Rape College Campus & Law ~ Show + Quiz + Flashcards = 63 Slides

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Rape College Campus & Law ~ Show + Quiz + Flashcards = 67 Slides

This presentation studies some of the most prominent cases in the media regarding college campus rape. The main presentation is in powerpoint and is highly visual and textual. The 20 point multiple choice quiz is included in the powerpoint but I also have given you the word documents for it with Answer Key included. (I have only counted the quiz pages once in reaching my total pages.) There is also a complete set of flashcards which are highly visual with some text. These can be used to facilitate class discussion, as a test, or as subject review.

I am a retired lawyer, instructor and textbook writer.

The 4 thumbnails are of the Powerpoint presentation while the Preview is of the Flashcards and Quiz.

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EXCERPTS from cases follow.


Columbia ultimately found itself in a lose-lose position on all fronts. On one front, as a leading university, should it stop Sulkowicz's freedom of expression rights as an artist (First Amendment Protection)?

Yet the competing interest was Nungesser's right to due process of the law (Fifth Amendment Protection). Everyone involved criticized Columbia’s lack of leadership.

Both parties agree on one thing. This most temporary of couples had initially agreed to have sex. She initially did say yes. She claims it turned to rape when he anally penetrated her against her will, i.e. her consent was withdrawn as the nature of the sexual act changed. He says she consented throughout.

It is unknown whether there was a difference in affection between these two. A court case would have explored that angle of unreciprocated love via cross examination. The answers could provide motivation for lying and raise reasonable doubt.

UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA ~ Evidentiary Discrepancies

There was no party held on the night of the alleged rape.
No fraternity member matched the description of the “ringleader."
Details about the layout of the fraternity house were wrong.
There had never been a criminal investigation or allegation of sexual assault against a member of the chapter.
Pledging on the campus occurs in spring, not autumn.
There were no pledges resident in the fraternity at the time.
Ryan Duffin, Erdely’s claimed corroborating source, never spoke to any reporter.
2 friends met Jackie that night. She was distraught but not injured or bloodied. The story she told them was different from the article.
The frat men described by Jackie were composites of guys she knew in HS plus tv characters.


Vanderbilt football player Batey's lawyer made the argument that Batey’s problem was the Vanderbilt culture. He described this culture as sexual freedom, sexual experimentation and sexual promiscuity. Added to that was its culture of alcohol and alcohol consumption with Batey’s extreme alcohol consumption being to blame for the event. Batey was the one who had urinated on the victim, often called a golden shower in the sex trade.

It took the jury about three hours to convict so the Deputy District Attorney’s characterization of Batey must have gone over better. He said, “The culture you really saw was entitled athletes thinking the rules don’t apply to them. Their mindset was that they can get away with anything.”


Crystal Mangum was hired to strip at a party of the Duke University men's lacrosse team. She arrived drunk with another stripper at a house rented by the men. First, she argued with the people in the house and then argued with the other stripper. This brought the police. She then told police she was raped at the party by three men. The other stripper said she was lying.

Ordinarily her lies would have quickly been uncovered but District Attorney Mike Nifong took over the case and pursued it for his own benefit. There were questions about Mangum’s credibility which he ignored. He then withheld exculpatory DNA evidence which would have cleared the Duke lacrosse players of raping her.

Duke University also quickly rushed to judgment against the players and took premature actions against them.


The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) expelled Corey Mock for sexual assault. A state court in Tennessee ruled in favor of Mock, overturning the school’s decision to expel him.

Tennessee judge Carol McCoy ruled the school used a fatally flawed standard of proof that forced him to prove that he’d obtained consent for sex, rather than forcing his accuser to show he hadn’t. This was “arbitrary and capricious.”

This case supports the growing belief that rape allegations should be handled in criminal courts rather than by campus judiciaries.


Brennan consulted with her parents about whether she should choose the criminal justice system to hear her alleged rape case or whether she should let a university judiciary committee hear her case instead. Ultimately, they all decided to choose the university.

Not surprisingly this committee did not have the skills to handle the adjudication of serious crimes. The members heard everyone’s testimonies and their decision was all over the map. They expelled one man, suspended another and then suspended the third for a shorter term. All men eventually ended up back at college (that or another one) sooner rather than later. One got a full basketball scholarship to another college. Brennan is the one who dropped out of school and basketball.
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Rape College Campus & Law ~ Show + Quiz + Flashcards = 63 Slides
Rape College Campus & Law ~ Show + Quiz + Flashcards = 63 Slides
Rape College Campus & Law ~ Show + Quiz + Flashcards = 63 Slides
Rape College Campus & Law ~ Show + Quiz + Flashcards = 63 Slides