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My plate tectonics bundle is here! A compilation of all of my plate tectonics activities, each listed below with a link to products so you can see a more complete preview, if you so desire. Purchased individually, these resources would total $22. Here they are for just $17!! Two to three weeks of lesson plans done, many hours of work, countless headaches, all for less than the cost of a t-shirt. These are exceptionally engaging, in-depth lessons. Students will be doing, moving, and thinking. Classwork, activities, close readings, notes, handouts, and homework. All answer keys are included. Give yourself a break! Your students will thank you for it!

This bundles includes the following:
Continental Drift and Seafloor Spreading
This resource provides a PPT introduction to both Wegener's theory of continental drift and Hess's seafloor spreading. PPT is 10 slides long, equipt with both background information, pictures, and animations. Two versions of notes included: One with blanks, and one with blanks filled in. Words are underlined in the PPT for students.

Pangea Puzzle: Continental Drift
This resource contains a puzzle of the 7 continents, each with geologic and/or fossil evidence of Pangea. Students will color code the key, cut out continents, and then re-form Pangea using the fossil and geologic evidence. Student questions and answer key provided.

Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
This resource was created for use in a plate tectonics unit. Stop and take a look at the three methods of heat transfer before introducing the layers of the Earth. Students will better understand the movement that takes place in the mantle and is the driving force of plate tectonics. A two page close reading explains the differences between convection, conduction, and radiation. Numerous examples are given. Read as a class, then have students go back and dissect the types of heat transfer while filling in frayer model cards. Full sheet and quarter sheet are provided. They can be used in an INB or a traditional notebook. A color 'Earth' and black and white 'Earth' are provided to draw in the convection currents within the mantle. This will provide your students an introduction to just the mantle, and what occurs there, before introducing all of the layers.

Layers of the Earth
This resource begins with a 2-page close reading on the layers of the Earth. Students are first introduced to the four layer model -inner core, outer core, mantle, crust. The lithosphere and asthenosphere are then introduced and the relationship between those layers and the mantle and plate tectonics is then explained. There are MULTIPLE formats that you can use for note taking. There is an INB page and foldable page, each provided in black and white and in color, for students to take notes on the layers. They are both provided for the 4-layer model, or including the litho/asthenosphere. There are multiple 'Earths' provided- labeled and unlabeled, in color and in black and white. You can have students label and color their Earth, or print the labeled, colored version. You'll have your choice!! These resources are both INB friendly and traditional notebook friendly.

Plate Tectonics: Plate Boundaries
Print and go!
This resource has two parts to it. You can choose the order in which you use them.
Part 1: One page close reading that introduces (or reviews) the types of plate boundaries. Covers the terms: subduction, transform, converging, diverging. Examples and explanations given. Questions and labeling diagram for students provided.
Part 2: 7 posters colorfully illustrate each type of plate boundary with different types of crust. A graphic organizer is provided for students to fill in as they read over each poster. Laminate the posters for years of use, or for a bulletin board. I like to group students and have them read over each poster and fill in information together. For each plate boundary type, an explanation is given as to what occurs there, as well as real life examples.

Plate Tectonics: Reading Tectonic Maps
This resource was created to help middle school students gain confidence and comfort in reading and dissecting plate tectonic maps. There are three separate maps with questions. Each handout has an answer key. With each map, students are asked to count the number of plates, find plates, disipher direction, speed, or identify land features created by tectonic movement.
Use these for classwork, homework, or leave with a sub. This is a print-and-go resource.

Plate Tectonics: Task Cards
Review plate tectonics with task cards! This resource includes 24 task cards, most with pictures or diagrams, that review continental drift, pangea, seafloor spreading, types of boundaries, land features that result from different types of boundaries, and reading tectonic maps. This is a great review that fits in with the rest of my plate tectonics resources.Student recording sheet and answer key included.

Thanks so much! I wish you a successful school year! Remember to click the green star up by my name to follow me for updates on new resources. Please leave feedback when you get the chance. It is always appreciated!
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Plate Tectonics BUNDLE
Plate Tectonics BUNDLE
Plate Tectonics BUNDLE
Plate Tectonics BUNDLE
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