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Professional development customer service training made easy. The SMILE Training Kit is perfect to help your school excel with excellent customer service! Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service is the winner of the the Teachers' Choice Award for Professional Development. Quickly and easily train teachers, administrators, board members, staff and yourself too!

This professional development kit is all about customer service to ensure you and your staff delight students, parents, visitors, administrators and customers! This Smile Training Kit is perfect for schools looking to make a great first impression. Don't let the title fool you-everyone is in sales, teachers and administrators included-and need to know how to "sell" themselves and their school using great customer service skills.



-12 Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service Books
-One Smile Softcover Training Guide
-Getting Started Tips
-12 Smile "Secret Amazing Customer Service Tips" Bookmarks

Testimonial from a Teacher
"I highly recommend Smile to everyone working in education! The techniques in Smile definitely create stronger connections with others and make them feel important. I keep Smile on my desk and refer to it every day. Smile helped me improve my customer service techniques, including not having my cell phone out, making eye contact and smiling when I walk down the halls, making sure I connect with everyone in the building and say "Good morning or good afternoon!”
--Tammy Hansford, Master of Education, Teacher Consultant, Ann Arbor, MI

Discover How To:
-Make training quick, easy and fun!
-Increase enrollment, repeat business and positive buzz about YOU, starting TODAY
-Train your staff to delight customers with amazing customer service
-Boost teacher and staff confidence
-Increase staff retention
-Create a more positive workplace

Think of your front office secretary, the first point of contact for many parents, visitors and students! Is she or he smiling, greeting every single person with a warm hello, and going the extra mile to help each and everyone of them? After reading Smile he or she will be!

Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service is used by Neiman Marcus, BancorpSouth, Edge Hosting and many others for training. Michigan Marketing Teacher of the Year Nathan Oake uses Smile at Hartland High School in Highland, MI for his DECA and business classes and school store. Featured in STORES Magazine by the National Retail Federation.

Winner of 8 Awards, including the Teachers' Choice Award for Professional Development. The essential 60-minute CRASH COURSE in customer service and sales. Quickly, easily train your staff to prepare them to delight visitors, co-workers and students. A crash course. No wasted words. Looking for an easy way to train your teachers and staff? Let Smile be your trainer! Lexile 990L. Professional Development.

Winner of 8 Awards!
-Teachers' Choice Award for Professional Development
-Mom's Choice Gold Award honoring excellence
-Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Award
-National Indie Excellence Book Awards Winner
-IndieReader Discovery Award
-Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Gold Award
-Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards
-Finalist, International Book Awards
-Finalist, National Indie Excellence Book Awards

Used by Hartland High School, Lakeland High School, and more.

Delight more customers, starting TODAY! Applicable online and off, these important principles work in companies and schools of all types and sizes. Smile is effective. It gets the job done and pays off with proven results. Boost confidence. Motivate and inspire. It really works!

Author Kirt Manecke reviewed dozens of customer service books to find out what employees would and wouldn't read. He rewrote Smile multiple times until he could hand it to an employee and have them exclaim, "I can read this!"

With Smile You Have What it Takes To:
-Quickly and easily train your staff in friendly customer service and sales
-Put more money into your wallet, starting today, with excellent customer service
-Transform your enrollment and fundraisers from just so-so - to sizzling!

Discover How To:
-Increase enrollment, repeat business and positive buzz about YOU, starting TODAY
-ASK for the sale or donation - and get it!
-Boost your sales and service confidence (think school fundraisers!)

It's all within your reach. And it's a quick 60-minute (or less) read away. Packed with indispensable sales tips, proven techniques, and "must-do-now" strategies, this customer service training book will help you generate immediate results. Smile could easily be the best gift you ever give yourself or your employees.

Why this Book?
While there are many customer service and sales training books on the market, Smile has a unique advantage. It's a quick and easy read - a crash course. You can read it in 60 minutes or less. This means: 1) you and your staff will actually read it, and 2) you can start today.

A tremendous savings, Smile pays for itself the very first day. In the spirit of The One Minute Manager, full of valuable, easily digestible, bite-sized content you can put to use at once. Smile gives you and your staff the techniques and words to sell more.

Create Profitable. Lifelong Customers in 60-Minutes or Less!
Turn your customers into life-long evangelists and friends with Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service.

80% of companies think they are providing superior customer service and only 8% of their customers agree. Don't be in the 80%! Scroll up this page, click and order Smile for yourself and each of your staff. Smile is the essential handbook for amazing customer service everywhere. Create profitable, lifelong customers today!

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"I liked that this was a very unique concept for teachers! We don’t think about it, but both teachers and students can benefit from the tips in this book. Teachers can learn to better deal with students and parents, and students can always benefit from any experience that teaches them how to deal in any social situation. I believe this product needs to do nothing to better support its subject. A+ already!

This is a great book for professional development but could be used to relate a little more to students going into the real world for jobs I learned that if you look at your classroom in a sales environment and you do all the things great sales people would do to make a sale with our students that we would get much further along with teaching our students. I learned many techniques to use with my students to help them in their lives and also to use on my students to facilitate better classroom dialogue.

I learned that "selling" knowledge to a student can be very beneficial and exciting. If you use that mentality then it really keeps an educator on their toes! I will be using role play in the classroom so the students can see why some of these can impact how others look at them. With some modifications, I was able to use the techniques to teach my students customer service and how it helps them in all aspects of their lives. Applying these skills isn’t just for a job, it can make a difference in all social interactions. I would recommend this light read to my colleagues to offer them a new perspective when teaching their students. I found it light and fun and know they would, too. Yes, I think this is a great book that is easy to read and very easy to use the ideas from! Yes! This wouldn’t be something I would have ever picked up on my own the way it is, but once I started reading it everything just clicked! This is a great book to teach any student how to deal with other people in daily interactions for positive outcomes!"
--Learning Magazine Teachers' Evaluation Comments, Teachers' Choice Awards

"After reading the book “Smile”, I would highly recommend it to not only those working in sales and service, but to anyone who interacts with people on a daily basis. At first glance, the subtitle alone leads one to believe that it is another publication for the “used car salesman” and many would not read further. However, getting into it and relating the content to everyday life, presents many ideas that really hit home! Much of it is common sense that we tend to let slide as life’s daily challenges seem to consume us.

The first section on the Top Ten is a perfect example. Regardless if you are an educator, engineer, receptionist, or custodian, these items can make a difference. Teachers typically interact great with their students, but many times fall way short in dealing with parents. Applying even a few of the Top Ten’s such as smiling, eye contact, shaking hands, and “please/thank you” can make all the difference in the world in gaining parental attention and support.

“Selling” students on their potential and effectively using the “hold please” in a conversation, can make the difference between success and giving up in a student’s eye. Carrying all these ideas through with educator’s administration can also make a huge impact. Many educators are intimidated by admin officials; the ideas presented in this book can move many educators (especially young and new ones) in a more positive offensive mode rather than them continually being on the defensive.

Even the section on “When there’s a problem”, gives folks the tools to handle abnormal situations in a positive manner, whether dealing with an irate parent, out of focus students, or even overly controlling administrative directives. Turning problems into success stories goes well beyond “returning a faulty item”.
As I stated earlier, this is a great book which covers all the vital basics of interaction. I would probably change the subtitle to something like, “…And sell yourself…”
--Randy Muffle, Principal, Spring Mills Elementary School, Highland, MI

"How you approach people sets you up for life and Smile teaches children these important people skills. They will use the valuable skills they learn in this book to become successful adults in their personal and business lives."
--Phyllis Brantingham, Media Tech-Librarian, Spring Mills Elementary School, Highland, MI

"I read a LOT of business books - 100+ a year since 1989. Out of all of the customer service books I have ever read this is absolutely the BEST to give to ALL of your employees as a good, solid, fundamental book "handbook" on why customer service is so incredibly critical - and how to deliver it well."
--John Spence, Top 100 Business Thought Leader in America, Top 100 Small Business Influencer in America

"An excellent crash course in customer service-read it to become a quick study at delighting those you serve."
Katya Andresen
Author, Robin Hood Marketing: Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes, renowned nonprofit marketer

"Manecke reminds us that these simple manners are essential to any company's bottom line and shows how to implement them in a purposeful, effective way. Star Rating: 5 out of 5."
--San Francisco Book Review

"A great book that you can take action with!"
- Will Roche, Former Senior Vice President Raymark, SC

"Need a quick resource to boost your customer service? Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service is a quick 60-minute read that provides concrete ways to train your staff to engage customers and sell more."
- Smart Retailer magazine

"Very nicely done. Lots of very practical advice and short enough that it is not intimidating to front line staff and supervision."
- John Goodman, Author, Strategic Customer Service

"How many times have shoppers been turned off, because they weren't turned on by the sales help? His small soft bound book is a quick read, outlining the basic principles of customer service and sales."
- The Oakland Press

"Move over Peter Glenn as you sit in Customer Service heaven, someone is channeling you."
- Paco Underhill, Author, What Women Want: The Science of Female Shopping

"Customer service is the heart of all business - get it right and experience success or settle on being mediocre. This book helps you get it right!"
- Robert Lameier, President and CEO, Miami Savings Bank

"An excellent crash course in customer service-read it to become a quick study at delighting those you serve."
-Katya Andresen, Author, Robin Hood Marketing

"We have started an "evidence" book full of positive customer feedback. Since we read Smile as a team, our evidence book has exploded."
-Thad Szott, Thad Szott Auto Group

"Smile is very simple, very effective. Everyone who works in the store, including myself, is responsible for reading Smile. We want everyone to understand how important it is to do as the book recommends."
-Ken Snook, Owner, Colasanti's Market (100 employees)

"Highly recommended."
-The Midwest Book Review

"Though touted as a customer service tool, much of Manecke's advice is based on common sense...that makes SMILE appealing and relevant to a vast audience ranging from employees and employers, high school students to high level business people, from sales staff to teachers to anybody that has a job requiring human interaction."
-IndieReader, 5 star review

"Manecke's award-winning book delivers just the right dose of customer-friendly medicine to help your store get back into stellar service shape...Make your whole team of store support read it!"
-Retail Minded magazine

"If you deal with people, regardless of industry or setting, for profit or nonprofit, you need the skills in this book."
-Marilyn Suttle, Lori Jo Vest, Authors, Who's Your Gladys?

"Thanks for your great book! It has all the great secrets that shouldn't be secret at all."
-Steve Qua, Qua Buick Pontiac Inc., former chair HeadWaters Land Conservancy

"I've read Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar and others. You're right on target with your nice little book called Smile. It's loaded with good, good stuff. Just dynamite."
-Dr. Joseph Mastromatteo, DDS

"Smile is very simple, very effective. It helps me create the environment I want for my employees and customers. Everything in the book is basically common sense, but it’s written so concisely and clearly, it can be read in under an hour. Everyone who works in the store, including myself, is responsible for reading Smile. We want everyone to understand how important it is to do as the book recommends."
--Ken Snook, Owner, Colasanti's Market, Highland, MI

"Everything in this book should be used daily."
--Larry Krispin, Head Buyer, Hiller's Markets

"This is a book you need to add to your reading list. Great book, easy read... lots of excellent tips that can be put to use immediately."
--Annette Franz, Director, Customer Experience Management, Confirmit, Principal at CX Journey

"I read your book this weekend and loved how you teach the importance of the basics which seem to be lacking in today's world. The examples you give of specific dialog and verbiage to use in each situation are great. There are definitely a lot of retailers that could benefit from this resource!"
--Karen May, Sales Representative, Birmingham, MI

"The challenge is making good customer service happen, and happen consistently…have found a tool to assist their employees in that endeavor: the book Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service by Kirt Manecke."
--STORES magazine, National Retail Federation

"What a great experience I would have if every business I stepped into embraced the customer service principles in this book."
--The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"Customer service is the heart of all business - get it right and experience success or settle on being mediocre. This book helps you get it right!"
--Robert Lameier, President and CEO, Miami Savings Bank, OH

"SMILE, simply blew me away. It is a must read for anyone intent on improving their business. There are so many simple ideas in this book that we all know are effective, but, some how, fail to use. Why? Think about this item in the book: 80 percent of companies believe they provide great customer service, but only 8 percent of their clients agree. WOW! Time to put away our egos and concentrate on our most valuable asset: our customer. This book should not be put on a shelf, but rather, carried daily, as a manual, to be reviewed and shared. Thanks, Kirt."
--Jack Lang, Sales Manager, Fish Window Cleaning Co., Southfield, MI
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