Pollination, Fertilization & Seed Dispersal - an Interactive SmartBoard lesson

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>> This is an updated unit, as I have added a Seed Dispersal folder containing an additional 18 pages to extend this lesson.

♦♦ Use this interactive lesson as part of your plant life cycle unit. A number of animations are used to show certain concepts that are often difficult to explain!

Click on the PREVIEW button above to see most of the 42+ pages that you will get with this download. A brief summary is also given below:-

The Pollination and Fertilization lesson consists of the following:

pg.1 A page to introduce what pollination is and why it is necessary.

pg.2 Touch the bee's head to find what other agents help with pollination.

pg.3 A cross section of a flower with a 'drag and drop' activity'

pg.4 Touch each of the buttons for an animation to show the difference between self and cross-pollination.

pg.5 Touch the magnifier for a close look at the male cones and a diagram of a wind-blown pollen grain.

pg.6 Pollination in grasses. An animation showing thousands of pollen grains being released into the wind.

pg.7 How flowers are adapted to attract pollinators and a time-lapse video to show the many visitors to 'opening' flowers.

pg.8 Adaptations of butterflies and moths to help obtain nectar.

pg.9 Bird pollination - touch the flower for an animation of how sunbirds accidently 'collect' pollen to transfer to other flowers.

pg.10 Adaptations of some birds to collect nectar and pollen.

pg.11 Night time pollinators with night sounds. Touch the flower to see two of them!

pg.12 Pollen eaters - the Honey Bee.

pg.13 Pollinator predators - touch the mantis to see what it catches!

pg.14 An activity to match the pollinators - to recap what they have learnt so far.

pg.15 A jig-saw puzzle - What has caught the fly?

pg.16 Another revision activity. Labeling the parts of a flower.

pg.17 Plant fertilization - the next stage.

pg.18 An animation to show the pollen tube growing down the style to the female cell - male and female cells meet - fertilization.

pg.19 A detailed animation to show what happens next - the forming of a seed and fruit.

pg.20 Fruits and seeds - a labeling activity.

pg.21 A Pollination Quiz

pg.22 A class discussion looking at how people and plants "advertise" and why.

Also Included:

♦ An interactive Word Search using words that the kids have learnt.

♦ Two printable worksheets - a Crossword Puzzle and a Cross Section of a Flower to label. Answer sheets provided.

♦ Teacher's notes - some brief additional notes.

Seed Dispersal Lesson:-

pg.1 Why is seed dispersal necessary?

pg.2 The main agents in dispersal.

pg.3 Blowing in the wind - different designs.

pg.4 Merging photos to show changes in bulrushes.

pg.5 The shakers - an animation.

pg.6 Animals - hitching a ride. An activity.

pg.7 Squirrels and seed storage.

pg.8 Dispersal by birds.

pg.9 The kudu - seed digestion & dispersal.

pg.10/11 The floaters - coconuts and mangroves.

pg.12 Lotus seeds - the sinkers. An animation.

pg.13 Explosions.

pg.14 The Chestnut Tree.

pg.15 Gravity - a sorting activity.

pg.16 Forest fires.

pg.17 Quiz - how are these seeds dispersed?

pg.18 Make your own helicopter seed - instructions.

Also included:-

♦ 'Helicopter' template

♦ Interactive Word Search game

♦ Teacher's notes


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Pollination, Fertilization & Seed Dispersal - an Interacti
Pollination, Fertilization & Seed Dispersal - an Interacti
Pollination, Fertilization & Seed Dispersal - an Interacti
Pollination, Fertilization & Seed Dispersal - an Interacti