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School Shootings Presentation ~Top 25 American + Test MC ~

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This is a very complete, highly visual and thoroughly annotated presentation on the Top 25 American School Shootings. There is a 25 point multiple choice test which concludes the presentation.

I have included 9 actual slides in the preview for you to download. This gives you the best idea of what this total product is like.

I am a lawyer. In reviewing all of these cases the same issue came appearing again and again: were they mentally ill? The answer is mostly "Yes." Although this doesn't rise to meeting the insanity defense in most cases, it has kept some cases mired in competency issues from day 1 of the arrest. Most of the perpetrators end up dead so that cuts down on prosecutions but it is disturbing that this many individuals in the schools have psychiatric problems.

All of the missed warning signs which presented in the cases are covered here as well.

Excerpt #1:

These are the top 25 school shootings in America. They are listed in ascending chronological order as to the date of their occurrence. The focus is on the shooters, not the victims, to discover what characteristics they share.

The overwhelming number of them are male. There are only two female shooters. The other overwhelming characteristic they share is that they were either mentally ill or were demonstrating behavior which indicated they might be mentally ill. Only Charles Whitman in Texas had a physiological cause for mental illness, a brain tumor.

Most of the shooters ended up dead at the end of their rampage. They either killed themselves or the police killed them (called suicide-by-cop).

All levels of school are involved from elementary to graduate school. All kinds of schools are involved, cutting across all income levels and races. No schooling seems to have been safe from being a potential target.

In sheer numbers of shooters and occurrences, California led the nation.

The shooters rarely “fit in” at their schools and are almost always described as introspective and quiet.

There usually have been events in their pasts which indicate they have behavioral problems but most of them did not have criminal problems. Instead, they either spent time in psychiatric inpatient or outpatient treatment or subsequent investigations yield the information that they should have spent time in such treatment.

Failing in school and blaming it on others in that school was one reason which did repeat among shooters.

Gun Control & School Shootings

There are issues regarding guns with school shootings which have nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. These issues have a big impact on the occurrence of school shootings.

First, minors do not have a legal right to unfettered access to firearms. In many school shooting cases, the minor is picking up loaded guns which have been left laying around a parent’s, grandparent’s, or friend’s house. The adults have made no effort to lock up their guns or use gun safes. They even leave them in unlocked car glove compartments. As an adult, there are laws which cover one’s duties towards their firearms. Adults with guns are not following many of those laws.

Second, there are also laws about keeping guns away from the mentally ill. Many families and schools do not deal with mental illness when they are presented with it. They tend to ignore it or call it something else, something less than it is. This often means the mentally ill person has access to things which he shouldn’t, including guns. Had the families and schools dealt with the mental illness, many of these would-be-shooters would have been made wards of the court and been under continuous treatment. Then the laws prohibiting their having or using guns would have applied.

Social Media and Text Messaging

Most minors also have smartphones with unfettered access to social media and text messaging. This has led to many situations becoming overheated among those too immature to handle that much sensory and emotional input. That overheated situation can easily escalate. Rising escalation can lead to a school shooting. There should be parental supervision of these devices being used by minors but there is little to no such supervision.


In Moses Lake, Washington,a farm town, 14-year old Barry Loukaitis shot his algebra teacher in the back and two students in the chest. “This sure beats algebra, doesn't it,” Loukaitis said. A gym coach came in and subdued him.

He was sentenced to two life terms but that part of the sentence was made invalid when the US Supreme Court ruled that juveniles must be given the possibility of parole. Life without parole is only constitutional for adults.

Loukaitis wrote a poem about murder beforehand, saying, “I'm at my point of no return.” He wrote the poem for his English class and here is how it concluded:

I look at his body on the floor,
Killing a bastard that deserves to die,
Ain't nothing like it in the world,
But he sure did bleed a lot.

A few weeks before the shooting, Loukaitis’s mother told her son that she planned to divorce her husband and that she was feeling suicidal.

Loukaitis had only one target in mind when he walked into the algebra class. It was a popular boy who had teased him. He shot him to death but he also found other targets.

Dr. Alan Unis, a University of Washington psychiatrist was hired by the court to examine Loukaitis. He said, “One of the things we're seeing in the population at large is that all the mood disorders are happening earlier and earlier. The incidence of depression and suicide has gone way up among young people.”

Easy access to family weapons was another problem in this case. Loukaitis confessed that he took two of his father's guns from an unlocked cabinet, and a third semi-automatic one from a family car.

Jurors in the Loukaitis trial were shown a Pearl Jam video, Jeremy, who fantasizes about using violence against classmates. This was a favorite of his as was the film, “Natural Born Killers,” about a couple on a nationwide shooting spree. His friends testified about his interest in these videos.

Excerpt 3:
Adam Lanza had many disorders. He was evaluated at the Yale Child Center years before the shooting occurred. He was first diagnosed with a sensory-integration disorder at the start of elementary school. At 13, he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome by a psychiatrist. Then he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, for which he was being given behavioral-based therapy and the antidepressant Celexa. His OCD was so severe that his mother did three washer loads of clothes for him a day since he changed his clothes so often. His socks alone changed 20 times a day.

Then his mother discontinued treatment. She also let him discontinue school and homeschooled him for his final years of high school. It is possible that he also may have slipped into schizophrenia by later adolescence. His parents were by then divorced. Although he and his mother lived in the same house, he communicated with her by email. He had refused to see his father or brother since 2010. Peter Lanza, the father, continued to pay huge amounts of support to maintain their lifestyle in the Connecticut house.

Lanza kept records on mass shootings and was especially interested in the Columbine and Northern Illinois school shootings. He spent all of his time in isolation and either online, with video games, with guns or similar activities. He had no friends and no contacts with the outside world. He was averse to sunlight and spent his time either down in the basement or in his blacked out bedroom.

He was 20 years old at the time of the attack. He left no note and damaged his computer so thoroughly that information could not be retrieved. He probably had anorexia as well since at autopsy he was six feet tall and 112 pounds in weight.

He shot his mother in the head four times, killing her. Then he moved onto the school where he shot and killed both small children and adults, 28 in all.

note: some people in America believe this event is an elaborate hoax conspiracy perpetrated by those who want gun control. This is the only school shooting with this minority “hoax” belief attached to it. The American Press, the freest one in the world, does not share this belief.
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School Shootings Presentation ~ Top 25 American + MC Test
School Shootings Presentation ~ Top 25 American + MC Test
School Shootings Presentation ~ Top 25 American + MC Test
School Shootings Presentation ~ Top 25 American + MC Test