Pro Wrestling RUMBLE: The New Generation REVERSE Escape Room!

Pro Wrestling RUMBLE: The New Generation REVERSE Escape Room!
Pro Wrestling RUMBLE: The New Generation REVERSE Escape Room!
Pro Wrestling RUMBLE: The New Generation REVERSE Escape Room!
Pro Wrestling RUMBLE: The New Generation REVERSE Escape Room!
Pro Wrestling RUMBLE: The New Generation REVERSE Escape Room!
Pro Wrestling RUMBLE: The New Generation REVERSE Escape Room!
Pro Wrestling RUMBLE: The New Generation REVERSE Escape Room!
Pro Wrestling RUMBLE: The New Generation REVERSE Escape Room!
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Ready to lay the smackdown on a classroom of sleepy eyed students? Put the power of pro wrestling's New Generation to use for this game-changing activity for ANY unit in ANY content area. Dropkick the boredom of a traditional lecture with a REVERSE escape room -- which is *SO. MUCH. BETTER.* than the traditional routine of sit-and-get sleeper hold approach to a death by Powerpoint. Introduce course routines, cool tech tools, and classroom procedures to jumpstart ANY unit with a game-changing twist! Say Hello to The Bad Guy or land a Banzai Drop on your unsuspecting foes. Your kids will "Remember The Name..." of this activity. It's simply... PERFECT!

In this REVERSE Escape Room, students will work with small groups of "tag teams" in an adrenaline pumping effort to solve puzzles, collect power-up items, and master the maneuvers of the squared circle by using a handful of team and tech-based learning strategies! Along the way, student teams will earn custom badges, encounter colorful personalities, and get instant feedback on where and how they can improve their work products -- with MINIMAL at-home grading from the "referee" (that's you) as they get real-time results of their strengths and areas for growth.

This completely editable gamified approach to a stand-alone lesson can be modified for any course or content area (don't laugh: I teach eleventh grade literature, and my students eat this up). Scale it up over two days of asynchronous learning to add instant life to ANY unit by tapping into your students' sense of autonomy, wonder and curiosity.

Imagine a class Escape Room in REVERSE. Where student teams compete to break IN to a new unit of study, teaching themselves by solving asynchronous BYOD puzzles in a race against their peers and the clock. For each puzzle they solve, they earn a victory over one of pro wrestling's most colorful characters -- seeing real-time results of their efforts, and getting one step closer to their elusive championship match.

I've had a ton of fun designing and implementing themed escape rooms in my HS classes, but for as AMAZING as class escape rooms and tools like Breakout EDU can be (for real, they're fantastic!) -- I've found the traditional escape room to be somewhat limited when it comes to its functionality in ensuring that all students receive access to all puzzles. This posed a real challenge when using escape rooms in place of traditional lectures to introduce new content that could be delivered in such a way that every student would get the same level of access to new materials.

And thus, #QRBreakIN was born.

Think of it as a REVERSE Escape Room (or a caffeinated update on old-school "centers" with a gamification twist) designed for simultaneously teaching eight different concepts through asynchronous problem-solving by using devices in small groups. Capturing the fun and excitement of an escape room, while self-pacing and enriching content in a way that moves more efficiently through all of the material you'd otherwise have to cram into a traditional lecture.

No physical locks to set or boxes to keep track of. With a ticking countdown and an overhead leaderboard so EVERY student will complete EVERY activity -- and find themselves genuinely excited to do so! This REVERSE Escape Room is designed to help your students “Break IN” to the world of your classroom through a series of timed challenges, team puzzles, and self-paced unit content and enrichment activities.

The default template for this game is designed as a teaching activity as you welcome students to your classroom in the first days of school. But even better, the gamified approach to activity centers it contains can likewise be reformatted for play for ANY unit of study at any time during the year (you might likewise consider using individual puzzle types at select intervals throughout any unit). Though it is originally designed as a “back to school” style lesson with asynchronous activity samples dealing with the first days of school, it can quickly be adapted for any new concept in virtually any course or content area with access to BYOD or one-to-one internet access.

This high-energy "New Generation" inspired activity is 100% editable -- and requires minimal set-up. Student teams compete asynchronously in a looping three step process:
• SELECT a puzzle from the available choices by rolling a custom dice
• SOLVE the puzzle at your desk group with your teammates
• REDEEM the puzzle for the corresponding badge

Player teams will collect new badges as they solve different puzzles, with the goal of being the first team to collect all of the available badges before time expires! Be the first team to solve the eight core puzzles, and you'll unlock the "Bonus Room" where you get a head start on your classmates to learn a thing or two about growth mindset from The American Dream himself, Mr. Dusty Rhodes.

Students will need BYOD or one-to-one devices with free QR scanner apps installed. There are eight puzzles in this game, testing the following skills by using a mix of traditional handwritten notes and discussion, websites, and these free mobile apps:

• ALL AMERICAN: Short Answer / Online Survey (Google Forms)
• THE ARTIST: “Can you picture an ideal classroom?” (Sketchnoting)
• PERFECTION: Course Content Recap Quiz (Quizizz)
• HARD TIMES: Walking Notes / Online Annotations (Webquest)
• DOOMSDAY: Video Notes / Online Annotations (YouTube)
• THE BAD GUY: Flipped Lecture / Course Content (EdPuzzle)
• WHOOPIE CUSHION: Open Response Student Presentations (Flipgrid)
• RISING SUN: Teacher / Student Discussion (Microlab)

+ 5 page game instruction manual

+ 29 fully illustrated Google Slides with all printables and escape room activity scenario planning documents for 40-120 minutes of simulation (the template of which you can use again and again to introduce a similar "break in" for any future unit of study).

+ EIGHT themed puzzles that can serve as in-game activities or stand alone centers for asynchronous pre-teaching / assessment

+ ONE "Hard Times" Video Bonus Puzzle

+ ONE Bonus Activity "Thumb Wrestling Tournament" Class Game

+ ONE Printable "Championship Banner" for display on classroom walls

+ ONE printable "game-changing" visual scoring rubric to help students see their unique progress and areas for growth.

+ TWO ready to go, plug-and-play quiz activities using sample activities from EdPuzzle (1 video with 10 questions) and Quizziz (10 questions),

+ A FREE copy of my course welcome letter that's otherwise available on TPT for $2, along with a complete set of survey questions in a back-to-school Google Forms questionnaire for inspiration.

*(Note: Not ready for a full-class Escape Room? No problem. Teachers can use these same interactive puzzles as stand-alone activities to be completed in small groups across multiple days of a unit! Have groups solve one or two puzzles a day to keep chasing for new badges one at a time as you roll out new classroom tools or concepts). Plus you have full edit access to the Google Slides presentation, which makes it a PERFECT pedagogical tool to revisit time and again as you break "in" to any new unit of study)!

+ ONE Pro Wrestling-Themed gameboard, designed to spark visual intrigue and echo the familiar heroes and cartoonish villains of childhood.

+ ONE printable eight-sided dice template (to move teams around the board), plus color-coded player icons (for team select), and eight wrestling-themed badges.

+ Complete instructions on how to create themed Google Forms and customized QR codes for all puzzles to serve as electronic locks

+Step-by-step teacher walk-through for all activity puzzles. (Included as speaker notes on each page of the Google Slides)

+ Step-by-step walkthrough of the pedagogical rationales and instructional strategies behind each of the game's puzzles, mixing high-energy hands-on problem-solving, kinesthetic learning, and app-based gamification. A sample: "A microlab is a timed discussion in which teammates take turns hearing one another out as they respond to the same “HOT” (“Higher Order Thinking”) question. Hot questions are multi-layered questions without simple “yes” or “no” answers, so they typically lend themselves to multiple layers of interpretations. Keep digging! And be prepared to use rich detail to fill the time! When you’re ready, call The Referee over to observe your group’s Microlab discussion on this question: “What makes a great teacher? What makes a great student?”

+Step-by-step teacher walkthrough with sample work products and to how to set up accounts and activate all game puzzles.

+ Fully customizable Google Slides download contains plug-and-play Escape Room scenario and review game that can be put in place TODAY if your students have device access. Likewise, includes instructions on how to modify any puzzles to your course needs (including strategies for classes using laptops) -- creating incredible versatility and flexible re-use.

High energy, visually stunning, and fully immersive -- this is a class escape room done right. Driven by student collaboration, competition, and communication skills: it's an immersive BREAK IN activity that your classes will NEVER forget.

Have a blast with your REVERSE escape room! Whatchagonna' do when #QRBreakIN runs wild on you!?!

- John

*PS: While I really cannot say enough great things about BreakoutEDU, please note that this product is in no way affiliated with, designed for, or endorsed by BreakoutEDU. Two totally separate products with two completely different instructional aims. BreakoutEDU is run by awesome people with an fantastic class-based Escape Room product, where students collaborate with classmates to divide & conquer and break out of a themed escape room scenario. #QRBreakIN games use the same timed spirit of competitive play to "break IN" to a new unit, which ensures that ALL students have the chance to work on ALL puzzles.

Prefer a different era of squared circle legends or looking to complete your collection from another generation? The gameplay of this product is functionally identical to each of the resources listed below:

Old School Icons of Wrestling
The New Generation of Superstars
Check Out The Attitude Era
a href="">Or Buy The Three Generation Bundle and Save 33%
Total Pages
29 Slides, 8 Themed Puzzles, 5 Page Instruction Manual
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
90 minutes
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