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This crossword puzzle and solution is one very small part on my 2,500 slide Science Skills Unit.

3 - An educated guess to your problem / question that is testable.
5 - Base Unit for temperature - K
7 - Always hold the microscope by the arm and by the _________.
9 - Anything you can see, hear, smell, touch, taste, (Using your senses).
13 - This is found by dividing and objects mass by it's volume.
14 - .001m
15 - Keep ____________ solutions away from flames.
17 - Keep electrical equipment away from _________.
20 - 1m Standard
21 - 100m
22 - Do not breath _________ or put things close to your nose.
25 - Compound __________ microscope. It lets you magnify images that light can pass through.
26 - A conclusion based on your observations.
27 - Base Unit for volume
28 - The act of expanding something in apparent size.
29 - Clean _________ from the outside in.
30 - Type of microscope that uses small particles. ______________ electron microscope
31 - Please do not _____ in the lab.
32 - Always wear safety ___________ and gloves when required.

1 - Scientific ______________. A method for expressing, and working with, very large or very small numbers.
2 - .10m
4 - Type of magnification device that looks at things in which light cannot pass like. Lets you see the image in 3D.
6 - Check _______________ for cracks before using.
7 - Avoid ___________ and other bodily fluids.
8 - Base Unit for weight.
10 - Always lower the ___________ after using the microscope.
11 - Water freezes and 0 degrees ___________.
12 - 1000m
14 - Scientific _____________. A process that is the basis for scientific inquiry (questioning and experimenting).
16 - The International System of Unit (SI) is also known as the __________ system.
18 - 10m
19 - It is most important to always be ___________ in the lab.
23 - .1m
24 - This is a study of natural phenomenon, a systematic study and method, and Knowledge through experience.

Word Bank can be removed to make the crossword more difficult:
base, blood, Celsius, Centimeter, Decameter, Decimeter, density, eat, electron, flammable, glassware, goggles, Gram, Hectometer, hypothesis, inference, Kelvin, Kilometer, light, Liter, magnification, Meter, method, Metric, Millimeter, notation, observation, outside, safe, science, stage, stereoscope, vapors, water

Also included are hundreds of unit PowerPoint slides, the bundled homework package, unit notes, and much more.

Science Skills Unit on TpT
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-Scientific Notation Lesson
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-Science Skills Unit PowerPoint Review Game with Answers
-Science Skills Unit Crossword Puzzle with Solution
-Science Skills Unit Flash Cards

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The following are covered in this unit in great detail:
Lab Safety, Lab Safety Equipment, Magnification, Microscopes, Stereoscopes, Hand Lenses, Electron Microscopes, Compound Light Microscopes, Parts of a Compound Microscope, Metric System, International System of Units, Scientific Notation, Base Units, Mass, Volume, Density, Temperature, Time, Other SI Units, Observation, Inferences, Scientific Method, What is Science? What makes a good scientist? Types of Scientists, Branches of Science, Scientific Method, Hypothesis, Observations, Inferences.

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Science from Murf LLC

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