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Problem Solving INNOVATION CREATIVITY lessons ⭐ Google Apps™ Digital Resource

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6th - 10th, Homeschool
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176 slides, 38 pages of handouts, 82 pages of lesson plans
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This bundle contains one or more resources with Google apps (e.g. docs, slides, etc.).

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    Original Microsoft Powerpoint / Word files (Version 1)


    14 lessons to help students solve problems and be more creative: academic obstacles, business challenges, relationship woes, the arts.

    CREATIVITY and INNOVATION is about being able to connect ideas and life experiences to CREATE new solutions.

    It's not just for the arts, business, or creative writing. We need to be creative to solve everyday problems.

    • Hello, Covid-19!
    • Hello, systemic racism!
    • Hello, dealing with bullies at school!
    • (And, for teachers, hello, work-life balance!)

    Teach your students HOW to come up with their own ideas using a GROWTH MINDSET instead of just copying the teacher example...

    January is the perfect time for this unit because students are open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

    But, whether it's the start of the school year, the New Year, or any other time, learning that creativity and innovations are skills that we can develop will be a difficult paradigm shift for most people.

    This product is NOT EASY but worth it.

    • Teaching creativity and problem solving is NOT EASY but worth it.
    • Likewise, this product requires some PREP WORK on your part. But, it's worth it.
    • I've done 95% of the prep work for you. But you still need to do the last 5% to adapt this product to your changing classroom environment.

    ▶️ This product contains multiple Google Drive folders.

    ⛔ Please look at this READ ME FIRST / PREVIEW FILE pdf before you buy!

    • This READ ME FIRST file explains what you get (with screenshots) and how this product is organized.
    • If you have any questions before or after you purchase, please email me: support@educircles.org
    • If you're looking for the "easy button" here are my EASY products.

    This package is ready for Distance Learning and Google Classroom!

    • Show students HOW to be more innovative and creative.
    • Explain HOW we can judge and mark creativity.
    • This package is especially useful if you need to teach or evaluate creativity as part of your learning skills / 21st Century Global Competencies.

    Here are 2 weeks of lessons to do with your class to help students recognize that creativity is a learnable skill and we can all become more creative. 

    Creativity is MORE than just being artsy! Creativity is a process that can be taught, and creativity can be assessed.

    Why does every teacher need to embed creativity into their classroom? It's more than just about students coming up with their own ideas when doing class assignments.

    By explicitly talking about creativity as a learnable skill and encouraging students to be more creative in our subject, we're helping students building a transferable 21st century skill that can be used anywhere.

    We need creativity to solve LIFE problems:

    • As a business owner, how do you re-invent your business to pivot and thrive in Covid-19?
    • As a citizen, how do we change systems that have racism embedded in them?
    • As a person, how do I adapt my life to deal with unexpected obstacles?
    • As an employee, how can I get my boss to notice my great work (to consider me for promotions, or to see that I'm too valuable to let go when downsizing.)
    • As a student, how do I deal with that bully in the hallway?
    • As a teacher, how do I adapt my lessons for a world of physical distancing?


    • Creativity is a learnable skill. 
    • Anyone can be more creative by applying hard work and strategies.
    • Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value
    • We use life experiences and connect them in different ways to come up with new ideas.


    • Want a FREE sample? Check out our TASTE of CREATIVITY: TWELVE which lets you see how you can BE more creative and how you can JUDGE creative ideas.

    ✅ The NO PREP slideshow lesson teaches the concepts.

    ✅ You can also EDIT THE FILES to fit your classroom needs.

    ✅ The slideshow lesson is comprehensive and teaches the concepts:

    • DISTANCE LEARNING or 1:1 LEARNING in Google Classroom
    • FACE to FACE LEARNING in your real classroom


    Create the following assignments in your Google Classroom

    Assignment #1: Lesson A1

    • File 3a Lesson A1 slideshow  (Student can view file)
    • File 4a Review - Lesson A1 (Make a copy for each student)

    Assignment - optional 

    • If you are using the double-entry journal for students to take notes during the unit, create this Google Classroom assignment
    • File 5a Double Entry Journal handout (Make a copy for each student

    Assignment #2: Lesson A2

    • File 3a Lesson A2 slideshow  (Student can view file)
    • File 5b Creative Words handout (Make a copy for each student)
    • File 4a Review - Lesson A2 (Make a copy for each student)

    Assignment #3: Lesson A3

    • File 3a Lesson A3 slideshow  (Student can view file)
    • File 5b Creative Words handout (Make a copy for each student)
    • File 4a Review - Lesson A3 (Make a copy for each student)

    Assignment #4: Lesson B1

    • File 3b Lesson B1 slideshow (Student can view file)
    • File 5c Twelve handout (Make a copy for each student)
    • File 4b Review - Lesson B1 (Make a copy for each student)

    Assignment #5: Lesson B2

    • File 3b Lesson B2 slideshow (Student can view file)
    • File 5c Twelve handout (Make a copy for each student)
    • File 4b Review - Lesson B2 (Make a copy for each student)

    Assignment #6: Lesson B3

    • File 3b Lesson B3 slideshow (Student can view file)
    • File 5c Twelve handout (Make a copy for each student)
    • File 4b Review - Lesson B3 (Make a copy for each student)

    Assignment #7: Lesson C1    

    • File 3c Lesson C1 slideshow(Student can view file)
    • File 5e - assignment  (Make a copy for each student)
    • File 5e - brainstorming  (Make a copy for each student)
    • File 5e - Tracking (Make a copy for each student
    • Note, you’ll have to decide if you want option 1, 2 or 3 of the tracking file.

    Assignment #8: Lesson D1 

    Assignment #9: Lesson D2 

    Assignment #10: Lesson D3 

    Assignment #11: Lesson D4 

    • Link to video 6: https://youtu.be/vlBpDggX3iE
    • File 3d Lesson D4 slideshow (Student can view file)
    • File 4d Review - Lesson D4 (Make a copy for each student)

    Assignment #12: Lesson D5 

    • Link to video 7: https://youtu.be/_8MwiGYzlyg
    • File 3d Lesson D5 slideshow (Student can view file)
    • File 4d Review - Lesson D5 (Make a copy for each student)

    Assignment #13: Lesson E1 

    • File 3e Lesson E1 slideshow (Student can view file)
    • File 6 Vocabulary Builder (Make a copy for each student)

    Assignment #14: Lesson E2 

    • File 3e Lesson E1 slideshow (Student can view file)
    • File 7 Self Evaluation (Make a copy for each student)
    • File 8a Chapter Review (Make a copy for each student)

    OPTION 2: FACE to FACE Learning 

    • Teach using the Google Slideshow (FILE #3) - all of the slides are in this file
    • Lesson Plan (File 2b) identifies which slides and handouts you need for each lesson.

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    Save hours of prep (and MONEY) with the bundle!

    Transferrable LIFE skills that go well with a CHANGING WORLD:

    Why am I so passionate about 21st Century Learning? Because it helped save my life. ▶️ Watch the video.

    SAVE HOURS OF PREP WORK. These lessons are high-interest and visually appealing. It will hook your students!


    ▶️ Watch this preview video to find out more about the bundle: https://youtu.be/SSKtvFU5adk

    In this package, we:

    • Introduce the concept of Creativity as a learnable skill and help get students into a growth mindset to realize they can be creative in any subject or aspect of their life. 
    • Provide several exercises which give students opportunities to try to come up with new ideas that when points in the activity. (I.e. be creative and independently evaluate whether their ideas are “new” and “creative” within the context of the activity)
    • Provide a week-long challenge of doing something new every day, and a structured handout package to help students to record their observations. (These journal entries could be used as portfolio samples or assessment data for student writing.)  
    • Provide discussion points of 7 YouTube videos showing Creativity in different contexts. 
    • ---We explore creativity through what musicians have to say about their creative process
    • ---We explore creativity through what educational and business leaders have to say about creativity and innovation.
    • ---We provide discussion questions for students, as well as answers from the video for teachers to help guide the discussions.

    • Allow for deeper exploration of the concept of “Creativity” by playing with the term using the Frayer Model of understanding 

    HERE’S WHAT YOU GET when you download the zipped file:  

    We provide LESSON PLANS:

    We base this schedule on a 50 minute period and provide around 40-60 minutes of content per lesson. Depending on your teaching style and classroom dynamics, you may find things go longer or shorter than the suggested times. Possible discussion points are included in some of the slide notes.

    TEACHER TIP: If you’re short on time, pick and choose which Videos to show your class

    • a short range plan showing the outline of topics and corresponding slides for 2-3 weeks of lessons.
    • a detailed lesson plan for the 14 days / lessons.


    • DAY/LESSON 1 - Introduction to creativity (slides 1 - 29) - 45 MIN
    • DAY/LESSON 2 -  This is a … / Creative Words (slides 30 - 45) - 55 MIN
    • DAY/LESSON 3 -  Creative Words (cont) (slides 46 - 49) - 40 MIN
    • DAY/LESSON 4 - Twelve (slides 50 - 60) -  45 MIN
    • DAY/LESSON 5 - Twelve continued (slides 61 - 69) -  50 MIN
    • DAY/LESSON 6 -  Twelve continued (slides 70 - 85) -  60 MIN
    • DAY/LESSON 7 -  Do Something Different (slides 86 - 126) -  55 MIN

    PART 2. WATCH DAY/LESSON 8 - Part 2 Videos (slides 127-135) - 50 MIN 

    • DAY/LESSON 9 - Part 2 Videos continued (slides 127-129; 136-139) -  45 MIN
    • DAY/LESSON 10 - Part 2 Videos continued (slides 127-129; 140-146) - 55 MIN
    • DAY/LESSON 11 - Part 2 Videos continued (slides 127-129; 147-149) -  40 MIN
    • DAY/LESSON 12 - Part 2 Videos continued (slides 127-129; 150-152) -  50 MIN


    • DAY/LESSON 13 - Vocabulary Builder (slides 153-171) - 50 MIN
    • DAY/LESSON 14 - Self Evaluation / Review - (slides 172-176) - 50 MIN

    We provide HANDOUTS:

    • Double-Entry journal graphic organizers for students to take notes on strategies to be more or less creative
    • "Creative Words" activity handout with 5 different versions of the worksheet to record words.
    • "Twelve" Activity handout for students to record questions with the answer 12.
    • "Do something different" Challenge handout package with an introduction page, tracking sheet, brainstorming worksheets, and 2 versions of the journal entry handout
    • Vocabulary Builder graphic organizer (to develop a deeper understanding of what Creativity is.)
    • Student Self Evaluation of their “Creativity” Learning Skill
    • Chapter Review assessment and answer key of possible answers

    Heads up Content warning: (Slide 141-142 Jay Z video clip)

    • The first few seconds of the video shows the intro from the video uploader, Evrrything Trill. The intro shows a black-and-white darkened video clip of a girl in lingerie on a bed. 
    • FYI: Trill is an adjective used in hip-hop culture to describe someone who is considered to be well respected, coming from a combination of the words "true" and "real". (Source: Urban Dictionary)
    • If you play the video from the slide, the video playback is set to begin 6 seconds into the interview and skips the intro entirely.
    • If you search for the video separately on YouTube, it will of course start from the beginning of the video.

    All of our slides and handouts can be edited and modified to fit your specific classroom needs.

    • You can edit the slides in Google slides format
    • You can edit the handouts in Google Docs. (We also provide PDF format for easy printing)

    Look at the preview file to see a copy of the read me file that is attached to this product. It shows exactly what you get when you purchase the product.

    If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us using the product Q&A below or by emailing us at support@educircles.org

    NOTE: THIS LESSON IS PART OF A LARGER BUNDLE about Exploring the Six Cs / 21st Century Skills / Competencies

    The Six Cs are a bunch of transferable skills that you can use at school, at home, at a job… pretty much anywhere. They’re learning skills to help us be successful in the 21st century.

    Each Chapter package focuses on a different “C” and contains different lessons, slides, videos, and handouts. Although we use the same structure in each chapter (activity, video, vocabulary building), there is no overlap of content between packages.

    Lessons can be purchased individually, or you can SAVE MONEY and purchase the entire unit as a BUNDLE.

    PSST, do you know the one magic phrase that teachers should tell their students? It's not what you think. Hint: It helps build a growth mindset...

    Also, read more about How to teach Creativity and Innovation on our website.

    HEY, you made it to the end!

    If you're detail-oriented and you read all of this product description, then chances are you're going to love this product.

    Every now and then, I do update my products. Once you buy this product, you get all of the updates for free. (The TpT system will send out a note to you that a new version of this product is available.)

    As a bonus, I've included the original version 1 files as a zipped file. This way, you can get Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word versions of the slideshow and documents. NOTE: Version 1 does NOT include any of the distance learning updates made in Version 2.

    Version 2.6 Update (Sep 10, 2020)

    • This product has been re-organized to help you find what you need.
    • No changes to content.
    • Shorter file names.
    • Google Drive
    • -- Folder 1: files to print and teach.
    • -- Folder 2: files you can edit.
    • -- Folder 3. files for Google Classroom.

    Version 2.0 Distance Learning update on July 20, 2020

    • Main content is identical to version 1.0 but this product now contains additional files to make it easier for online use and distance learning 
    • The files are all in Google Drive for 1-click easy copying of the lesson folder into your Google Drive. No more copying view-only files. 
    • The slideshow in Google Slides format includes 1 large file (File 3) if you are teaching in the classroom, but you also get 5 smaller files in case you are only teaching 1 section: (File 3 Lesson A, B, C, D, E) 
    • Easy uploading to Google Classroom assignments by lesson. The slideshow is now also broken up into individual lessons that you can upload:
      (File 3 Lesson A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, E1, E2)  
    • Added 11 NEW lesson review handouts for lessons that didn’t previously have handouts (File 4 A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5)
    • The vocabulary builder (File 5b) and the Do Something Different handouts (File 5e) are now converted into Google Slides format (so students can type responses directly in the graphic organizers.
    • File numbers have changed from version 1

    Version 1.0: Initial release of Creativity on August 2018

    • This version included a zipped file with Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides, Microsoft Word, and PDF
    • Note: You will need to install the Bangers (comic book) font which I use for titles and headings. (The free font and installation information is included in the zipped file.)
    • This version only includes the slideshow lessons in a single file. Additional content in Version 2.0 is not available in MS Powerpoint or Word format. 

    If you need help, ask a question below or email me at support@educircles.org

    Total Pages
    176 slides, 38 pages of handouts, 82 pages of lesson plans
    Answer Key
    Teaching Duration
    2 Weeks
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    to see state-specific standards (only available in the US).
    Write routinely over extended time frames (time for research, reflection, and revision) and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day or two) for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences.
    Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.
    Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content.
    Write routinely over extended time frames (time for research, reflection, and revision) and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day or two) for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences.
    Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.


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