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Rugby World Cup PRIDE Guided Reading Scripts

Rugby World Cup PRIDE Guided Reading Scripts
Rugby World Cup PRIDE Guided Reading Scripts
Rugby World Cup PRIDE Guided Reading Scripts
Rugby World Cup PRIDE Guided Reading Scripts
Rugby World Cup PRIDE Guided Reading Scripts
Rugby World Cup PRIDE Guided Reading Scripts
Rugby World Cup PRIDE Guided Reading Scripts
Rugby World Cup PRIDE Guided Reading Scripts
Product Description
Rugby World Cup PRIDE Guided Reading Scripts
(Also available as an Assembly/Class Play)
On one thing - no, five! - the players and coach of your favourite team all agree: that you need - a positive attitude; respect for yourself and others; the ability to make intelligent decisions; time to dream; and not forgetting all the effort that needs to be put in - in all walks of life. Put these into practice and what have you got? A winning team!
These 5 guided reading play scripts (originally inspired by The Boston Celtics basketball team and then adapted to other sports eg. in this case, rugby; other scripts available separately on Football and Olympics), set out to demonstrate the importance of the above qualities.
Fan 1
Dancer 1
Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Coach: You're getting there! But don't forget. It's not just about looking big on the outside. You've got to feel big on the inside, too.
Player 2: That's where your strength comes from.
Player 1: Right. I can lift weights all day long but when I get out there on court, those muscles alone aren't going to help me one bit!
Player 3: Not if you don't believe in yourself.
Player 2: Not if you don't have fire in your belly!
Dancer 1: (Squirming) Ooh! Sounds painful!
Player 3: You have to want it so bad it really does hurt!
Player 2: That's what playing is all about. Having the passion to win
Player 3: And doing your best. And that is just as important off the pitch as on.
Fan 1: You mean (sniggering) like in the classroom as well?
Player 3: Totally! Even more so! We are all of us learning all the time - it doesn't stop when we leave school. It's what makes us what we are
Coach: And what we can become! We can all be heroes
Fan 1: Like you
Dancer 1: And you!
All: (Shouting) You just have to believe in yourself!
Player 4
Player 5
Player 6
Fan 2
Dancer 2
Fan 2: Hey man! A little respect! That's all I'm askin' for!
Coach: And that's what you'll get. But you've got to earn it first!
Dancer 2: (Sarcastically) But can't you see,Coach? He doesn't have to! He can just (mimicking again) stand there ..
Player 5: And bling-a-ding ding!
Coach: OK boys! Enough! Now let's take a look at this respect thing.
Dancer 2: Don't you mean, ting?!!
Coach: Now, c'mon. Let's be serious here for a moment.
Player 4: I agree. Respect is a serious matter. And yes, we do all of us have to earn it.
Player 5: But it's important that you give respect, as well as expecting to receive it.
Player 6: Every time we step out onto that grass, we, as a team, respect one another.
Coach: These players are a team when they go out there to play.
Player 4: We're not individuals looking for fame
Player 5: We're a team, looking to each other for support.
Player 6: Without that kind of respect for each other, as team mates, we'd be nothing.
Dancer 3
Fan 3
Player 7
Player 8
Player 9
Fan 3: Oh c'mon guys! Look at where you're at? What I wouldn't give to have your status! (Throwing hands up) Give me a break!
Player 7: Give you a break? What about, give us a break!
Player 8: Do you seriously think all we do in our spare time is drive Lamborghinis in and out of shopping malls?
Dancer 3: I can think of worse ways of spending my time!
Player 9: And do you seriously think money's what it's all about?
Coach: First, let's put this misguided pleasure seeker right about what it takes!
Player 7: Commitment!
Player 8: Heartbreak - taking the good times with the bad.
Player 9: Peak fitness along with injury
Player 7: Sacrifice - hours and hours of your time
Player 8: All to one common end.
Coach: Achieving your personal best
Player 9: Whatever it takes
Player 7: Physically or mentally.
Player 10
Player 11
Player 12
Player 13
Coach: OK you lot! Liven up! Enough of these dreams! Time to come back down to earth!
Mascot: What a spoil sport! And they looked like they were having such fun!
Player 10: (Sighing) My Lamborghini!
Player 11: (Sighing) My desert island!
Player 12: (Sighing) My chocolate fountain!
Player 13: (Sighing) My ..
Coach: (Interrupting) Oh please! Enough of all this indulgence!
Mascot: (Chuckling) Tee hee! Poor ol' Coach- I wonder how he'll handle a little rebellion in his ranks. I do so enjoy a spot of mischief, now and again!
Coach: You boys are living your dream - what more could you want?
Player 10: (Yawning) Nothing, boss! We were just having a little time out.
Coach: Time out?! In case you've forgotten, it's me that calls your time outs, not you!
Player 3
Player 14
Player 15
Player 16
Player 17
Coach: Looks like my players have learnt something today.
Player 3: And why should that surprise you? We never stop learning, even as adults.
Player 16: And why should you ever want to stop learning? Education is what helps us achieve what we want.
Player 17: It opens all those doors that would remain closed otherwise.
Coach: It enables each and every one of you to fulfill your destiny.
Player 3: Not just by wishing, or dreaming, but by sheer hard work.
Player 14: And determination.
Player 15: And courage.
Player 16: And belief
Player 17: In yourself
Coach: And those around you.
Player 3: We, the .....'s, feel proud to be here today. School children are the future. Without them and their generation there would be nobody to take over from us.
Player 14: Studying is cool.
Player 15: Doing your best at school is cool.
Player 16: Doing your best anywhere in life is cool.
Player 17: But if you want to succeed at anything, you have to make the effort.
Coach: Those teachers and I want the same thing from everyone - that's
All: (Shouting) DOING YOUR BEST!
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