Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1 FOLDABLE BUNDLE

Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1 FOLDABLE BUNDLE
Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1 FOLDABLE BUNDLE
Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1 FOLDABLE BUNDLE
Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1 FOLDABLE BUNDLE
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Algebra 1 Interactive Notebook resource!!!

This MEGA BUNDLE includes over 250 foldables (and counting) for various middle school and high school math concepts. Most foldables align to Pre-Algebra (8th Grade Math) and Algebra 1 curriculum. Download the preview to see a list of topics covered. Each of these items can be bought individually through my store for $1.00 to $4.00 a piece. This is the perfect item for an 8th or 9th grade math teacher that currently uses (or is about to START) an interactive math notebook!

*Every new foldable that aligns with PRE-ALGEBRA or ALGEBRA 1 curriculum will be added to this bundle which may be re-downloaded for FREE*

Feel free to email me at if you have questions regarding this bundle.

The following "mini" bundles are included in this download:

1. The Real Number System

Fractions, Decimals, & Percents
Ordering Real Numbers
Properties (Commutative, Associative, Distributive, Identity)
Properties of Equality
Rational Numbers
Properties (Reflexive, Symmetric, Transitive, Substitution)
Set Theory
The Real Number System
Square & Cube Roots
Product & Sum of Rational & Irrational Numbers

2. Percent

Applications of Percents
Fractions, Decimals, & Percents
Rewriting Fractions, Decimals, & Percents
Percent of Change
Percent Proportion
Percent of a Number
Simple Interest

3. Pre- Algebra

Writing Expressions
Order of Operations
Distributive Property
Writing Inequalities
Divisibility Rules
Intro to Algebraic Expressions
Part of an Algebraic Expression
Properties of Real Numbers

4. Functions

Algebra 1 Parent Functions (Mega)
Discrete & Continuous Functions (3 options)
Domain & Range
Exponential Growth Functions
Exponential Decay Functions
Introduction to Functions
Graphing Absolute Value Equations/ Functions
Graphing Absolute Value Functions (new 11/27/16)
Algebra 1 Parent Functions
Proportional Relationships
Representing Functions as Rules, Tables, & Equations
Piecewise & Step Functions
Writing Linear Functions
Graphing Linear Functions
Graphing Cube Root Functions

5. Proportions

Proportional Reasoning
Percent Proportion
Solving & Writing Proportions
Solving Algebraic Proportions

6. Equations

One- Step Equations
Properties of Equality
Two- Step Equations
One- and Two- Step Equations
Multi- Step Equations
Multi- Step Equations with Special Cases (No Solution & Identity)/a>
Solving Equations (Overview)
Literal Equations
Equations involving Fractions
Absolute Value Equations

7. Inequalities

Graphing Inequalities
Writing Inequalities
Solving & Graphing One- Step Inequalities
Two- Step Inequalities
Graphing & Solving One- and Two- Step Inequalities
Solving Inequalities (One- Step to Multi-Step)
Multi- Step Inequalities (Option 1)
Multi- Step Inequalities (Option 2)
Compound Inequalities
Solving Inequalities with Special Solutions
Absolute Value Inequalities
Interval Notation
Solving & Graphing Inequalities (Mega Foldable)

8. Linear Equations

The Coordinate Plane
Intro to Graphing Linear Equations
Slope- Intercept Form
Writing Linear Equations in Slope- Intercept Form
Graphing using Slope- Intercept Form
Writing Linear Equations in Slope- Intercept Form from a Graph
Writing Linear Equations & Inequalities Form from a Graph
Point- Slope Form
Standard Form
x- and y- intercepts
Direct Variation
Graphing Linear Inequalities

9. Systems of Equations

Graphing Systems of Linear Equations
Graphing Systems of Linear Equations (Option 2)
Solving Systems of Linear Equations Using Elimination
Special Linear Systems
Solving Systems of Linear Equations x 3
Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities
Writing and Solving Linear Systems

10. Exponents & Roots

Compound Interest
Distance & Midpoint Formulas
Distance Between Two Points on the Coordinate Plane
Exponential Growth
Exponents & Roots (Overview)
Geometric Sequences
Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences
Graph Square Roots Functions
Integer Exponents
Laws of Exponents
Operations Involving Square Roots
Pythagorean Theorem
Square Roots
Rational Exponents
Solve Radical Equations
Scientific Notation
Square Roots
Scientific Notation (Mega)
Zero & Negative Exponents
Exponent Rules Overview
Applying the Pythagorean Theorem
Product & Quotient Properties (added 1/31/17)
Power to a Power Property(added 1/31/17)
Properties involving Rational Exponents(added 1/31/17)
Linear vs. Exponential Functions(added 1/31/17)
Evaluate & Graph Exponential Functions(added 1/31/17)
Exponential Growth & Decay(added 1/31/17)
Radicals & Rational Exponents(added 2/12/17)

11. Polynomials & Factoring

Introduction to Polynomials
Adding & Subtracting Polynomials
Multiplying Polynomials (new option added 2/12/17)
Multiplying Polynomials using FOIL
Special Products
Greatest Common Monomial & Binomial Factor (added 2/12/17)
Factoring Trinomials (new option added 2/12/17)
Factoring Trinomials in the form ax^2 + bx + c (added 2/12/17)
Factoring Polynomials
Solving Polynomial Equations/ Zero Product Property
Dividing Polynomials

12. Quadratics

Completing the Square
Deriving the Quadratic Formula
Graphing Quadratics (y = ax2 + c)
Graphing Quadratics
Graphing Quadratics (Standard, Intercept, & Vertex Form)
Linear & Quadratic Systems of Equations
Solving Quadratics 4 different ways
Solving Quadratics by Graphing
Solving Quadratics Using Square Roots
The Discriminant
The Quadratic Formula
Writing Quadratics in Standard & Vertex Form
Translating Quadratic Functions
Stretching, Compressing, & Reflecting Quadratic Functions
Graphing Quadratics in Vertex Form
Graphing Quadratic Functions
Solving Quadratics Overview
Graphing Quadratics- Standard vs. Vertex Form
Characteristics of Parabolas

13. Geometry

Angle Pairs
Angle Relationships
Angle Relationships
Angle Relationships using Algebra
Angle Theorems for Triangles
Parallel Lines & Transversals (2 Options)
Area of 2-D Figures
3-D Geometry (2 options)
Surface Area of Cylinders, Cones & Spheres
Surface Area of Prisms
Volume of Prisms
Surface Area of of Prisms & Cylinders
Volume of Cylinders, Cones, & Spheres
Volume of Cones
Volume of Cylinders
Volume of Spheres
Volume of Prisms, Pyramids, Cylinders, Cones, & Spheres

14. Measurement

Precision & Significant Digits
Dimensional Analysis

15. Transformations

Transformations (Overview)

16. Data Analysis

Association within Scatter Plots
Box Plots
Data & Statistics in Algebra 1 (Dot Plots, Histograms, Box Plots, & Two-Way Frequency Tables
Mean, Median, Mode, Range
Scatter Plots
Writing an Equation for a Trend Line

17. Rational Equations

Modeling Inverse Variation
Graphing Rational Functions
Dividing Polynomials
Simplifying Rational Expressions
Multiplying & Dividing Rational Expressions
Adding & Subtracting Rational Expressions
Rational Expressions- Overview
Solving Rational Equations

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