Radiation bundle - 11 lessons all you need to teach the topic

Radiation bundle - 11 lessons all you need to teach the topic
Radiation bundle - 11 lessons all you need to teach the topic
Radiation bundle - 11 lessons all you need to teach the topic
Radiation bundle - 11 lessons all you need to teach the topic
Radiation bundle - 11 lessons all you need to teach the topic
Radiation bundle - 11 lessons all you need to teach the topic
Radiation bundle - 11 lessons all you need to teach the topic
Radiation bundle - 11 lessons all you need to teach the topic
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Important Information – the first slide of each lesson in this unit bundle starts with a quick quiz/test based on the previous lesson/s learning. Your pupils should answer the questions in a different colored pen in their books. The second slide gives the answers and your pupils should self-assess or peer mark. This then gives you – the teacher – formative assessment on your pupils progress – recorded in their books. FOR EVERY LESSON. Which is fantastic evidence for book checks. Also I ask my pupils to take photographs with their phones of each lesson and homework is to revise that lesson. Not only do you as a teacher tick so many boxes but most importantly your pupil’s progression in this subject improves.

Find out why our science department is in the top 10% in the UK, please download - Atoms - electrons and orbits free from my shop, enjoy.

This bundle is a very detailed and comprehensive study of the topic covering every aspect of radiation that you will need to teach. It is full of highly visual descriptions, fun quizzes, challenging activities, fun practical’s and much more.

The Atom - the structure, plum pudding and Rutherford

How do we know what one looks like
Describe an atom
The protons and neutrons
What’s wrong with this picture?
The electron and electron desert
The atom fully described
Modeling the atom – outside area required – great fun.
The confused atom worksheet
The nuclear radius and empty space
How many atoms in a diamond the size of a pea
The plum pudding model
Rutherford’s gold foil experiment
The results and conclusion
Look back

The atom - inside the atom - nucleus, electrons, charge and mass

Atomic quick quiz true or false
What do the symbols mean?
Atomic back to back
Guess the mass
Guess the neutrons
Charge and mass fill in the blanks
The nucleus is the element
The neutral atom
Atomic quiz 2

The Atom - Electrons, orbits, energy and Ionisation

Lesson overview

When is an electron not an electron?
Electron and positron
Orbits and shells
What keeps the electrons here?
The increasing energy levels
Packets of energy
The typical atom model
The real atom model
Find the missing words
Electrons jumping
Sub atomic particle mini quiz
Electromagnetic radiation energy input
3 – 5 – 1 – GO

Background radiation and methods of detecting radiation

Lesson overview

Atomic quiz true or false
What is background radiation?
Exposer and tennis ball analogy
Typical doses
Where do we find it?
The pie chart
Radioactive bananas
Contamination and irradiation
How do we measure it – Geiger Muller counter needed if possible
How it works Geiger Muller Tube
How it works photographic film
Paragraph builder 6 mark question practice.

Types of radiation - Ionising radiation- Alpha, Beta -, Positron and Gamma radiation

Lesson overview

Atomic quiz true or false
Ionisation re-cap
4 types – comparison of size and mass
Describe the 4 types
Ionise your own atom – fun activity can they do it!
Which is the most ionising
Penetrating power – radioactive sources and Geiger Muller counter needed for demo
What happens if alpha get into our bodies
Keyword and definition challenge

Radioactive decay - Alpha, Beta -, Positron and Gamma emission

Atomic quiz true or false
The happy atom
The unhappy atom
Radioactive isotopes
Information hunt memory game – Students have to find out and record information regarding Beta – decay, Beta + decay, Alpha decay and Sources of gamma rays, all from memory. It’s fun fast and effective.
Atomic mass and number table
Nuclear equations
Build a paragraph challenge, 6 mark question practice. Individual and co-operative learning

Half-Life, decay, activities and calculations

Lesson overview

Atomic quiz true or false
The rotting tree stump
Isotope decay
Definition and the unit of count
Simple example
Why is it important
Examples with types of radiation emitted
What’s the difference between alpha and Beta Emitters?
Half-life experiment
Results and draw a graph
Questions for the results
The two half-life calculations
How many steps

Dangers of Radiation

Atomic quiz true or false
How radiation damages our cells – proteins
How radiation damages our cells – DNA
Acute and chronic exposure
The tennis ball model for acute and chronic
What industries use radiation?
How would you protect yourself?
Irradiation explained
Contamination explained
Mind map it!

Nuclear Fission and Chain Reactions

Lesson Overview

Alpha, beta and gamma – ghost, child or rugby player
Atom structure
Atomic back to back game
Helium vs Uranium
Throwing of a neutron
Products of nuclear fission
Chain reaction
Problems with a chain reaction
Talk for a minute

Nuclear Power

Lesson Overview

Recall chain reactions
How you generate electricity
Key word to paragraph
Fuel rods and neutrons
Control rods and moderators
The power station
Fill the words activity
Waste video link
The problems of storing waste

Uses of Radiation

Lesson Overview Market place

Radioactive toothpaste – what's wrong
How many uses can you think of
Market place activity
Which radiation did you use and why
Consolidation group paragraph activity
You’re the examiner 5 questions
Can your team win

Thank you for taking the time to view my premium resource. It is designed to provide you with a lesson in which pupil’s progress, the lessons follow a pathway; prepare for learning, lesson objectives, present new information, construct on that information, apply and demonstrate, review and consolidate.

Most of my premium resources follow the same format, which is:-

All power points to tell a story
Learning objectives clearly and uniquely visually linked, short, relevant and punchy, revised a minimum of 3 time a lesson.
Fun pictures all over to help tell the tale.
All slides plain black background font comic sans minimum 24 for contrast and easy to read at the back.
As many fun, creative and original practical’s built in to lessons as could be implemented.
All resources produced and stored for each lesson.
Practical instructions given along with prep room requests.
TEEP embedded, alongside philosophies from working with the Stimulating Physics program.

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This resource will provide you with a great lesson and save you that precious commodity – time

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