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*****COUPONS ONLY******

144 coupons included!

If you bought my first Reward Coupon set or my Reward Coupon Set 2, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SET!

This is ONLY THE SMALL COUPONS of both sets. There is no management, labels, organization, or implementation tips. That is why this is so reasonably priced. If you want that included, then purchase the sets above. Check out the preview for a small sample of what is included.

This is by far the BEST behavior modification I have ever done! I got rid of the treasure box and give these reward coupons instead. This extrinsic reward system is extremely popular in our elementary school! The students have to earn the coupons. Stop by my blog and find out how I implement this behavior reward system into my own first grade classroom! There are 144 different coupons to choose from! Trust me your students will be over the moon excited about these!

Coupons include:

Teacher's Assistant: Be the helper for the day

Line Leader: Leads the classroom line for the day

Flip Flop Fun: Wear flip flops in the classroom

Eat Lunch with the Teacher: Lunch date with teacher

Wear Slippers to School: Wear slippers in the classroom

Show and Tell: Bring an item to show off

Calender Teacher: Be in charge of the calendar

Book Picker: Pick the CD book or read aloud for the day

Computer Dibs: Be the first one on the computer (for AR test)

Desk Swap: Switch spots for the day

Wear your favorite hat to school: I only let them in my classroom

Bring a stuffed animal to school: They may bring in an animal to have at their desk for the day.

Sit next to a friend at lunch: They get to choose who sits next to them.

Music: Student brings in a CD to listen to music during seat work.

Read Aloud to the class: Student reads a 3-5 minute book or poem to the class.

Earn a recognition reward (nice note home)

Stinky feet: Wear no shoes in the classroom.

Super supplies: Students may use our special supplies on their work (markers, colored pencils, etc).

Teacher's desk: Student sits at table until lunch only.

No homework pass: If they forget their homework they may turn this in.

Treat jar: Get a piece of candy.

Free choice: Personally I give them their free choice options. I offer Candy Land, checkers, or addition war.

New pencil: Student may pick a brand new pencil.

New eraser: Students may pick a brand new eraser.

Talent show: Students may show us a talent at the end of the day.

Sharpen pencils anytime: I have only 2x/day they may sharpen pencils. If they forget, they give me this coupon.

Use watercolor paints: Students may paint one time when they are finished with their morning work.

1st in the bus line: Self explanatory

Weather forecaster: I have the student tell us what the weather is in the morning & afternoon. They pretend they are a forecaster with a microphone.

Rule breaker spy: When they are done with their morning work and go into read to self my rule breaker spies take fuzzies if someone talks.

Mystery Reader: This is when a student doesn't want anyone to know they are reading to us.

Classroom messenger: Delivers messages to office, other teachers, etc.

Zookeeper: Takes care of our stuffed animals. If someone leaves them on the floor the zoo keeper picks it up & they owe the zookeeper a fuzzy.

Go to another class for indoor recess: Self explanatory

No morning work: Self explanatory

Sit in your favorite spot: I have special chairs that they may choose from.


Class pet vet: If you have a classroom pet, they care for it.

Get a drink whenever you want: My students only get one time to get a drink. I let them have water bottles but not everyone brings them. This gives them permission to get a drink from the faucet without permission.

Tech break: This can be used on a desktop or Ipad.

Use pen all day: Self explanatory

Sit in the teacher's chair: Self explanatory

Electrician: They turn anything on or off that uses electricity (lights, smart board, elmo, etc)

Recycler: Similar to zookeeper. If they catch someone throwing something in the garbage & it's a recyclable they owe them a fuzzy.I also let them recycle for us all day.

Pledge leader: Self explanatory

Teacher for a lesson: I will let them do a calendar lesson, a comprehension lesson that is very simple.

Lunch helper: Helps carry coats, lunch pail, lunch cards, etc.

Supply manager: passes out all supplies for the day & gets to choose a helper.

Job swap: Self explanatory

Class president: You can have them be the leader for the day & they call them Mr. or Mrs. President.

Nurse helper: They escort friends to the nurse & help with boo-boos.

Wear pj's to school: Self explanatory

Classroom photographer: Self explanatory

Wear a crown for the day: Self explanatory

My Tunes: Listen to your IPod. This can be used with a cd player as well. I let me students bring them from home.

Line Jumper: Pick your place in line. I let me students go where they want instead of their assigned line placement.

Laugh Out Loud: Get a chance to make the class giggle. My little comedians love this! I give them about 1 minute to make us laugh at the end of our day.

Lunch Date: Pick a friend to eat lunch with the teacher. I have the kiddos eat with me in the classroom when they give this to me. This is one of the special coupons I set aside.

Rise and Shine: Morning message helper. They love helping. This was requested by them. It helps me out while I’m busy running around in the morning.

Movie Time: Bring a movie for us to watch. We usually have a movie on Fridays & it saves me a trip to the movie store!

Munchies: Eat my snack whenever I want. I personally don’t do snacks in my room. I let them pick this coupon in order to bring a snack.

Partner Picker: Pick your own partner. I usually assign partners…they love being able to pick.

Pointy!: Be the classroom pointer. They love all my different pointers. This gives them a chance to touch them.

Popcorn Day: Our PTO makes the school popcorn several times a month. When a student gives me the coupon I will purchase the popcorn for them or we will make it in school.

Recess Buds: Pick a friend to stay indoors for recess. My students prefer being indoors for recess especially hanging out with me. This is one of my special coupons I put aside.

Recess King: Be the 1st boy to pick a recess game. They fight over games constantly. This eliminates that problem.

Recess Queen: Same as above.

Recess Time: Get an extra 5 minutes of recess.

Recess with me: Stay in for recess with me. They love this. I usually let them play games on my phone or play smart board games.

Recorder: Write on the white board for the teacher. My students love to write on our smart board.

Skipper: Skip a classroom assignment. I have to agree with the assignment skipped.

Sleepover: Take a stuffed animal for a sleepover.

Snack Attack: Bring in a snack for the whole class. Since I only allow treats for birthdays they love being able to bring in a treat for their friends.

Space Invader: Go up to the teacher without permission. I always have little space invaders who want to follow me around. They are not allowed to get out of their seat unless they have permission or have this coupon.

Sparkle Teacher: We play the spelling game sparkle before our spelling test. They love taking over for me.

Spelling Bee: Give the spelling test.

Stinky Feet: No shoes in class.

Study Buddy: Work with a partner. They always want to work together…they love this one!

Substitute: Be the substitute while your teacher is busy. This comes in handy when I’m testing.

Teacher Toys: Borrow one of the teacher’s toys. IDK about you but they kids love anything of mine & like to touch everything on my desk. This allows them to borrow one of my toys.

Furry Friend: :Borrow the teacher’s furry friend.

Teacher’s Pet: Be by the teacher. These are for those little space invaders that follow me around.

Tech Assistant: Assist the teacher with technology. The students help with mouse clicks, passing out laptops. Helping other students with the computer.

Techy Teacher: Assist the teacher with technology for a lesson. I personally use this during the tech center during Daily 5.

Time Keeper: Be the time keeper for the day. I let me students carry around the timer during stations.

Trouble Tracker: Manage our behavior chart. My students monitor our clip chart when someone drops a clip. They make sure they color their behavior calendar the correct color. The put the clips back up at the end of the day.

We’ve Got Talent: Group talent show. This is a classroom favorite. I let them put on a 1-3 minute talent show while we are waiting for the bus.

Cool Shades: Wear sunglasses in class.

Word Work Wizard: Choose our word work activity. They love this & usually pick one of my Candy Land games.

1st Table: Be the first table called. I have desks but they are still at tables. They loved being called first especially for story time or recess.

Recess: Bring in a board game for recess.

Borrower: Borrow a classroom item. They borrow pens, games, journals, etc.

Brain Break: Pick our brain breaks for the day. I go straight to my brain break Pinterest board here.

Buddy Read Aloud: Read aloud to the class with a buddy.

Center Cop: Make sure your group doesn’t break the rules. They love this! They feel like they are the boss of applesauce. And boy do they love tattling.

Chill Out: Take a 5 minute break. They need a break here and there. I wish I can have this one!

Read to Us: Choose the teacher read aloud.

Class Stamper; stamp papers for the teacher. They LOVE using my stamps & this helps me out!

I’m a Leader: Classroom leader of the day. They can lead the pledge, lead us reading, lead the line, etc.

Clean My Desk: Teacher cleans your desk. This is one of those special coupons I put aside.

Costume Caper: Wear a costume to school. They love this & the attention they get.

Daily 5: Pick 1st for Daily 5. My class gets called one at a time to choose. They love getting called first when they really want a certain center.

Dance Party: Let’s have a dance party. I will put on a Just Dance video from You Tube or they bring a CD & we dance around for a brain break or at the end of the day. This also gives them dibs on the cd player during indoor recess.

Doodle Time: doodle when I’m done. I will let them use my special supplies and doodle in their notebooks.

Doodle Fun: Doodle on the dry-erase board. They get to use my fun neon dry erase markers.

Double Center Time: double your center time. I love when they are really into writing or word work and want to stay.

Double Fuzzy Day: double your fuzzies for the day. My students use these when they plan on taking a large amount of AR tests.

Eat Outdoors: eat outdoors with your teacher. They love eating outside!

Put me to work: Extra job for the day. They BEG me for extra classroom jobs. They just love helping me out.

I Love to Read: Extra reading time. My students have a love for reading & always sigh when I tell them to put their book bins away.

Extra Tech Time: Students get extra time on the computers or Ipads.

Feeling Crafty: Make a craft project and show it off. My students love crafts. They can use your craft supplies or make them at home.

Front Row: Sit in the front row all day. This can be used during carpet time or story time.

Game Boy or Girl: Pick a game for us to play. I have a TON of smartboard games & they love to pick.

Get our of jail: Take your recess back. This is given to me when I take away a recess.

Classroom Grader: Help the teacher grade papers. They feel so special when they get to grade their classmates papers. I only allow this for morning work.

Help Wanted: Pick your classroom job. I have 20 different classroom jobs and they love being able to choose. They have their favorites.

Hubba Bubba: Chew gum in class.

Pillow Pet: Bring a pillow from home. They usually bring a pillow pet or those bright light pillows.



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Your students will absolutely love you for these coupons! It has saved me so much money AND really helps control bad behavior.

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