Romeo & Juliet Bundle - Reading Guide, Quizzes, Test, and Keys

Romeo & Juliet Bundle - Reading Guide, Quizzes, Test, and Keys
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Planning to teach Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare, but in need of resources designed to promote and measure reading comprehension? This resource may make your life easier, which is more than can be said for, well, virtually all Shakespeare's characters. In this zip file are the following:

1. A Comprehensive Reading Guide Organized by Act.

The comprehensive reading guide includes the following:

♦98 total questions, broken up by act and scene. Questions could easily be transferred to an exam, or modified to accommodate your course's focus. The key offers detailed, but concise information -- and could easily double as lecture notes or an exam guide.

♦ 37 relevant quotes, broken up by act and scene. The key identifies the speaker and the context of each quote -- and, again, could easily double as lecture notes or an exam guide.

The following plot details are addressed:
♦ Feuding in the streets
♦ The prince's declaration of punishment
♦ Romeo's despair at lost love
♦ Rosaline's decision
♦ Juliet's refusal to accept marriage
♦ Lord Capulet's beliefs toward the prospect of marriage
♦ Romeo's invite to Lord Capulet's party
♦ Paris
♦ Mercutio's harsh, sarcastic tone toward Romeo's heartbreak
♦ Queen Mab
♦ Romeo's foreshadowing prediction
♦ Tybalt's reaction to Romeo's presence (in contrast to Capulet's)
♦ Romeo's discovery of Juliet's identity
♦ Dramatic irony
♦ The rejection of names
♦ Romeo's fear of rejection
♦ Juliet's concern over acting hastily
♦ Juliet's desire for Romeo to send her a message
♦ Friar Laurence's beliefs on good and evil
♦ Friar Laurence's concerns for Romeo
♦ Romeo's request of Friar Laurence
♦ Friar Laurence's optimistic view of the union of Romeo and Juliet
♦ The Nurse's private conversation with Romeo
♦ The plan to marry Juliet
♦ The Nurse's comic relief
♦ Tybalt's verbal attack on Romeo
♦ Dramatic irony
♦ Mercutio's decision to fight Tybalt
♦ Romeo's abrupt character change
♦ Defying the prince's orders
♦ Lady Capulet's demand
♦ Romeo's punishment
♦ The Nurse's news and ensuing confusion
♦ Juliet's immediate reaction to learning the truth
♦ Juliet's defense of her husband
♦ The Nurse's motivation to seek out Romeo
♦ Romeo's feelings toward his punishment
♦ Friar Laurence's strong words for Romeo
♦ Romeo's potential suicide attempt
♦ Friar Laurence's optimistic plan
♦ Lord Capulet's arrangement with Paris
♦ Whether Romeo believes he will see his wife once more
♦ Foreshadowing
♦ Lady Capulet's plan for Romeo after exile
♦ The Nurse's advice to Juliet
♦ Juliet's desire to seek Friar Laurence's help
♦ Lord Capulet's rush to marry off Juliet
♦ Lord Capulet's threat to Juliet
♦ Juliet's morbid confession to Friar Laurence
♦ The purpose of the vial
♦ Juliet's request for forgiveness from her father
♦ Lord Capulet's praise for Friar Laurence
♦ Juliet's paranoia in regard to Friar Laurence's motives
♦ The burial vault
♦ The Nurse's terrible discovery
♦ Cancellation of the wedding
♦ Failure of Friar Laurence's plan
♦ Romeo's visit to the apothecary
♦ The apothecary's concern
♦ Friar Laurence and the quarantine
♦ Friar John's task
♦ Paris in the churchyard
♦ Balthasar's news
♦ Romeo's interaction with Paris
♦ Romeo's suicide
♦ Juliet's awakening
♦ Friar Laurence's upsetting news
♦ Juliet's method of suicide
♦ Lady Montague's death
♦ The resolution
♦ And more

2. A Complete Set of Quizzes Organized by Act.

All quizzes are in multiple choice format. A breakdown of each individual quiz follows:

Act 1.
This a 13-question quiz in multiple choice format and its answer key. Specifically, this quiz covers the following key plot details and concepts:

♦ The purpose of a chorus
♦ A character known as a peace-maker
♦ The reason for street-fighting in Verona
♦ Prince Escalus's declaration
♦ Romeo's cause for sadness
♦ Lord Capulet's attitude toward marrying off Juliet
♦ Benvolio's encouragement (to Romeo)
♦ Juliet's attitude toward marriage
♦ Mercutio's treatment of Romeo
♦ A foreshadowing fear
♦ Tybalt's temperament
♦ Lord Capulet's reaction to Romeo's presence at the party
♦ The revelation of Juliet's true identity

Act 2.
This is an 11-question quiz in multiple choice format and its answer key. Specifically, this quiz covers the following key plot details and concepts:

♦ Juliet's beauty and Romeo's metaphor
♦ The rejection of one's name
♦ Romeo's great fear, expressed during the balcony scene
♦ Juliet's concerns over acting to hastily
♦ Friar Laurence's specialty
♦ Friar Laurence's beliefs and philosophies
♦ Friar Laurence's thoughts regarding the union of Romeo & Juliet
♦ Tybalt's letter
♦ Offensive comments toward the Nurse
♦ The Nurse's news for Romeo
♦ Friar Laurence's assessment of Romeo & Juliet's love

Act 3.
This is an 14-question quiz in multiple choice format and its answer key. Specifically, this quiz covers the following key plot details and concepts:

♦ Mercutio's reason for fighting Tybalt
♦ Romeo's ill-fated attempt to stop the fight
♦ Romeo's reason for leaving Verona
♦ Juliet's criticisms of the Nurse
♦ The Nurse's confusing news
♦ Juliet's conflicting emotions toward her husband
♦ Friar Laurence's perspective on the Prince's punishment
♦ Romeo's erratic behavior
♦ Lord Capulet's arrangement with Paris
♦ Mantua
♦ A character who plans to have Romeo killed
♦ A threat of being disowned
♦ The Nurse's advice to Juliet
♦ Juliet's foreshadowing comments

Act 4.
This is an 10-question quiz in multiple choice format and its answer key. Specifically, this quiz covers the following key plot details and concepts:

♦ Paris's perspective on Lord Capulet's motivations
♦ Juliet's confession to Paris
♦ Paris's lack of awareness about Lord Capulet's threat
♦ Juliet's confession to Frair Laurence
♦ Friar Laurence's plan
♦ Juliet's request for her father's forgiveness
♦ Lord Capulet's attitude toward Friar Laurence
♦ A terrible thought in Juliet's mind
♦ An alarming discovery
♦ A shift in Lord Capulet's emotions

Act 5.
This is an 11-question quiz in multiple choice format and its answer key. Specifically, this quiz covers the following key plot details and concepts:

♦ Friar John's task
♦ The reason Friar John cannot complete his task
♦ Balthasar's significance
♦ Balthasar's lack of awareness
♦ A visit to the apothecary
♦ A conflict between Romeo and Paris in the churchyard
♦ Romeo's suicide
♦ Juliet's suicide
♦ Friar Laurence's emotional reaction
♦ The resolution

3. A Comprehensive Unit Test & Key.

This zip file contains three Word documents. The first is a detailed study guide outlining test content. The second is a clean copy of the assessment. The third is an answer key, which includes sample responses to short answer and essay questions.

The test covers the entirety of the play: Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Act 4, and Act 5. It is structured as follows:

Part 1: Elements of Drama.
10 questions. Multiple Choice.
♦ Definition of drama
♦ Definition of aside
♦ Definition of monologue
♦ Definition of act
♦ Definition of soliloquy
♦ Definition of playwright
♦ Definition of blocking
♦ Division of the stage into 9 parts
♦ The format of a sonnet
♦ Definition of spectacle

Part 2: History of Drama.
10 questions. True/False.
♦ Typical number of acts in a play
♦ Origins of drama
♦ The significance of Aeschylus
♦ Arena stages
♦ Shakespeare's three primary types of plays
♦ The Globe as the first permanent theatre
♦ Exclusion of females from the stage
♦ Spectators inside the Globe Theatre
♦ Daytime performances
♦ Unruly behavior among groundlings

Part 3: Romeo & Juliet Characters.
24 questions. Multiple Choice.
♦ Friar Laurence
♦ Prince Escalus
♦ Lord Capulet
♦ Lady Capulet
♦ Paris
♦ Mercutio
♦ The Nurse
♦ Romeo
♦ Juliet
♦ Tybalt
♦ Benvolio
♦ Balthasar
♦ Lord Montague
♦ Lady Montague
♦ Friar John

Part 4: Literary Devices.
10 questions. Multiple Choice.
♦ Oxymoron
♦ Verbal irony
♦ Dramatic irony
♦ Situational irony
♦ Hyperbole
♦ Internal conflict
♦ Metaphor
♦ Theme
♦ Personification
♦ Foreshadowing
♦ And more

Part 5: Romeo & Juliet Quotes and Excerpts.
14 questions. Matching quote to speaker and context.
♦ “Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much…”
♦ “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks…”
♦ “...thou art a villain.”
♦ “Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man.”
♦ “Condemned villain, I do apprehend thee…”
♦ “O churl! Drunk all, and left no friendly drop…”
♦ “I do but keep the peace…”
♦ “My child is yet a stranger in the world…”
♦ “O, I am fortune’s fool.”
♦ “This intrusion shall, now seeming sweet…”
♦ “...hang, beg, starve, die in the streets…”
♦ “Capulet! Montague! ...all are punished.”
♦ “Parting is such sweet sorrow…”
♦ “For this alliance may so happy prove to turn your household’s rancor to pure love.”

Part 6: Short Answer.
8 questions.
♦ Purpose of a chorus
♦ Marriage in Shakespeare's day
♦ Romeo's emotional swings
♦ Romeo's willingness to renounce his name
♦ The balcony scene
♦ Juliet's feelings toward marrying Paris
♦ Theme
♦ Juliet's death

Part 7: Essay.
3 total essays. Students choose 2.
♦ Lady Capulet's relationship to Juliet and her attempts to convince Juliet to marry Paris
♦ Tragic mistakes and how they could have been avoided
♦ Determining who is to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death and why/how
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