Roman Empire Newspaper Assignment

Roman Empire Newspaper Assignment
Roman Empire Newspaper Assignment
Roman Empire Newspaper Assignment
Roman Empire Newspaper Assignment
Roman Empire Newspaper Assignment
Roman Empire Newspaper Assignment
Roman Empire Newspaper Assignment
Roman Empire Newspaper Assignment
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You are an explorer traveling back in time to Ancient Rome. Your task is to create a newspaper describing what you learned about Ancient Rome. Try to capture the spirit and the atmosphere of the era and its personalities.

RESEARCH COMPONENT: Read the sections of your textbook that are appropriate to your topic. Do additional research in the media center for both print and non-print material. Go online and look for materials.

NEWSPAPER OVERVIEW: Your newspaper should have a catchy title, as well as the regular features of any newspaper such as:
• factual news stories
• interviews with key person or people
• obituaries
• advertisements
• pictures, maps, cartoons
• want ads
• comics
• weather
• fashion
See the next page for specific details about each type of article.

GROUP and INDIVIDUAL PROCEDURES: Your group should appoint an editor and divide up responsibilities. Decide who is doing what kind of article and assign each person in the group two or three topics. Be certain to affix your name to each story, picture, or any other contribution you have made to the paper. Each student will receive his/her own grade for this project.
Each person will be writing ONE “main event” story and will decide with the group what other newspaper features he or she will be contributing. EVERY PERSON WILL BE CONTRIBUTING THREE PIECES.

MATERIALS: You must supply all the materials such as paper, markers, glue, etc. You may use a newspaper format, poster board, or traditional essay form to complete this assignment.

RESEARCH TIME: We will be going to the media Center for research and you will also have some class time for this assignment. HOWEVER, the bulk of the work will be done on your own time.

GRADING: Each student will receive an individual grade for his/her contributions as well as a group grade for the entire project. Grading will be based on the following:

• Appearance of the newspaper: neatness and newspaper format
• Correct use of tense, grammar, spelling
• Correct factual content
• Appropriate use of creative content
• Attempt to capture the overall spirit/feeling of the time period

(next page, please)
1. Main Event from History (Everyone must do one) No more than 2 pages
2. Editorial and Letter to Editor
3. Sports or Entertainment Section or Fashion or Weather
4. Want Ads- (Advertisements or Classified Ads)
5. Obituaries
6. Dear Abby
7. Pictures, maps, cartoons
A. Main Event from History - a report of an actual event (or historical "myth") in the style of a news report.
- Decide on an historical event. Date your newspaper at that time. - You may use B.C.(Before Christ) or B.C.E. (Before the Common Era), or A.D. (Anno Domini) or C.E. (Common Era).

Write your newspaper's HEADLINES announcing the news of that event. A list of possible topics can be found on the last page of your packet. Choose one from this list or any other event in Roman history that we have studied.
(See last page of packet for suggestions)

• Written as if by a reporter: the first paragraph will tell basic information about the event: what happened, when, where, why, who, how? Other paragraphs will give details. More paragraphs will give background information.
• May include interviews and descriptions by eye-witnesses of the event
• No copying from other sources! Use your own words and cite information
• Must be accurate to the time.
• Must be well-researched and present good information
B. Editorial and Letter to the Editor
This part should show two different points of view about the event from page one. One article should be in favor of what happened in the main news, the other should be against what happened.
Editorial - As the editor of the newspaper, give an opinion about the news event. Back up the opinion with examples of why you take that side of the argument.
Letter to the Editor: (Dear Editor: )
Write a letter showing the other side of the argument. Give reasons for your opinion. You may give suggestions to improve the situation. Identify yourself in your letter. (You may be an actual person; you may be an eye-witness. You may say if you are a patrician (rich), plebeian (common person), slave, senator, or Christian who has an opinion about the event.)

Grading Criteria for editorial and letter to the editor:
• There is a relationship to controversy in the news (from part one)
• The letter and editorial state a definite point of view and give an opinion
• The letter and editorial give specific reasons or details to back up the point of view.
C. Sports or Entertainment Section
Do one of the following:
1. Prepare an Advertisement for entertainment (gladiatorial combats at the Colosseum, chariot race at the Circus Maximus, a play at a theater, opening of a bath house, etc.)
Describe what goes on there in detail.
Give an opinion about the place and try to convince the readers to go there (or to stay away from there if you don't like it).
Tell when the next event will be, where it is, and how much it will cost to get in. (Remember: Many of these events were free to Roman citizens as part of "Bread and Circuses".)
2. Prepare an Entertainment Review Describe a form of entertainment that you saw (such as gladiatorial combats at the Colosseum, chariot race at the Circus Maximus, a play at a theater, the opening of a new bath house, etc.)
As an "entertainment critic" do you recommend it to the audience? (Do you give it "thumbs up" - which means let it live - or "thumbs down" - which means let it die!)
Give details (where, when, who was there); reasons for your recommendation or condemnation (was it exciting, bloody, costumes, acting or lots of action, etc.)
Grading Criteria:
• Does the article have a detailed description of entertainment that is accurate according to the time period?
• Does the article give an opinion based on criteria with specific examples ?
• Does the articlet give reasons to go or not to go?
D. Want Ads - Two Items for Sale (Advertisements or Classified Ads)
Try to sell some things through the newspaper. Choose authentic ancient Roman items that would be sold in a market: clothing, slave, chariot, food, household item such as an oil lamp or couch for dining, home or villa, etc. Describe the item well. How can the item be used? What's so good about it?
Grading Criteria:
• Does the ad describe the items for sale including use, value, and why a good deal
• Does it tell the cost?
• Does it tell where it can be purchased?
• Does the ad try to convince the reader to buy it? (Such as: Is it a good deal? Is everyone else using it? Does a celebrity endorse it? Does it appeal to a certain class or occupation?)

F. Obituaries:
Obituary (report on life/death of at least 2 Romans);
• Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
G. Advice Column:
Advice column (like "Dear Abby", but perhaps "Dear Venus" - or "Dear Hera")
• Ex- What do I do if my “friends” stabbed me in the back? (Julius Caesar)
o Describe problem/ Reason for advice

LIST OF POSSIBLE RESEARCH TOPICS and their web addresses
• Romulus Founded Rome on the Palatine Hill 753 B.C.E.
• Taking of the Sabine Women by the Romans circa 750 B.C.E.
• Lucretia Raped! Getting rid of King Tarquin and Starting a Republic 509 B.C.E.
• First Punic War 264 B.C.E. (Rome expanded into Sicily; Rome vs. Carthage)
• Second Punic War 218-202 B.C.E. (Hannibal Attacked the Roman Army)
• Third Punic War 149 - 146 B.C.E. (Carthage was Destroyed)
• Slave Revolt by Spartacus 73 B.C.E.
• Young Julius Caesar and the Pirates (from Plutarch's Lives) 75 B.C.E.
• Julius Caesar and the Conquest of Gaul (58 to 50 B.C.E.)
• Cleopatra and Julius Caesar
• Assassination of Julius Caesar 44 B.C.E. Ides of March (March 15)
• Cleopatra and Mark Anthony
• Battle of Actium and the Death of Marc Anthony and Cleopatra 30 B.C.E.
• Beginning of Roman Empire & Pax Romana by Octavian Caesar Augustus after 27 C.E.
• Birth of Jesus /Death of Jesus
• Crazy Emperor Caligula Assassinated by his Body Guard 41 C.E.
• Saul of Tarsus Converts to Christianity and Spreads the Gosple c. 48 C.E.
• Rome Burned as Nero was Emperor - Christians Blamed for the Fire 64 C.E.
• Romans Take Over Jerusalem and Kick Out the Jews 70 C.E.
• Jewish Resistance Fighters Battle the Roman Army from Mt. Masada 73 C.E. - All Die
• Pompeii Buried by Vesuvius Eruption 79 C.E.
• Emperor Hadrian Built a Wall in England to Keep Out Northern Barbarians (begun in 122 C.E)
• Caracalla Suspected of Killing His Own Father and Brother! 211 C.E.
• Constantine becomes Christian, then emperor- "In this sign you will conquer" 312 C.E.
• Council of Nicaea - Is Jesus God or Man? Bishops Debate 325 C.E.
• Constantine Moved Capital Out of Italy to Constantinople - "Rome of the East" 330 C.E.
• Alaric, a Barbarian, Takes Rome Hostage! 410 C.E.
o Atilla the Hun 451 C.E.
• Barbarians Invade: Vandals Destroy Rome 455 C.E.
• Fall of the Roman Empire - 476 C.E.
• Empress Theodora Saves the Byzantine Empire (While her Husband was about to Run) 532 C.E.

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