Revolutionary War Bundle {Articles, Activities, Organizers, Vocab & Powerpoint

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Revolutionary War complete BUNDLE includes BOTH a 95 slideshow presentation AND a 90 page activity pack highlighting causes, battles, important people, and effects with case studies on George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and more!

This Revolutionary War Slideshow AND Activity Pack includes:
*95 slide PowerPoint all about the Revolutionary War
*90 page Activity Printable Pack as a PDF

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Students will learn all about the American Revolutionary War with informational articles with scenes for students to connect and color. There are tons of hands-on creative activities geared for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students. It includes graphic organizers, and interactive activities for the causes, events, battles, important and influential people, and results of the American Revolutionary War.

Causes Highlighted:
*French and Indian War
*The Stamp Act
*The Boston Tea Party

Battles Highlighted:
*Battle of Lexington & Concord
*Battle of Saratoga
*Battle of Yorktown

Important People Featured:
*George Washington
*Ben Franklin
*Thomas Jefferson
*John Adams
*Paul Revere
*John Hancock
*Patrick Henry
*Benedict Arnold

Outcome/Results Highlighted:
*Continental Congress
*Treaty of Paris
*Declaration of Independence
*Writing of the Constitution

This unit includes many creative hands-on interactive activities and learning opportunities for students including:
*Revolutionary War Anticipatory Set T/F
*Important People of the Revolutionary War
*Leaders and Influential People Mini-booklets
*Revolutionary War Cloze Passages
*Graphic Organizers custom-created for the American Revolution
*Revolutionary War Vocabulary Posters
*Vocabulary Flip Flaps
*For Elementary Grades – Second grade, Third grade, Fourth grade, Fifth grade
*Great for Core Knowledge
*Common Core Aligned

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In this Revolutionary War Activity pack there are five main activities:

1. Introduce the Revolutionary War Unit with Anticipatory Set of T/F questions to pique and build background knowledge. Read about the causes of the revolution and complete the organizers.

2. Next, create a learning station for each of the 8 character studies. In a folder at each station include: the informational “Meet …”, and mini-booklets for students to complete. Students complete the Character Mini-Booklets by writing 3 facts about that person, put the timeline dates in the correct order, coloring, cutting, and gluing inside their notebook or a lapbook. There are two articles on each person: one in black and white and one in color to laminate and post on a bulletin board, if desired.

3. Then, read about the main battles highlighted and complete the custom-created graphic organizers. These work well as partner work or as independent work.

4. Introduce the vocabulary words with the real-life photo posters included. You could post these posters around the classroom and have students travel around to match up and define the words in their flip flaps or use as a center activity. These posters are excellent for a bulletin board display too. In addition, the vocabulary cards are a great hands-on challenging activity to get them thinking critically. There’s also colorful map included to help students visualize where these amazing explorers traveled from and to.

5. Lastly, read about the outcomes or results of the Revolutionary War. Bring the students together for class discussions to check for understanding and further their critical thinking skills after each lesson. At the end of the unit come back to the Anticipatory Questions and K-W-L to check and correct their answers.

Meets the SS4H4 Standards and highlights the following standards:
1. Trace the events that shaped the revolutionary movement in America including:
The French and Indian War
1765 Stamp Act
"No taxation without Representation"
The Sons of Liberty
The Boston Tea Party

2. Explain the Writing of the Declaration of Independence

3. Major Events in American Revolution to led to American victory and British defeat including:
Battle of Lexington and Concord
Battle of Saratoga
Battle of Yorktown

4. Meet the key individuals in the American Revolution and Revolutionary War including:
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
Patrick Henry
King George III
John Hancock
John Adams
Paul Revere
Benedict Arnold

5. Trace the results or outcomes of the Revolutionary War including:
The Treaty of Paris
The Continental Congress
The Declaration of Independence
The Writing of the United States ConstitutionRevolutionary War Causes Highlighted:
*French and Indian War
*The Stamp Act
*The Boston Tea Party
*For Upper Elementary Grades - Third grade, Fourth grade, Fifth grade
*Common Core Aligned

****Be sure to check out the PREVIEW for more information****

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Revolutionary War Bundle {Articles, Activities, Organizers
Revolutionary War Bundle {Articles, Activities, Organizers
Revolutionary War Bundle {Articles, Activities, Organizers
Revolutionary War Bundle {Articles, Activities, Organizers