Properties & Areas of Parallelogram, Rhombus, Square, Rectangle,Trapeziod & Kite

This is a compiled session on the topic Quadrilaterals.

A detailed description of the individual courses are given below:

"Quadrilateral is a 2-Dimensional figure having four sides and four angles. Quadrilaterals with different combination of angles and sides are known by different names.

Watch this session on Introduction and types of Quadrilaterals and explore your knowledge on the topic.

1) Parallelogram 2) Square 3) Rectangle 4) Rhombus"
"Trapezium and kite are the two types of Quadrilaterals with unique features and properties. watch this session and learn about:

1) Trapezium and its types 2) Kite and Rhombus and 3) Their respective properties."
"This video is purely based on theorems related to quadrilaterals. There are in total 4 theorems based on the shape parallelogram explained with the help of an innovative and real life example that every students can relate and it will help them to understand the concept in a easier way.

Theorems which are included in this video are:

1) Diagonal of a Quadrilateral divides it into two congruent triangles.

2) Opposite sides of a parallelogram are congruent.

3) Opposite angles of a paralleogram are congruent.

4) Diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other."
"This video contains the converse of theorems that we have learned in previous session of Quadrilateral theorem part-1.

There are in total 3 theorems(converse) based on the shape parallelogram in continuation of the same example that we used in the previous session.
Theorems which are included in this video are:

1) If opposite sides of a Quadrilateral are equal, its a parallelogram.

2) If a pair of opposite sides of a Quadrilateral are equal and parallel then its a parallelogram.

3) If diagonals of a Quadrilateral bisect each other then its a parallelogram"
This is a problem based video where you will have to find the missing angles of different Quadrilaterals like Trapezium, Kite, Parallelogram etc. This video will help you to revise the basic concepts of triangles and will also help you to relate them in real life also.
This video is based on Midpoint Theorem. It is one of the important theorem in the area of geometry (Triangle). Students are usually afraid of theorems but here, we have taken a real life example which will help the students to relate it better and helps in understanding the concept better. So watch this session and learn the concept.
This is a Quiz video having Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) that are based on recognising the shapes by their properties. This video will help you in revising the concept in a fun way.
"This is a Quiz video on Quadrilateral that has Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and detailed explanation for each question.

Here, you will learn how each and every quadrilateral differ in terms of properties and also how a small change in their property results in the formation of another Quadrilateral."

To watch the introductory video of this session for free,

Mathematics - Introduction and Parallelogram | Quadrilaterals
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