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Planets Lesson, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars

Planets Lesson, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
Planets Lesson, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
Planets Lesson, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
Planets Lesson, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
Planets Lesson, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
Planets Lesson, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
Planets Lesson, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
Planets Lesson, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
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This is a 1100+ slide PowerPoint presentation with built-in class notes (red slides), challenge questions with answers, built-in hands on activities with instructions, questions, answers, built-in review opportunities, video links, two page homework, answer key, lesson notes, 130+ slide PowerPoint Review Game and Template at the end of the lesson, and much more.

Major Topics - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Moon formation, Axial Tilt / Seasons, Tides, Phases of the Moon, Mars, Features on Mars. Also included is my solar and lunar eclipse lesson with HW, and notes. Please do not purchase that lesson if buying this one.

This PowerPoint begins having the students guess the name of the inner planet with an arrow pointing activity over several slides. A "Not Smartboard" Activity has the teacher minimize out of slideshow mode and the students move the Inner Planets into the correct order with the teacher controlling the movements on the computer. The habitable zone is then discussed and related to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. (Not too hot, Not too cold, Just Right) Astronomical Units are described and an activity has the students make predictions. A step by step layout for gathering research about the inner planets allows students to create a neat two page spread of the Inner Solar System for research gathering. Links for the Sun and the planet Mercury are provided. Mercury is then discussed in detail over a series of slides. This allows students who may have missed some important pieces of information when collecting research. Venus is then covered in similar fashion and great links are displayed. Venus is presented in the beginning by asking how cool would be to go Venus. When we find out all of the ways the planet would kill us. Earth is described, axial tilt and seasons are covered, solstice, equinox, composition of atmosphere and other key elements to allow for life.

Astronomy Topics Full Unit (3000 Slides, HW, Notes, Keys)
Solar System Basics, Sun, (560 Slides)
Inner Planetary Topics Review Game
Sun, Solar Flares, Sun Spots, Star Life Cycles, (170 Slides)
Sun Topics Review Game
Moon, Phases of the Moon with OREO;s Activity, Axial Tilt, Seasons, and More (260 Slides)
Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Make a Sun Dial Lesson
Build a Rocket and Launch, Rocketry, Missions, and More (300 Slides)
Asteroid Belt, Meteors, Meteorites, Craters, Lesson (220 Slides)
Outer Planetary Topics Lesson, HW, Notes and More (500 Slides)
Outer Planetary Topics Review Game
Beyond the Solar System Lesson (700 Slides)
Galaxies, types of Galaxies, Many Links
Entire 4 Year Curriculum, 20 Full Units, 50,000 Slides and Much More

The PowerPoint then discusses Earth with some quick facts and dimensions. The shape of the earth is described and students need to choose between perfect sphere, or elliptical sphere. Theories on how the moon formed are addressed. How the earth was impacted is shown with a series of slides showing an impact event causing the axial tilt and moon formation. A series of video links are provided about the moon formation. Each video is only a few minutes. The Axial tilt of earth and it's connection to the seasons is addressed. The scale of the earth and moon is described with their distances from each other. Why we only see one side of the moon is described and video link to the synchronous orbit of the earth and moon. The far side of the moon is revealed and then the orbit of the moon around the Earth is described. The fact that the moon is getting further away each year is addressed, and the point at which it will stabilize is described. Our Sun becomes a Red Giant and engulfs the Earth and the Moon in a funny set of slides. Phases of the Moon are described and students create a step by step diagram / drawing of these Phases. An actual image of the correct phase of the moon accompanies each step of the drawing process. Several challenge based questions have the students put their diagrams to work. An activity follows which has the students create the phases of the moon with OREO cookies. Students place cookies on a paper plate and scrape away the white filling. They then label all of the cookies to the correct phase of the moon. Directions and visuals to complete the activity are included. Students at the end jumble the cookies and try to place them to the correctly labeled location. A link to a lunar calender has students seeing the phase of the moon at different years in the future. Tides are then described in a series of slides. Another step by step diagram creates both a Spring and Neap Tide. Tidal Bores are discussed. Students also visit and learn how to read a tide chart. Phase of the moon is revisited on the Tide Chart. Tidal energy is briefly discussed and craters on the Moon. The Apollo missions and visit with Google Moon wrap things up. A link to the classic Moon Patrol finishes this part of the PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint then addresses Mars. Mars is covered in perhaps the most detail with some stunning images. The two moons are focused on, the ice caps, rovers, and history. Student visit Google Moon and look for evidence of water in the form of canyons and old fluvial features. Olympus Mons and Valles Marineris are described. This is a really exciting PowerPoint that takes advantage of incredible images. It balances the right amount of student on-line exploration and bring it back center.

This PowerPoint includes critical notes (Red Slides), exciting visuals, challenge questions, activities with directions and more. Text is usually placed at the top of the slide so it can be read from all angles of a classroom. Color coded slides, as well as a shade technique is used to increase student focus and allows the teacher to control the pace of the lesson. These PowerPoints are meant to be interactive as possible and ask many questions, provides built in review opportunities, explains directions to activities, and much more. Transition effects are never used.

Please visit my other posting on TpT called The Astronomy Topics Unit which includes this PowerPoint within the 4,000+ slide PowerPoint roadmap, 13 page bundled homework / assessment, 10 page modified assessment, detailed answer keys, and 7 pages of unit notes for students who may require assistance that chronologically follow the PowerPoint slideshow. The answer keys and unit notes are great for support professionals. This larger file also includes four PowerPoint review games (110+ slides each with Answers), 38 .flv videos, lab handouts, activity sheets, rubrics, materials list, templates, guides, and much more. Also included is a 190 slide first day of school PowerPoint presentation. Everything arrives in editable format and can be modified to fit any curriculum or time requirement.

Areas of Focus in the Astronomy Topics Unit: The Solar System and the Sun, Order of the Planets, Our Sun, Life Cycle of a Star, Size of Stars, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, The Inner Planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Craters, Tides, Phases of the Moon, Mars and Moons, Rocketry, Asteroid Belt, NEOs, The Torino Scale, The Outer Planets and Gas Giants, Jupiter / Moons, Saturn / Moons, Uranus / Moons, Neptune / Moons, Pluto's Demotion, The Kuiper Belt, Oort Cloud, Comets / Other, Beyond the Solar System, Types of Galaxies, Blackholes, Extrasolar Planets, The Big Bang, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, The Special Theory of Relativity, Hubble Space Telescope, Constellations, Difficulty Rating 7/10

I also sell all 20 Middle-Level Science Units now as a digital good. This includes all 20 units (50,000+ slides), in Life, Earth, and Physical Science for students in grades 5-10, This also includes 300 pages of bundled homework / assessment that chronologically follows each unit, 200+ pages of modified assessments, 325 pages of answer keys, 300+ pages of unit notes, 40+ PowerPoint review games (5000+ slides), hundreds of lab activities with questions and answers, hundreds of project ideas, 315 videos, hundreds of pages of handouts, First Day PowerPoint, Guidebook, and Four Year Curriculum Guide and classroom license.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks again and best wishes.

Ryan Murphy M.Ed

Below are the links to the 20 units of study that I offer on TpT for individual purchase. All of these are included in the curriculum purchase.

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Laws of Motion and Simple Machines Unit
Matter, Energy, and the Environment Unit
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Physical Science Curriculum
Physical Science Bundle Package (4 Units)

Life Science Units
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Cellular Biology Unit
Infectious Diseases Unit
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Botany Unit
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Ecology Interactions Unit
Ecology Abiotic Factors Unit

Life Science Curriculum
Life Science Bundle Package (10 Units)

Earth Science Units
Weathering, Soil Science, Soil Conservation, Ice Ages, Glaciers Unit
Astronomy Topics Unit
Geology Topics Unit
Weather and Climate Unit

Earth Science Curriculum Bundle
Earth Science Curriculum (6 Units)

Water, Water Quality, Rivers, Lakes, and Fish Units
Water on Earth, Properties of Water, Water Pollution Unit
Rivers, Lakes, and Water Quality Unit (Salmon, Fish, and more)

Below is a link to view this curriculum in greater detail. You will find a PowerPoint tour, how a unit works guide, curriculum possibilities, standards, and many free samples.
Curriculum Tour

Entire Curriculum I offer on TpT...
Entire 4 Year Curriculum, 20 Full Units, (50,000 Slides) HW, Notes, and much more

Best wishes,

Ryan Murphy M.Ed

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