S-Cubed! HUNT and FOCUS Lesson 24 Successful Sight Singing for Middle School

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Lesson 24 Product Description


This program is cumulative in nature. For best results, begin with
Lesson 1:

Link to Lesson 1 of S-Cubed! Forbidden Pattern

Congratulations to you for making it to Lesson 24! This is the final lesson that includes unison sight singing.

In this 3-day lesson, we focus entirely on teaching each individual child to recognize his own areas of weakness and then QUICKLY hunt for and find the parts of the example that can cause him/her the most difficulty. We teach process. We encourage independent and varied use of tools from the tool box that we’ve developed over the last 23 lessons. It is critical that every child in the room confidently understands what works for him/her and how to refine the problem-solving skills to be as effective as possible as they work an example during the Chaos period. The better each child is at recognizing their own weaknesses and knowing which tools help him/her solve problems, they more successful our singers will be as they approach the all-important 2-part sight singing in Lesson 25! This lesson is our last chance to do just that! If we are successful, they will breeze through the 2-part sight singing examples, and that is our goal!

The procedures in this Lesson are different than previous lessons. It is almost entirely “Sight Singing Example” focused.

In this 23 slide, three-day lesson, you will receive:

3 Sight Singing examples that includes dotted-quarter eighth note combinations and difficult intervals.
1 Written Warm/Oral Warm up for Day 1.
You will get a special “Procedures” guide for Days 1 and 2 because we aren’t following our normal daily procedures during this lesson. We are helping them to refine their Chaos PROCESS now that the examples are more difficult.
You will get helpful written guidelines to ensure that you properly prepare them for becoming more and more independent as they learn the refine their Chaos process so it is maximally effective for each individual student.
You will get special written guidelines for the procedures of Day 3 since, on that day, they are responsible almost entirely for using their newly refined, individualized Chaos processes more effectively to ensure that they successfully sing the example and beat the page. The activity is timed, and it is up to them to work it out successfully.
As always, you will get links to videos of Mr D actually implementing the lesson to his own students, and you will get the direct links to the video teaching tips.

To see what to expect from Lesson 25, click here!

Your students will stop moaning when you pull out the Sight Singing materials with S-Cubed! It is the 21st century way to improve how you teach Sight Singing. It is carefully progressive in sequence in a manner that encourages and increases the chances of success for your Upper Elementary and Middle School students each and every day. The daily success helps them to be more likely to enjoy the process of learning to Sight Sing.

The method is developed by a real teacher in a real classroom. S-Cubed is like a teacher workshop that includes lesson plans and lesson guidance by a teacher who is using it in his classroom everyday. These are real materials that are used in my classroom daily.

S-Cubed is the perfect system to use in the Chorus or General Music Classroom with inexperienced students. They will love “beating the page”!

One successful step at a time…The S-Cubed way! Start with Lesson 1 today, and with consistent implementation, your young students will be Sight Singing a capella in two parts with difficult rhythms and steps/skips combined in a matter of months just like the students in the video links.

It’s real. It’s proven. It works....the 21st Century Way!

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S-Cubed! HUNT and FOCUS  Lesson 24 Successful Sight Singin
S-Cubed! HUNT and FOCUS  Lesson 24 Successful Sight Singin
S-Cubed! HUNT and FOCUS  Lesson 24 Successful Sight Singin
S-Cubed! HUNT and FOCUS  Lesson 24 Successful Sight Singin