Resolutions NO PREP Goal Setting Handouts plus 20 Motivational Videos

Grade Levels
6th - 10th, Homeschool
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7 pages in NO PREP handout, 20 videos
Includes Google Apps™
The Teacher-Author indicated this resource includes assets from Google Workspace (e.g. docs, slides, etc.).

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EASY Goal Setting Activity.

  • Brainstorming handouts,
  • Writing activity,
  • 20 motivational videos for IN-PERSON or ONLINE learning.

PRINT the PDF or EDIT the Google Docs or Microsoft Word files.

ONLINE version lets students use Google Slides / Microsoft Powerpoint to fill in text boxes on the graphic organizer.

This is a life long teaching tool that you can use multiple times throughout the year.

Includes 4 themes to help your students become the best version of themselves:

  • New Year's Resolutions ("the original")
  • Any time Personal Goals and Resolutions
  • Distance Learning Goals and Resolutions
  • Back to School Goals and Resolutions

There is also a follow up Goal Setting CHECK IN handout package (FILE 5) to help students achieve their goals.

Help your students adjust to an ever changing world.

  • Reflect on challenges and successes of the past.
  • Brainstorm things they want to do more of (and less of) starting today.
  • Brainstorm the "why" behind their goals.
  • Write a paragraph. (Optional rubric included.)

We don’t have to wait until the New Year to set goals. We can choose to get better anytime in the year, starting today: 

  • At the start of the school year or semester.
  • After you get back a major assignment or report card.
  • When you switch to online learning from in-person learning (or vice-versa)
  • And yes, after New Year’s Eve!

BONUS #1: FREE slideshow to help students set SMART goals. Explain HOW to work smarter, and not just harder.

BONUS #2: Here are 20 optional videos about goal-setting that go well with this handout package. 

Setting goals is easy. Achieving them requires work... (sorry!)

⭐ Teach a Growth Mindset. SAVE TIME and MONEY by using the 6 Cs / 21st Century Learning Skills MEGA bundle.

⭐ WARNING! NOT EVERYTHING WORKS FOR EVERYONE ALL OF THE TIME! This product may not fit your style or needs!

A teacher left behind some very valid feedback about this product.

(I've included it here in the product description below to help you make an informed decision about whether this resource is right for you.)

Please have a read to look at the concerns.

Please also look at the links below to see if these goal setting resources fit your personal style and classroom needs:

  • There is a motivational Back to School letter to students where I talk about how much money I've made since I've left teaching. (It's a real world example of a goal I'm working on.) The letter is FILE 3 in the zipped file of this free product. You can also see the PDF directly with this dropbox link.

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to email me at Mike@educircles.org

⭐ Here is a very valid 3 star review from Tiffany (Sep 18, 2021):

  • "I think this could have been a good resource, but it was overwhelming to try to figure out where I should click, what I even had, and where to begin.

  • I was a bit put off by the "I've made x amount of money since I quit my job" message.

  • Aside from that, I tried the initial goal setting lesson with three different classes, ranged from 6th-9th grade, and they all nearly rioted.

  • I probably won't continue with this resource."

⭐ And, here is my response to Tiffany (Sep 18, 2021):

  • Hi Tiffany, thank you for coming back to leave an honest review. I appreciate it - it will help other teachers who are considering this product, and it helps me try to figure out how to make this product easier to use.

  • You definetely raise several good points. I agree. It can be overwhelming with all of the different files. I am working to simplify the process, but the piece I'd love to hear more about is the part about the students nearly rioting. If you had to guess, what was it that turned off your class from buying into the idea?

  • The reason why I ask is because in my experience with doing entrepreneurial adventures with Grade 7 and 8 students, I found that the idea of making money was a powerful hook - whether it be online or in other ways. I had found that many of my disengaged (male) students were hooked by the idea of making money online - which is why I tried that angle in the introduction letter here.

  • Clearly that angle failed with you and your students, so I apologize!

  • When you tried the initial goal setting lesson, are you talking about the SMART goal setting slideshow? I would love to hear more about why you thought your students didn't buy in.

  • I fully appreciate that you are super busy. In exchange for your email thoughts, I would happy to send you a $10 TpT gift card which you can use anywhere on the TpT marketplace.

  • If you're interested in telling me more, please email me at Mike@educircles.org I appreciate the review and I look foward to connecting with you if you are interested.

  • Cheers, Mike

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to email me at Mike@educircles.org




  • If you use this FREE resource, let me know how it goes! Please come back and leave an honest review!

  • If you like this kind of stuff, please read this post. I want to help teachers like you get the resources you need!


..... Tuesday, Dec 7 update: If we're doing SEL for our students, who is doing SEL for us?

  • Although principals and school boards must do SEL for their teachers, the reality is that we are all individually responsible for doing SEL for ourselves.

  • Who is responsible for your physical health? You are.

  • Who is responsible for your mental health? You are.

  • That can be tough to hear, and we might not be at a place to hear that message. When I'm in that spot, this helps me. What works for you?

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SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL LEARNING (SEL) in a world of Covid, Systemic Racism and Constant Change...

SAVE HOURS OF PREP (and money) with a bundle!

Why am I so passionate about 21st Century Learning? Because it helped save my life ▶️ video.


Version 2021d: Back to School Update July 14, 2021

Content changes

  • Changed NO PREP, JUST PRINT (FILE 0) to Back to School letter + handouts 
  • Added Back to School Introduction Letter to students (FILE 3)
  • Added Back to School version of Goal Setting brainstorming handouts (FILE 4d)
  • Fixed minor text errors and missing table lines.
  • Updated PDF about current Educircles TpT gift card giveaway info (FILE 1b)
  • Added © copyright symbol on handout footers. Educircles products are original works that fall under copyright protection from the moment of creation. The copyright symbol is for clarity and to discourage unauthorized distribution. Please download Educircles products from the Educircles store. (Even the free ones!) 

Version 2021c: END OF THE YEAR Update June 4, 2021

Content changes

  • Added End of Year Introduction Letter to students (FILE 3)
  • Fixed cut-off font in New Year’s Resolution brainstorming handout (FILE 4a)
  • Updated the NO PREP PRINT ME FIRST FILE (FILE 0) to include the letter to students about goal setting at the End of the Year (FILE 3) and the generic any time resolution brainstorming handout (FILE 4b)

File renaming:

  • I’ve changed the file numbers so everything with the same file number is a theme variation (but the different file numbers represent different content)
  • FILE 3 Letters 
  • FILE 4 Brainstorming handout 
  • FILE 5 Check in #2 handout

Other changes:

  • Updated and renamed Read Me First PDF (FILE 1a) to include information about End of Year theme.
  • Updated information about how to edit the Google Slides using “Theme Builder” (formerly called “Slide Master”)
  • Added PDF about current Educircles TpT gift card giveaway info (FILE 1b)

2021b UPDATE (Feb 17, 2021): Any time personal goals / resolutions messaging

  • Replaced language about New Year Resolutions with Anytime personal goal resolutions in the Read Me First PDF (FILE 1)
  • Changed the No Prep print me first (FILE 0) to be a copy of the Any Time Personal Resolution handout (FILE 4) instead of the New Year’s 2021 resolutions. You know, seeing as January is over.
  • Added links to 20 Goal Setting YouTube Videos.
  • The rest of the handouts, files, and Google Drive links have not changed.

2021a UPDATE (Dec 18, 2020): Due to technical reasons with TpT’s online (Google) resource product format, I’ve switched back to a zipped format download.

  • The zipped file includes: NO PRINT PDFs, Microsoft Word files (to edit the handouts) and Microsoft Powerpoint (for distance learning), PDF with links to make your own copy of Google Docs and Google Slides files.
  • Includes 3 versions: 2021 New Year’s Resolution (FILE 3), Any Time Personal Resolution (FILE 4), Distance Learning Check-Ins #1 and Check-In #2 (FILE 5 and FILE 6)

2021 UPDATE (Dec 9, 2020): This file has been updated into a one-click copy Google Drive product. There is a link in FILE 2 that will let you download a dropbox zipped file with the Microsoft Word and Powerpoint files. The Distance Learning Check In packages are currently only available as MS Word and Powerpoint but I will upload Google Drive versions soon!

Handout Packet - Distance Learning Check In #1 (5 pages):

  • Students reflect on great moments and tough obstacles since the pandemic started.
  • Then, brainstorm goals and ways to overcome obstacles.
  • Finally, students write a reflection paragraph about a personal goal.

Handout Packet - Distance Learning Check In #2 (8 pages):

  • After students have had a chance to work on their personal goal, it's time for the next check in!
  • Students reflect on great moments and tough obstacles since their last check-in.
  • Then, brainstorm goals and ways to overcome obstacles.
  • Students can choose to continue to work on the same goal, or to work on a different goal.
  • They reflect on what happened when they tried to achieve their goal and what they could improve on to get better results.
  • Finally, students write a reflection paragraph about their personal goal.

Version 1.0a: Initial release of Personal Resolution lesson

  • Updated to include “any time” personal resolutions version
  • Bundled with the New Year’s Resolution writing assignment

Version 1.0: Initial release of New Year’s 2020 Resolution lesson

  • Zipped file with Microsoft Word, PDF versions.
Total Pages
7 pages in NO PREP handout, 20 videos
Answer Key
Rubric only
Teaching Duration
3 days
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