Science of Reading Guided Curriculum Phonics Decodable Readers + Lesson Plans

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Natalie Lynn Kindergarten
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Natalie Lynn Kindergarten


Wondering how to teach EFFECTIVE Science of Reading aligned guided reading and phonics small groups? It doesn’t have to be difficult! The Science of Reading Guided Curriculum has everything you need ready to print and go - including decodable books, small group lesson plans, science of reading decoding strategies, and phonics materials.

Rethink how you teach small group reading! These science of reading guided curriculum units align with research from the science of reading ( SOR ) and uses best practices to make your small groups guided reading and phonics fun and effective!

New to the science of reading? You can feel confident teaching reading with the Science of Reading Guided Curriculum. It includes lesson plans for every book that follow a systematic and explicit scope and sequence.


  • 211 science of reading decodable readers - fiction and nonfiction
  • Small group lesson plans for every book
  • Phonics scope and sequence
  • Phonics materials and posters
  • Guided writing materials
  • Heart words and high frequency words routine
  • Science of Reading decoding Strategies Posters + Bookmarks
  • Beginning of the year placement assessment
  • Pre- and post-tests
  • Science of Reading Sound Wall with Mouth Photos - BUNDLE EXCLUSIVE!
  • SOR Phonics Tool Kit with Mini Personal Sound Walls - BUNDLE EXCLUSIVE!

This bundle includes 211 decodable books and lesson plans! It includes MORE decodable readers and lessons than any other similar program.

SAVE BIG and get 70% OFF with this SOR Guided Curriculum bundle!

Each science of reading curriculum unit and each small group lesson plan within the units builds thoughtfully upon previous learning. Students will have multiple opportunities to practice each skill and build their reading confidence and fluency!

Units 3-10 include two day lesson plans. Units 1-2 include one day lesson plans.


This SOR curriculum includes 211 TRUE science of reading decodable readers. With these decodables, you will get:

4 Formats: The decodables are offered in multiple options:

  1. Print, staple, and cut in half
  2. Print and fold - no cutting! Currently in units 1-3 and being added to all units.
  3. Decodable passages - one page
  4. Digital decodables - for Google Slides

Differentiation: Each decodable reader has two versions - decodable books with pictures and decodables without pictures.

Fiction and Nonfiction: Every unit includes both fiction and nonfiction decodable readers. Nonfiction decodable books are included at the end to review skills.


This guided reading and phonics curriculum includes science of reading aligned lesson plans for every book! Each lesson plan includes:

  • Phonics mini lessons
  • Blending practice
  • Encoding practice
  • Independent reading
  • Comprehension
  • Guided writing


  • Unit 1: Prereaders: Alphabet Books - 26 books
  • Unit 2: Beginning Readers - 15 books
  • Unit 3: CVC Words - 26 books
  • Unit 4: Digraphs- 22 books
  • Unit 5: Beginning Blends - 25 books
  • Unit 6: CVCe Words - 22 Books
  • Unit 7: Ending Blends - 22 Books
  • Unit 8: R-Controlled Vowels - 20 Books
  • Unit 9: Vowel Teams - 21 books
  • Unit 10: Diphthongs - 12 books


Alphabet Books Decodable Readers
Letter Mm

Letter Aa

Letter Ss

Letter Tt

Letter Pp

Letter Nn

Letter Ii

Letter Cc

Letter Ff

Letter Dd

Letter Hh

Letter Oo

Letter Rr

Letter Bb

Letter Ll

Letter Kk

Letter Ee

Letter Gg

Letter Ww

Letter Vv

Letter Uu

Letter Jj

Letter Qq

Letter Yy

Letter Zz

Letter Xx

Can I teach the letters out of the suggested order? Yes! You can teach these lesson out of order with minimal changes; just swap out the letter sound you review with the one you previously learned.

Decodable Readers for Beginning Readers (CVC words and limited consonants)

Books review letters in this order:

Book 1: m, s, a, t

Book 2: f, b

Book 3: c, r

Book 4: l, p

Book 5: o, d

Book 6: g, n

Book 7: g, n

Book 8: w, i

Book 9: h, j

Book 10: k, e, v

Book 11: z, y

Book 12: x

Book 13: u

Book 14: review

Book 15: review

CVC Word Decodable Readers (Short Vowel Decodable Books)

Book 1: Dan’s Fat Cat - vowel a

Book 2: Tad Tap - vowel a

Book 3: Pam Sees a Cat - vowel a

Book 4: Sam Can Shop - vowel a

Book 5: The Tan Van - vowel a

Book 6: Ben’s Red Hen - vowels a, e

Book 7: Deb’s Pet - vowels a, e

Book 8: Tex the Vet - vowels a, e

Book 9: Ten’s Plan - vowels a, e

Book 10: The Den - vowels a, e

Book 11: Kim’s Pig - vowels a, e, i

Book 12: The Dip - vowels a, e, i

Book 13: Kip’s Pet Pig - vowels a, e, i

Book 14: The Big Game - vowels a, e, i

Book 15: Dad Fixes It - vowels a, e, i

Book 16: Rat a Tap Tap - vowels a, e, i, o

Book 17: Dot’s Dog - vowels a, e, i, o

Book 18: Ron’s Hog - vowels a, e, i, o

Book 19: Rob’s Mess - vowels a, e, i, o

Book 20: The Bog - vowels a, e, i, o

Book 21: The Pup - vowels a, e, i, o, u

Book 22: Bud the Bug - vowels a, e, i, o, u

Book 23: Recess Fun - vowels a, e, i, o, u

Book 24: Kim Helps - vowels a, e, i, o, u

Book 25: Pigs [Nonfiction] - vowels a, e, i, o, u

Book 26: Bugs [Nonfiction] - vowels a, e, i, o, u

Digraphs Decodable Readers

Book 1: Jed's Pet - sh

Book 2: Shan's Top - sh

Book 3: Josh's Pup - sh

Book 4: Fishing - sh; double consonants

Book 5: The Shed - sh; double consonants

Book 6: Beth and Josh - th

Book 7: Seth's Dog - th

Book 8: The Rash - th

Book 9: The Moth - th; double consonants

Book 10: The Hike - ch

Book 11: The Treasure - ch

Book 12: Mashed Potatoes - ch; double consonants

Book 13: At the Shop - review sh, th, ch

Book 14: Whit's Ship - wh

Book 15: Whit the Fish - wh

Book 16: Chad and White - wh

Book 17: The Dock - ck

Book 18: Stuck in Much - ck

Book 19: Hockey - ck

Book 20: Beck's Pig - ck; double consonants

Book 21: The Pup - vowels a, e, i, o, u

Book 22: Hens [nonfiction]

Book 23: Bear Cubs [nonfiction]

Beginning Blends Decodable Readers:

Book 1: Fish Tricks (fl)

Book 2: Mud Puddle (sl)

Book 3: Getting Reading (gl)

Book 4: Beth’s Sled (pl)

Book 5: Glen and Jill (bl)

Book 6: The Rock Club (cl)

Book 7: Sam’s Kitten (vccv words)

Book 8: Glen’s Mitten (vccv words)

Book 9: The Picnic (gr)

Book 10: The Frog (fr)

Book 11: The Wall (br)

Book 12: Britt’s Bett (tr)

Book 13: Beach Day (cr)

Book 14: The Mess (dr)

Book 15: Art Class (sm)

Book 16: Britt’s New Dress (sn)

Book 17: A New Snack (sp)

Book 18: The Bud (st)

Book 19: Scott Shops (sc)

Book 20: Beth Skips (sk)

Book 21: Swim Day (sw)

Book 22: At the Pool (oo)

Book 23: The Hook (oo)

Book 24: Rabbits (oo) - Nonfiction

Book 25: Ribbit! (oo) - Nonfiction


Book 1: Lake Day - CVCe Vowel a

Book 2: Game Day - CVCe Vowel a

Book 3: Zane's Cake - CVCe Vowel a

Book 4: Dale's Pancake - Closed and VCe Syllables

Book 5: Jane and Mike Rake - CVCe Vowel i

Book 6: On a Hike - CVCe Vowel i

Book 7: Jade's New Bike - Multisyllable Words

Book 8: Camping Trip - CVCe Vowel i

Book 9: Bake Shop - CVCe Vowel i

Book 10: Spot's Home - CVCe Vowel o

Book 11: Lake Fun - CVCe Vowel o

Book 12: Nate Cooks - CVCe Vowel o

Book 13: The Pet Shop - Hard and Soft g

Book 14: Who Dug This Hole? - Sounds of S /s/ and /z/

Book 15: The Big Game - Hard and Soft c

Book 16: Duke the Dog - CVCe Vowel u

Book 17: The Dune - CVCe Vowel u

Book 18: Luke's Pool - CVCe Vowel u

Book 19: The Trip CVCe Vowel e

Book 20: The Race - CVCe Vowel e

Book 21: All About Snakes - Nonfiction CVCe Words Decodable Reader

Book 22: Cranes - Nonfiction CVCe Words Decodable Reader


Book 1: The Pond - nd

Book 2: Jake's Ship - nt, st

Book 3: Clare's New Bike - lf, lp, pt

Book 4: Ant Facts - ft, ct

Book 5: Helping Dad - Suffix ed

Book 6: Miss Mask's Class - sk, xt

Book 7: Camping - mp

Book 8: The Golf Game - sp

Book 9: Summer Day - lt, ld

Book 10: Ice Skating - l controlled o

Book 11: Making Ice Cream - l controlled a

Book 12: Spilled Milk - Suffix ed; double the consonant rule

Book 13: The New Pet - nk, -ank

Book 14: Stripe - nk, -ink

Book 15: Caroling - ng

Book 16: Recess Suffix ing

Book 17: Looking for Bugs - Suffix ed and ing; when to drop the e

Book 18: Dan's Cake - Silent letters kn

Book 19: Tad's Wrist - Silent letters wr, gn

Book 20: Brant's Lamb - Silent letters mb

Book 21: Skunks - Nonfiction decodable reader (review)

Book 22: Ponds - Nonfiction decodable reader (review)


Book 1: Blake's Plan - ar

Book 2: The Dog - ar

Book 3: Carl Shops - ar; review suffix -ed

Book 4: Jake Plants Corn - or

Book 5: The Storm - or; jobs of silent e

Book 6: Grant's Garden - r-controlled syllables; tiger and camel syllable division rules

Book 7: The Bird - ir

Book 8: Doing Chores - ir, oor

Book 9: The Worm - W's effect on r-controlled vowels

Book 10: The Hurt Dog - ur

Book 11: The Turtle - Cle syllables; turtle rule for syllable division

Book 12: A Gift for Mom - er

Book 13: Ping Pong - jobs of silent e

Book 14: Stormy Day - multisyllabic words

Book 15: Surfing - oar

Book 16: Surprise Party - sounds of y as a vowel; long e

Book 17: Ready for Bed - sounds of y as a vowel; long e

Book 18: The Picnic - sounds of y as a vowel; long i

Book 19: Birds - nonfiction decodable reader

Book 20: Nurses: - nonfiction decodable reader


Book 1: Rainy Day - ai

Book 2: Fishing with Tim - ai

Book 3: Stormy Day - schwa sound

Book 4: At the Bay - ay

Book 5: May Day - ay

Book 6: The Class Garden - ee

Book 7: Picnic - ee

Book 8: At the Beach - ea

Book 9: Beekeeping - vowel team syllables

Book 10: The Field Trip - ie as long e

Book 11: Farm Chores - oa

Book 12: The Soccer Game - oa

Book 13: Mowing the Grass - ow

Book 14: Gardening with Mom - ow

Book 15: The Nest - igh

Book 16: A Night Hike - ea as long a

Book 17: The Bike Ride - ie as long i

Book 18: The Missing Toad - ind

Book 19: Sea Fishing - ue

Book 20: Making Juise - ui

Book 21: My Garden - Nonfiction decodable reader


Book 1: Tapping Trees - au

Book 2: The Mistake - aw

Book 3: Paul's Smart Dog - au/aw

Book 4: Clay's Pig - oi

Book 5: The Arcade - oy

Book 6: Making Sauce - review

Book 7: The Mouse - ou

Book 8: The Owl - ow

Book 9: Roy's Garden - ew

Book 10: The Caterpillar - ph

Book 11: Dolphin Tail - ph

Book 12: The Hawk - nonfiction decodable reader

Science of Reading Sound Wall with Real Mouth Photos

A classroom sound wall with real pictures and student mouth photos has been added as a bundle exclusive! Read more about how to set up your and use your science of reading sound wall here.

The science of reading sound wall includes:

  • Student mouth photos
  • Editable cards to add your own mouth photos
  • Phoneme cards
  • Spelling cards with real pictures
  • Lock cards
  • Personal file folder sound walls
  • Digital sound walls
  • Materials needed to build a consonant sound wall and vowel valley

SOR Phonics Tool Kit

My new SOR Phonics Tool Kit has been added as a bundle exclusive! Use these student toolkits in both whole group and small group phonics lessons to have all the materials you need at your fingertips. It includes:

  • EDITABLE Phonics Tool Kit Labels (2 sizes)
  • Segment and Blend Mats
  • Phonemic Awareness Blending Mats
  • Fluency Road Mats
  • Multisyllable Words Syllable Division Mats
  • Word Chain Ladders Mats
  • EDITABLE Mini Personal Sound Walls

How to use the mini personal sound walls:

These mini personal sound walls are made to place on rings so that they can be easily store and they are not visually overwhelming. You can type the spelling patterns you teach right onto the cards!


Unit 2: Beginning Readers high frequency words: On, The, See, Can, Has, Go, By, In, Is, Here, What, We

Unit 3: CVC Words high frequency words: Will, Do, Put, Look, For, This, Help, And, Said, His, Of, With, Have, Good, Does, Like, Have, Out

These common high frequency words are included in unit 3, but they are decodable: Had, Not, It, Get, At, Did, Got

Beyond unit 3, no high frequency words are specified, but the lesson plan is structured so that you can choose your own high frequency words based on what your group of students needs to work on.


Can I buy only the first 5 units for Kindergarten? Yes! You can find Units 1-5 bundled here in the Kindergarten Science of Reading Curriculum Bundle.

What strategies are included in the Science of Reading decoding strategy posters + bookmarks? These posters are completely optional and include:

  • Stretch it (Say each sound)
  • Blend it (Blend the sounds together)
  • Check it (Check after you read)
  • Break it (Break the word into syllables)
  • Base it (Separate the base word from the prefix and suffix)

Why are these science of reading units called "guided reading and phonics?" These science of reading aligned units are meant to help you rethink and redefine what guided reading looks like in your classroom! Instead of using leveled readers and teaching guessing strategies, you will teach reading in a systematic way using decodable readers that build as students learn new phonics skills.

This is NOT traditional guided reading, which we know is not best practice. Rather, it takes the guided reading and phonics format you are used to and aligns it with the science of reading!

Can I use these science of reading decodable readers out of order? It is not suggested to use the decodable readers or the decodable readers guided reading science of reading curriculum out of order because the books and units are designed to build off one another. Books increase in difficulty and skill as the units progress.

Does this science of reading curriculum include lesson plans? Yes! Every book includes a lesson plan that has everything laid out for you.

Do I have to use every part of the lesson plan? No, you can use what works best for you students and what you have time for.

Can I use the science of reading curriculum for whole group instruction? Yes. Although it is recommended to use these in differentiated reading small groups for best results, these lessons and decodable readers can still be used whole group.

Do I have to use every book in these decodable readers guided reading units? No, I suggest assessing your students frequently to see where they are. If students have already mastered a skill, you might move on to the next lesson or unit.

Wondering if these decodables are a good fit for you class? Try 3 decodable books for free here:

Science of reading, SOR, science of reading decodable readers, kindergarten decodable books, Small group lesson plan template science of reading

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