Science Vocabulary Cards & Big Idea Posters for Second, Third and Fourth BUNDLE

Science Vocabulary Cards & Big Idea Posters for Second, Third and Fourth BUNDLE
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    This is a BUNDLE of Second, Third, and Fourth Grade Next Generation Science Vocabulary Cards and Big Idea Posters. These Vocabulary Cards and Posters are a great tool for teaching all second, third, and fourth grade sciences topics. They follow the fourth grade NGSS standards.

    Vocabulary Cards are included for all grades. Big Idea Posters are currently available for second and third grades only. Fourth grade Big Idea Posters will be added to this resource when we complete the 5E Units for Fourth Grade.

    The vocabulary cards come in two formats. One format has three parts: picture, word, and definition. This format is perfect for a small group or pocket chart matching. The second format is only the word and definition, perfect for a science wall.

    The Big Idea Posters include colorful pictures and concise text that explains the science concepts being taught. They are a great accompaniment to any elementary science classroom.

    The Vocabulary Cards & Posters are included in the Science Stations. Do not purchase this resource if you already own the science stations.


    Second Grade Words included on the vocabulary cards:

    Life Science: egg, flower, fruit, leaf, nectar, organism, petal, pistil, plant, pollen, pollination, pollinator, reproduce, root, stamen, stem, arctic habitat, desert habitat, habitat, intertidal habitat, mountain habitat, ocean habitat, organism, pond habitat, rainforest habitat, river habitat, swamp habitat, temperate forest habitat

    Physical Science: atom, dissolve, evaporate, freeze, irreversible change, matter, melt, reversible change, gas, liquid, solid, states of matter, conclusion, engineers, experiment, gas, hardness, hypothesis, mass, properties of matter

    Earth Science: cinder cone volcano, inner core, crater, crust, earthquake, erosion, eruption, fault, lava, magma, magma chamber, mantle, plates, plate boundary, plate tectonics, shield volcano, stratovolcano, vent, outer core, butte, ice wedge, landform, mesa, plateau, spire, weathering, body of water, continent, compass rose, elevation, glacier, lake, legend, magnetic field, map, navigate, ocean, river, scale, symbol, condensation, evaporation, precipitation, river, river mouth, state, water cycle

    Included in the Second Grade Science Stations BUNDLE are (click each station set for an in-depth preview and description):

    NGSS:  2-PS1.A  Structure and Properties of Matter - includes MP3 Audio of text passages

    NGSS 2-PS1.B Reversible & Irreversible Changes - includes MP3 Audio of text passages

    NGSS 2-LS2.A Green & Growing - includes MP3 Audio of text passages

    NGSS 2-LS4.D Biodiversity and Humans - Habitats - includes MP3 Audio of text passages

    NGSS 2-ESS1.C The History of Planet Earth - The Changing Earth - includes MP3 Audio of text passages

    NGSS 2-ESS2.A: Earth Materials and Systems - Wind and Water Erosion and Weathering - includes MP3 Audio of text passages

    NGSS 2-ESS2.B: Plate Tectonics and Large-Scale System Interactions - Maps - includes MP3 Audio of text passages

    "NGSS 2-ESS2.C: The Roles of Water in Earth’s Surface Processes - Water on Earth - includes MP3 Audio of text passages


    Third Grade Words included on the vocabulary cards:

    Life Science: life cycle, egg, larva, seed, root, stem, flower, leaf, fruit, cocoon, pupa, nymph, adult, metamorphosis, migrate, burrow, chamber, communicate, migrate, predator, prey, bask, blubber, chlorophyll, cold-blooded, cone, egg, endangered, extinct, groom, hypothesis, invertebrate, key, leaf, photosynthesis, pollen, root, seed, spore, stem, trait, vertebrate, warm-blooded, biome, carnivore, consumer, decomposer, deforestation, ecosystem, food chain, habitat, herbivore, natural selection, offspring, photosynthesis, producer, body fossil, dig site, field work, fossils, fossil record, fossilization, mold fossils, paleontologist, trace fossil, adaptation, mimicry, natural selection, trait, camouflage.

    Physical Science: force, unbalanced force, balanced force, friction, gravity, motion, atom, electron, static electricity, attract, repel, negative charge, magnetism, positive charge, magenta pole, static electricity shock

    Earth Science: climate, climate zone, cloud, cold front, condensation, evaporation, lightning, meteorology, precipitation, thunder, warm front, water cycle, weather, weather map, weather hazard.

    Included in the full bundle are:

    Physical Science

    Force & Motion - NGSS 3-PS2.A

    Static Electricity & Magnetism - NGSS 3-PS2.B

    Life Science

    Life Cycles: Plants and Animals - NGSS 3-LS1.B

    Ecosystems: Animal Group Behavior & Interactions - NGSS 3-LS2.D

    Inheritance and Variation of Traits - NGSS 3-LS3.A and 3-LS3.B

    Ecosystems and Biodiversity - NGSS 3-LS2.C and 3-LS4.D

    Plants & Animals Long Gone - NGSS 3-LS4.A

    Natural Selection & Adaptations - NGSS 3-LS4.A

    Earth Science

    Weather & Climate - NGSS 3-ESS2.D & NGSS 3-ESS3.B


    Words included on the Fourth Grade Science vocabulary cards:

    Earth Science

    continental drift, crust, erosion, fossil, geologist, igneous rocks, lava, magma, metamorphic rock, paleontologist, plate tectonics, rock cycle, sediment, sedimentary rock, weathering, energy, fossil fuel, nonrenewable energy, pollution, renewable energy, chemical weathering, delta, deposition, drainage basin, erosion, levee, physical weathering, sediment, weathering, blizzard, condensation, convection current, convergent plate boundary, divergent plate boundary, earthquake, evaporation, eye, eye wall, fault, freezing rain, hurricane, lightening, magma, plate, plate boundary, plate tectonics, precipitation, seismometer, thunder, tornado, transform plate boundary, tsunami, weather front, crust

    Life Science

    adaptation, blubber, chlorophyll, spore, deciduous, dormant, evergreen, function, left atrium, left ventricle, phloem, photosynthesis, plants, right atrium, right ventricle, septum, stomata, structure, symbiosis, valve, xylem, phytoplankton, cornea, dermis, ear canal, eardrum, echolocation, electroreception, epidermis, iris, pinna, pupil

    Physical Science

    analog, binary number system, code, digital, Morse Code, satellite, amplitude, electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic waves, longitudinal wave, peak, pitch, sound, transverse wave, trough, volume ,wave, wavelength, absorption, concave lens, convex lens, opaque, primary colors of light, primary colors of pigment, reflection, refraction, retina, translucent, transmission, transparent, trough, wavelength, white light, atom, circuit, battery, conduction, convection, electrical current, electrical energy, energy, friction insulator, kinetic energy, law of conservation of energy, mass, pitch, potential energy, radiation, sound energy, thermal energy, volume

    Included in the Fourth Grade Science Stations BUNDLE are (click each station set for an in-depth preview and description):

    Physical Science

    Energy, Energy, Everywhere - 4.PS3.A-D & ETS1.A

    Making Waves - Wave Properties - 4-PS4.A

    Light It Up - Images & Vision - NGSS 4-PS4.B

    Talk to Me - Exploring Communication through Codes & Technology NGSS 4-PS4.C

    Life Science

    Structure & Function - How Organisms Live, Behave, Reproduce & Grow NGSS 4-LS1.A

    Information Processing: Making Sense of the World NGSS 4-LS1.D

    Earth Science

    The Changing Earth - History of Planet Earth - NGSS 4.ESS1.C

    Weathering & Erosion - Earth Materials & Systems, Biogeology - NGSS 4-ESS2.A & 4.ESS2.E

    Plate Tectonics, Mountain Formation, Continental Drift - 4.ESS2.B

    Natural Resources - Fuel for the Future - 4.ESS3.A

    Natural Hazards - Wild Weather & Shifting Plates - 4-ESS3.B

    See each set of stations for in-depth previews.


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