and dangers

Lesson 4 Electric fields


Lesson 1 Objects affecting each other

Lesson 2 Work and power

Lesson 3 Vector diagrams

Lesson 4 Rotational forces 1

Lesson 5 Rotational forces 2

Not only this I am giving away over 230 worksheets to supplement these lessons. They include research, review and questioning activities. PLEASE NOTE as these are given free of charge not all of the worksheets have answer keys.

Extra free products for you

Literacy in Science.

A collection of 18 original, informative, light hearted, yet inspiring articles on various aspects of science namely Physics and Marine Biology.

Each text is written in an informal manor, describing in detail the science behind the title, followed by 3 – 4 questions from which the pupil has to dissect the answers from the text or formulate their own ideas.

Each article and set of questions is 2 sides of A4 in length.

1. A child of the Stars – where were you made?

2. Are we being watched – the difficulties of searching for alien life.

3. Bernadette the deadly yellow boxfish – she’s beautiful but evolution has packed a deadly punch, let Bernie tell you all.

4. Earthquakes and your fingernails – how do they happen and why are they like your fingernails?

5. Mass and Weight – what’s gravity got to do with it!

6. Nuclear Power part 1 – how we get electricity from the atom.

7. Nuclear Power part 2 – Time line of an explosion, and nuclear meltdown.

8. Red shift, The Doppler Effect and the Expanding Universe.

9. Samantha the red serpent star, let Sam describe her amazing biology to you.

10. SAR 11 – So just what is the most important life in the ocean?

11. Sir Isaac Newton, William Hershel and fluorescent corals – Ok just what have these in common.

12. So what is electricity – let your students ‘go with the flow’!

13. Sid the Sponge – Don’t take a bath with me, allow Sid to describe himself.

14. That old bar magnet called earth – magnets, solar wind and dead planets.

15. The Blue Dragon – this baby packs a real sting, but how?

16. The deadly wave called sound – sound is amazing and deadly.

17. The empty sea, a sad but true tale.

18. The immortal jellyfish – who wants to live forever, well this beast can!

Free AP Physics resources over 1300 pages

There are 23 study guides

AC theory


Circular motion and simple harmonic motion

Conduction of electricity

Doppler Effect

Energy Concepts


Further electromagnetism and AC currents

Heat transfer

Kepler’s law notes


Magnetic Fields

Matter Forces and the Universe

Momentum and energy concepts

Motion under gravity

Nuclear energy

Nuclear structure and Quantum Physics

Position of centre of mass

Radioactive decay and half life

Stress and Strain

The behaviour of gasses

Uniform and radial fields of force


Here is a vast selection of advancement placement Physics question papers and end of unit assessment test papers with associated answer keys.

The question papers are a very good homework exercise, and issuing the answer key allows the students to self-assess their work, whilst giving great exam preparation. Or use them as formal unit assessments, fantastic for tracking students’ progress on their understanding of any unit.

Topics that are covered are

Capacitance A

Capacitance B

Circular Motion

Current Electricity

Electric Fields A

Electric Fields B

Electrical Current

Further Mechanics A

Further Mechanics B


Gravitation A

Gravitation B

Magnetic Fields A

Magnetic Fields B






Particles and Radiation

Materials and Waves

Quantum Phenomena

Radiation and Quantum Phenomena


Turning Points


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