Science Interactive Notebook Templates {203 Flip Books}

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Melissa Mazur

What educators are saying

I used this as end of year review for my third graders and it was a fantastic way to see what they learned this year!
I bought this in my first year of using science. A great way to engage pupils with writing in and using their notebooks efficiently.


Science Interactive Notebooks can be used in many ways in your classroom to help your students keep track of key vocabulary, definitions, and concepts. The foldable flip books can be used in a file folder to create lapbooks, or glue them into your science interactive notebooks! Most of the flip books are left blank on the inside. This will allow you to fully customize each flip book for whatever curriculum or grade you teach with the exact information you want your students to know. Examples for what is written on each tab are not included, but can be taken from whatever science curriculum you currently use. Possible suggestions would be to use definitions, pictures, and examples. These made a fantastic tool to use for science differentiation as well!

This set is not editable; however, if you have a suggestion as to something you'd like added, please let me know and I'll be happy to add it for you!

If you like this product, you may also find my Science Units Mega Bundle useful as many of the units correlate. Science Units - Mega Bundle

Included in this product is an easy to use Table of Contents, picture tutorials, and the following flip books:

The flip books with a *** were added after the original listing.


ANIMALS, BIOMES, ECOSYSTEMS – 42 Different Flip Books

Animal Group Characteristics (mammals, insects, fish)

Animal Group Characteristics (reptiles, amphibians, birds)

Animal Habitat – Desert and Tundra

Animal Habitat – Taiga (Coniferous Forest) and Grassland

Animal Habitat – Temperate Deciduous Forest and Cave

Animal Habitat – Tropical Rainforest and Swamp

Animal Habitat – Savanna and Arctic

Animal Habitat – Pond and Ocean

Food Chains

Food Chain vs. Food Web Venn Diagram

Producers, Consumers, Decomposers, and Scavengers

Predators and Prey

Food Chain Vocabulary

Frog Life Cycle

Butterfly Life Cycle

*** Ladybug Life Cycle (Added 7-19-13)

*** Mealworm / Darkling Beetle Life Cycle (Added 7-19-13)

*** Ant Life Cycle (Added 7-19-13)

*** Ant Types (Worker, Male, Queen) (Added 7-19-13)

*** Complete vs. Incomplete Metamorphosis Venn Diagram (Added 7-19-13)

Chicken Life Cycle

Vertebrates vs. Invertebrates Venn Diagram

Vertebrates Vocabulary

Invertebrates Creatures

*** Vertebrates Creatures (Added 10-13-13)

Physical vs. Behavioral Adaptations Venn Diagram

Animal Adaptations Q&A

Animal Characteristics Q&A

*** Inherited Traits (Added 7-16-13)

*** Innate Behaviors (Added 7-16-13)

*** Learned Behaviors (Added 7-16-13)

*** Needs of Living Things (Added 7-31-13)

*** Cells, Tissues, Organs, Organ Systems (Added 7-31-13)

*** Biotic Vs. Abiotic (Added 7-31-13)

*** Terrestrial Vs. Aquatic Ecosystems (Added 7-31-13)

*** Energy Pyramid (Added 7-31-13)


PLANTS– 14 Different Flip Books

Plant Parts Diagram

Tree Parts Diagram

How Plants Make Food - Photosynthesis

Plant Reproduction Vocabulary

Using Plants for Food – Roots and Stems

Using Plants for Food – Flowers and Leaves

Apple Tree Life Cycle

Pumpkin Life Cycle

*** Plant Life Cycle (Added 7-19-13)

Plant Needs Vocabulary

Plant Parts Vocabulary

Plants Q&A


HUMAN BODY – 15 Different Flip Books

Body Systems Vocabulary

Skeletal System Parts

Muscular System Parts

Nervous System Parts

Respiratory System Parts

Circulatory System Parts

Digestive System Parts

Excretory System Parts

Body System Picture Matching – Circulatory, Excretory, Muscular, Digestive

Body System Picture Matching – Nervous, Respiratory, Skeletal

Body System Venn Diagram

Types of Joints

*** Cells, Tissues, Organs, Organ Systems (Added 7-31-13)

Human Body Q&A

Healthy Eating – Food Groups

*** 5 Senses (Added 10-13-13)


SOLAR SYSTEM – 20 Different Flip Books

The Planets - Flip Book (labels and cards on page 49)

The Planets – Labels and Cards (Flip Book is on page 48)

Sun and Moon Facts

Mercury and Venus Facts

Earth and Mars Facts

Jupiter and Saturn Facts

Uranus and Neptune Facts

Pluto and Comets Facts

Terrestrial Planets

Gas Planets

Solar System Vocabulary

Planets Venn Diagram

Solar System Q&A

Moon Phases – Directions, Earth, and Sun Card

Moon Phases – Moon Cards


ROCKS & MINERALS – 15 Different Flip Books

Rocks vs. Minerals Venn Diagram

Rock Properties

Mineral Properties

Types of Rocks

Igneous Rocks

Sedimentary Rocks

Metamorphic Rocks

Rock Cycle Vocabulary

*** Rock Cycle Diagram (Added 7-31-13)

Soil Layers

Soil Textures

Soil Properties

Rocks and Minerals Q&A

*** Types of Fossils (Added 7-31-13)

*** Weathering and Erosion Venn Diagram (Added 7-31-13)


WEATHER – 25 Different Flip Books

Types of Fronts

Types of Clouds

Types of Precipitation

Weather Symbols

Severe Weather – Thunderstorms and Blizzards

Severe Weather – Tornados and Hurricanes

Severe Weather - Flooding and Heat Waves

Weather Forecasting Tools

Weather Alerts Pt. 1

Weather Alerts Pt. 2

Layers of the Atmosphere

The Seasons – Spring and Summer

The Seasons – Fall/Autumn and Winter

Seasons Venn Diagram

Weather and Climate

Water Cycle Vocabulary

*** Types of Air Masses (Added 7-31-13)

*** Jet Stream and Gulf Strem (Added 7-31-13)

*** El Nino and La Nina (Added 7-31-13)



Earth’s Layers

Plate Tectonics

Types of Boundaries

Earthquake Vocabulary

Types of Volcanoes

Volcano Vocabulary

Types of Landforms – Flip Books

Types of Landforms – Picture Cards

Landforms Venn Diagram



Laws of Motion

Types of Forces


Force and Motion Vocabulary

Push and Pull

Force and Motion

Simple Machines – Flip Books

Simple Machines – Picture Cards

Types of Levers

Simple Machine Vocabulary

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces (Added 9-15-13)


MATTER – 8 Different Flip Books

Types of Matter

Changing Matter

Types of Changes

Mixtures, Solutions, and Compounds

Matter Vocabulary

States of Water

Classifying Solids

Atoms Vocabulary



*** Science Tools Tabs (Beaker, Bulb Flask, Bunsen Burner, Dropper, Flask, Funnel, Goggles, Graduated Cylinder, Syringe, Magnifying Glass, Microscope) (Added 7-19-13)

*** Science Tools Tabs (Scale, Stand, Test Tube, Test Tube Rack, Thermometer, Tuning Fork, Tweezers, Petri Dish, Slides, Lab Coat, Magnet) (Added 7-19-13)

*** Science Tools Individual Flip Books – Pictures – Page 1 (Added 7-19-13)

*** Science Tools Individual Flip Books – Picture – Page 2 (Added 7-19-13)

*** The Scientific Method (Added 7-19-13)

*** Balancing Vs. Weighing Venn Diagram (Added 7-19-13)

*** Inference Vs. Observation Venn Diagram (Added 7-19-13)

*** Independent and Dependent Variables (Added 7-19-13)

*** Lab Safety (Added 7-19-13)

*** Types of Observations - Qualitative and Quantitative (Added 7-31-13)



*** Electricity Vocabulary (Added 7-19-13)

*** Types of Electricity (Added 7-19-13)

*** Conductors and Insulators (Added 7-19-13)

*** Types of Circuits (Series, Parallel, Open, Closed) (Added 7-19-13)

*** Types of Currents (Direct, Alternating) (Added 7-19-13)

*** Magnetism Vocabulary (Added 7-19-13)

*** What is Magnetic? (Added 7-19-13)


ENERGY– 5 Different Flip Books

*** Conduction, Convection, Radiation (Added 7-31-13)

*** Types of Energy ( Light, Sound, Heat, Electrical, Magnetic) (Added 7-31-13)

*** Light Reflection, Refraction, and Absorption (Added 7-31-13)

*** Alternative Energy Sources (Added 7-31-13)

*** Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources (Added 7-31-13)


GENETICS– 6 Different Flip Books

*** Inherited and Acquired Traits (Added 7-31-13)

*** Genetics Vocabulary (Added 7-31-13)

*** Inherited Traits (Added 7-31-13)

*** Dominant and Recessive Traits (Added 7-31-13)

*** Genetic Vs. Environmental Variation (Added 7-31-13)

*** Passing Down Traits - Eye Color (Added 7-31-13)


OCEAN - 7 Different Flip Books

*** Tides (Added 10-13-13)

*** Waves (Added 10-13-13)

*** Currents (Added 10-13-13)

*** Ocean Features Vocabulary Tabs (Added 10-13-13)

*** Ocean Features Definition Tabs (Added 10-13-13)

*** Types of Plankton (Added 10-13-13)

*** Ocean Q&A (Added 10-13-13)


SOUND AND LIGHT - 9 Different Flip Books

*** Opaque, Transparent, and Translucent (Added 12-29-13)

*** Wavelength Frequency (Added 12-29-13)

*** Visible Light Spectrum (Added 12-29-13)

*** Transverse Wave Diagram (Added 12-29-13)

*** Reflection Vs. Refraction (Added 12-29-13)

*** Sound Wave Vocabulary (Added 12-29-13)

*** What is Sound? (Added 12-29-13)

*** Compare/Contrast Sound Traveling Through Solid vs. Air (Added 12-29-13)

*** Sound Passing through Solid, Liquid, and Gas (Added 12-29-13)


Science Bundle

Rocks and Minerals Unit

Body Systems Unit

Body Systems Teaching Slides

Matter Unit

Electricity and Magnetism Unit

Weather Unit

Natural Disasters Unit

Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Unit

Nutrition Unit

Water Cycle Unit

Force and Motion Unit

Butterfly Life Cycle Lapbook

Frog Life Cycle Lapbook

Plants Unit

Biomes and Habitats Unit

Animals Unit

Astronomy Unit

Science Interactive Notebooks

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203 pages
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