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Science Exit Tickets (Exit Slips) are the perfect formative assessment activity for your students. They are quick, easy to use, and data driven. This resource contains 9 different units of exit ticket activities. These slips are great to use at the beginning or end of a lesson, for concept reinforcement, stations, class reviews, or in small groups/tutorials. There are 2 versions included in this resource - Color and Black/White.

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This bundle includes the following units:

Ecosystems Exit Tickets - COMPLETE
-Energy Flow
-Food Chains
-Food Webs
-Energy Pyramids
-Organism Relationships
-Levels of Organization
-Biotic and Abiotic Factors
-Types of Adaptations (structural, behavioral, physiological)
-Bird Beak Adaptations
-Selective Breeding
-Ecological Succession
-Environmental Changes (short and long term)
-Human Impact on Ocean Systems
-Human Dependence on Ocean Systems
-Answer key for each exit ticket
-Suggestions for use

Chemistry Exit Tickets - COMPLETE
-Parts of an Atom
-How to Determine Protons, Electrons, and Neutrons
-Element Tile
-Periodic Table - Element Tile
-Valence Electrons
-Identifying Elements from Bohr Models
-Creating Bohr Models
-Periodic Table
-Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
-What are Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures?
-Identifying Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
-Parts of a Chemical Formula
-Identifying Atoms, Elements, and Molecules
-Chemical Equation Basics
-Reactants and Products of Photosynthesis
-Balanced or Unbalanced Equations
-Law of Conservation of Mass
-Evidence of a Chemical Reaction
-Physical and Chemical Changes
-Physical and Chemical Properties
-Density of Unknown Substances
-Answer key for each exit ticket
-Suggestions for use

Force and Motion Exit Tickets - COMPLETE
-Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
-Calculating Net Force
-Newton's 1st Law of Motion
-Newton's 2nd Law of Motion
-Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
-Identifying Newton's Law of Motion
-Calculating Force
-Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
-Speed Velocity, and Acceleration Sort
-Calculating Speed
-Calculating Speed from a Graph
-Distance vs. Time Graph
-Speed vs. Time Graph
-Position vs. Time Graph Scenario
-Work vs. No Work Sort
-Calculating Work
-Simple Machines
-Answer key for each exit ticket
-Suggestions for use

Energy Exit Tickets - COMPLETE
-Potential and Kinetic Energy
-Potential and Kinetic Energy Sort
-Forms of Potential Energy
-Forms of Kinetic Energy
-Potential and Kinetic Energy Rollercoaster
-Forms of Energy
-Energy Transformations
-Heat Transfer
-Conduction, Convection, or Radiation Sort
-Properties of Waves
-Labeling a Transverse Wave
-Energy Resources
-Renewable vs. Nonrenewable Venn Diagram
-Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources Sort
-Answer key for each exit ticket
-Suggestions for use

Structure of Life Exit Tickets - COMPLETE
-Levels of Classification
-Kingdoms of Life
-Characteristics of Organisms Matching
-Body Systems Working Together
-Digestive System
-Excretory System
-Skeletal System
-Muscular System
-Nervous System
-Respiratory System
-Circulatory System
-Endocrine System
-Integumentary System
-Lymphatic System
-Reproductive System
-Cell Theory
-Levels of Organization
-Parts of a Plant Cell
-Parts of an Animal Cell
-Plant vs. Animal Cell Venn Diagram
-Cell Organelles
-Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction Sort
-Inherited vs. Acquired Traits Sort
-Punnett Square Practice
-Analyzing a Punnett Square
-Answer key for each exit ticket
-Suggestions for use

Earth Exit Tickets - COMPLETE
-Mineral Properties
-Mohs Scale of Hardness
-Continental Drift Basics
-Evidence of Continental Drift
-Plate Boundaries
-Convergent vs. Divergent Venn Diagram
-Convergent Boundaries
-Divergent Boundaries
-Transform Boundaries
-Seafloor Spreading
-Layers of the Earth
-Layers of the Earth Characteristics
-Topographic Maps Basics
-Analyzing a Topographic Map
-Physical and Chemical Weathering Sort
-Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
-Types of Rocks
-Rock Cycle
-Rocks vs. Minerals Venn Diagram
-Earth's Atmosphere
-Answer key for each exit ticket
-Suggestions for use

Space Exit Tickets - COMPLETE
-Universe Vocabulary Basics
-Organization Within the Universe
-Types of Galaxies
-Galaxies Sort
-Lunar Cycle Basics
-Labeling the Moon Phases
-Predict the Moon Phases
-Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) Diagram Basics
-Labeling the Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) Diagram
Analyzing the Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) Diagram
-Solar and Lunar Eclipses
-Solar and Lunar Eclipse Diagram
-Spring and Neap Tides
-Life Cycle of a Star Diagram
-Life Cycle of a Star Vocabulary
-Asteroids, Meteors, and Comets
-Electromagnetic Spectrum Basics
-Electromagnetic Spectrum Matching
-Weight vs. Mass Venn Diagram
-Solar System Basics
-Planet Matching
-Labeling the Seasons
-Rotation vs. Revolution Venn Diagram
-Rotation and Revolution Sort
-Answer key for each exit ticket
-Suggestions for use

Weather Exit Tickets - COMPLETE
-Weather Instruments
-Pressure Systems Sort
-Forms of Precipitation
-Weather Fronts
-Weather Fronts Vocabulary
-Clouds Vocabulary
-Water Cycle Vocabulary
-Labeling the Water Cycle
-Weather vs. Climate Venn Diagram
-Weather and Climate Sort
-Analyzing a Weather Map
-Convection on Earth
-Land and Sea Breezes
-Characteristics of Hurricanes - T or F?
-Catastrophic Events Matching
-Watershed Vocabulary
-Answer key for each exit ticket
-Suggestions for use

Safety and Scientific Method Exit Tickets - COMPLETE
-Safety Equipment
-Identifying Safety Equipment
-Fire Extinguisher vs. Fire Blanket Sort
-Lab Procedures
-Safe vs. Unsafe Procedures
-Identifying Lab Equipment and Tools
-Uses of Lab Equipment and Tools
-Triple Beam Balance Practice
-Graduated Cylinder Practice
-Scientific Method Vocabulary
-Identifying Variables
-Observations vs. Inferences Venn Diagram
-Identifying Observations and Inferences
-Metric Units and Tools
-Metric Conversions
-Answer key for each exit ticket
-Suggestions for use

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Science Exit Tickets (Exit Slips) Bundle
Science Exit Tickets (Exit Slips) Bundle
Science Exit Tickets (Exit Slips) Bundle
Science Exit Tickets (Exit Slips) Bundle
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