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Start your year off with a BANG with these AWESOME, time tested, science teacher approved scientific method labs, scientific method PPT, scientific method task cards, scientific method reading/homework handouts, scientific method review sheets, and scientific method quiz. That's EVERYTHING you'll need to teach the scientific method and you'll have a blast doing it! You'll have your pick with these 7 labs, try a new one each year! Students in grades 7-10 will appreciate this bundle! Purchased individually these products would cost $22. Purchase this bundle for just $16!

Back to School Scientific Method Lab Activities
This packet contains the directions and student lab sheets for 3 labs. The well known 'Drops on a Penny' is included, along with 'Spring a Leak?' and 'Where the Green Grass Grows.' FUN, EASY and CHEAP scientific method activities to start your year off! Your students will go home and rave to their parents about how much fun your science class is! These are the PERFECT follow up to an introduction to the scientific method, but can also stand alone! Materials needed for all 3: pennies, eyedroppers, cups of water, paper towels, plastic sandwich bags, sharp pencils, 2 pots, potting soil (or just soil from your back yard), grass seed, water. 'Drops on a Penny' takes about 40 minutes, 'Spring a Leak?' takes about 20-30 minutes and 'Where the Green Grass Grows is a long term (3-4 weeks/ about 10 minutes, twice a week) project. The preview contains the directions for one lab and the student lab sheets for two of the labs. You can easily vary the amount of background information you give to the students based on their grade level and ability (All background information is provided in the directions). THIS IS GREAT HANDS-ON SCIENCE for grades 3-8. Have fun!

Back to School Scientific Method Lab Activities Part II
It's time to head back to school!! Looking for some pinterest inspired scientific method labs with easy to follow, clear directions and student lab sheets?! You found them!! This packet contains the following 4 labs and demonstration...
1. Gummy Bear Absorption Lab: What makes mine different than others? I included background information (just the right amount for a 12-14 year olds to understand) to help students form their own hypothesis before doing the experiment. Data tables include columns for mass, length, width, height for before and after, along with %increase column. We don't want to leave out the important task of analyzing data! Students will compare gummy bear 'growth' when soaked in water, sugar water, salt water and vinegar. Perfect for 7th and 8th graders!
2. Make a bouncy ball! My 8th graders absolutely LOVED this activity!! I tried my very best to turn it into a scientific method lab. You can do this one just for fun or use the scientific method layout.
3. Surface tension lab: Paperclip float: Background information provided for teacher and student handout provided.
4. Surface tension lab: Swirly Whirly Milk: Have you seen the pins with the milk and food coloring? Here is the student lab sheet with clear directions and teacher directions and explanation. So fun!!
The Cheerio Effect: Surface tension demo with explanation if you choose to do the latter two labs. You'll never look at cereal the same way again!!!

Back to School Scientific Method PowerPoint
A super informative presentation on the scientific method. Great for a review or introduction. Appropriate for grades 6-9. Includes descriptions of hypothesis, control and variable. Describes what to include in a comprehensive conclusion. A great overview if you intend on competing in science fair!!

Scientific Method Read and Write Handouts
This packet contains 3 separate scientific method assignments that can be used for classwork or homework. Each handout contains two columns. The left column describes a scenario in which the scientific method was used and the right column contains questions that correlate to what is being read in the left column.

Scientific Method Task Cards
I love putting task cards all over my room and having students race to find them and fill in their answer key. This little pack contains 20 task cards, recording sheet, and answer key to review the scientific method. The questions are appropriate for grades 7-10 and there is a slight emphasis on independent and dependent variables. I also included a handout and answer key that explains the difference between independent and dependent variables and has students identify the variables in example problems.

Scientific Method Card Sort Activity
This resource was designed as a print and go- get the kids out of their seats- activity. Rather than writing and describing the steps of the scientific method, students create a physical web of ideas related to each of the 6 steps. I included 28 cards and directions. Each student receives a card and then as a class, they create a web. Students are forced to discuss where they might be in the web. Do something different for review! Middle school kids love this! As an alternative, you can print multiple sets of the cards and have students work in groups to create their web on their desk/floor. I included a smaller version (physically smaller, so less to cut/laminate) for this purpose. Laminate sets for years of use. Get them out any time of the year for a review.

Scientific Method Review Sheets and Quiz
These handouts serve as a perfect follow up after you've introduced the scientific method. There are 3 review handouts, each with an answer key, and a quiz, also with a key. The handouts focus on 1. Independent vs. Dependent Variables, 2. Scientific Method Vocabulary Review, and 3. The Steps of the Scientific Method.

Scientific Method Review Activity
This resource was created as a different take on review for the scientific method. The focus is on identifying the steps.
Three scenarios are introduced to students, out of order. Each step of the scientific method is separate within each scenario. Students identify which step it is, and to which scenario it belongs.
There are 3 different ways to use this activity. These different methods are outlined in the directions. (We all know that what works for one class doesn't necessarily work for another.)
Here are the methods of use...
1. Use full size posters ( 8 1/2 x 11). Hang around room all mixed up. Students travel around room (with a partner?) and record which step is being described and to which scenario it belongs. Recording sheet included.
2. Use the 1/4 sheet pictures. Print and laminate. Students work in groups to arrange on desks in order. Record info (or not?) You could use this at a station, as well.
3. Tiny version ( 1/16 of a page). Students work in groups of 3 to arrange scenarios. Each student takes one scenario and either glues in INB or on the provided sheet.

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Scientific Method Bundle
Scientific Method Bundle
Scientific Method Bundle
Scientific Method Bundle