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Why and how is a song about Proper Nouns effective for students?

This song was written to highlight the numerous cases where proper nouns need to be capitalized. Most educators seem to emphasize the capitalization of proper nouns, and rightly so. It is important, however, to empower your writers with the reason for using proper nouns rather than common nouns when writing (i.e. proper nouns paint a clearer, more descriptive picture in the reader's head). For example, if I wrote the sentence “The girl went to the restaurant,” I would get a vague picture in my head. If I wrote the sentence, “Erica went to McDonald's,” the image would be much clearer since I know Erica, and I have a certain background of McDonald's as a restaurant. Using proper nouns over common nouns makes writing more specific!

Great! What related activities are included with the video?

Noun Game Printable Cards:
Print and cut apart. Students can work with a partner or in small groups to draw a card and name a proper noun that matches the common noun displayed. As a small group/whole class activity, draw a noun card out of a container, set a timer, and allow small groups or partners to brainstorm as many proper nouns as they can that would fit that common noun-category. For example, “cereal” could generate “Lucky Charms, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, etc.”

Identifying Proper Nouns & Identifying More Proper Nouns:
Use the information presented within the sheets to model sentences on a whiteboard or smartboard to create a whole class lesson. Cut the sheet apart, gluing the related answers from the answer key on the back to use within a cooperative learning structure or as a self-checking center activity.

Using Proper Nouns & Editing for Proper Nouns:
Use either to reinforce the purpose of use within writing and to highlight their mechanics.

TIP: During reading and writing activities, ask students to identify the nouns, proper nouns, and actions verbs in sentences they read and write. Bringing the parts of speech into students' everyday reading and writing activities makes grammar a more concrete and less abstract concept.

Wow! So much is included! Are all your products this effective?

Yes! If you are a teacher or parent who is tied to a basal text, simply plug in GrammarSongs videos and activities wherever the topics and skills fall within your pacing guide as a powerful supplement. Use the GrammarSongs materials to support cooperative learning efforts and as effective learning centers to add long lasting quality and sustenance to required basal materials.

You have a lot of songs! Is there any way to get them at a discount?

Yes! I have created a comprehensive ELA bundle which gives you the best I have to offer at substantial savings. CLICK HERE!
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