Second Grade Math Skill Checks: Full Year

Second Grade Math Skill Checks: Full Year
Second Grade Math Skill Checks: Full Year
Second Grade Math Skill Checks: Full Year
Second Grade Math Skill Checks: Full Year
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I often find myself looking for simple, printer friendly pages for my third graders to use to practice specific standards. I designed these as my go-to pages for homework, quick checks, and in-class practice - I am hoping other third grade teachers will find these just as useful as I have!

Let me guess a few things about you:
★ You are teacher that wants to work smarter.
★ You don’t think “worksheets” belong in a lesson plan as the only go-to activity for the day.
... but you also need a way to quickly check in with your students on their learning of specific skills.
... but you need skill based homework (maybe even standards aligned) that will reinforce your lesson from the day.
... but you need something to give to the parents who want to help their child more with a particular skill.
... but you need a formative assessment that will give you some data to present in an IEP, 504, or other meeting.

Here is what your students get with these skill checks:
⇒ Fonts that are easy to read
⇒ Simple directions
⇒ Consistent formatting
⇒ Focus on one skill at a time
⇒ Zero “clutter” on their page


⇒ Each of the following skills are included in this bundled resource
⇒ 10 or more pages PER standard = over 270 pages!

2.MD.1 - Measuring With Logical Units
⇒ sort items into the most logical unit of measurement (3 pages)
⇒ circle the most logical unit to measure objects (3 pages)
⇒ measure parts of your body using inches and cm (2 pages)
⇒ measure classroom objects using inches and cm (2 pages)

2.MD.2 - Measuring an Object Twice
⇒ measuring classroom objects twice; inches and cm (2 pages)
⇒ explain difference between measurements with same number and different unit (1 page)
⇒ measuring pictures with linking cubes and base ten cubes (2 pages)
⇒ measuring lines using inches and centimeters (2 pages)
⇒ measuring objects around the room; inches and cm (1 page)
⇒ measuring objects and lines using provided non-standard measurement rulers (2 pages)

2.MD.3 - Estimating Lengths
⇒ circle correct estimation phrase when given line/ruler (2 pages)
⇒ color :) if a measurement is logical; color :( if a measurement is illogical (2 pages)
⇒ circle the logical unit of measurement that fits in the blank (2 pages)
⇒ estimating measurement of line; finding actual measurement (2 pages)
⇒ estimating measurement of object; finding actual measurement (2 pages)

2.MD.4 - Comparing Measurements of Objects
⇒ measure 5 lines and fill-in-the-blank for comparison sentences about those lines (2 pages)
⇒ measure pictures on the page and answer comparison questions (1 page)
⇒ circle larger or small measurement when given 2 units (1 page)
⇒ find objects, measure and compare (1 page)
⇒ measure lines and then write 2 true and 2 false statements comparing those lines (2 pages)
⇒ comparing lines with different starting points on a ruler (3 pages)

2.MD.5 - Measurement Word Problems
⇒ addition and subtraction word problems; 4 per page with workspace for each problem (10 pages)

2.MD.6 - Representing Wholes on Number Lines
⇒ add/subtract to represent whole numbers on number line (3 pages)
⇒ add/subtract to represent whole numbers on open number line (4 pages)
⇒ add/subtract word problems using a number line (3 pages)

2.MD.7 - Telling Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes
⇒ write digital time when given analog time (3 pages)
⇒ write analog time when given digital time (3 pages)
⇒ labeling events/times as AM or PM (2 pages)
⇒ matching digital and analog time (2 pages)

2.MD.8 - Money and Money Word Problems
⇒ skip counting with coins (1 page)
⇒ count the amount of change shown (3 pages)
⇒ draw the change when given amount of $ (3 pages)
⇒ money word problems (5 pages)
⇒ label change as dollar amount and as cents amount (1 page)
⇒ answer questions about prices of school supplies (1 page)

2.MD.9 - Showing Measurement Data on Line Plots
⇒ measure lines using inches and plot data on line plot (2 pages)
⇒ measure lines using cm and plot data on line plot (2 pages)
⇒ draw lines using inches based on line plot data (2 pages)
⇒ draw lines using cm based on line plot data (2 pages)
⇒ measure pencils using inches and plot data on line plot (2 pages)

2.MD.10 - Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs
⇒ answer questions based on bar graph data (3 pages)
⇒ answer questions based on picture graph data (2 pages)
⇒ make bar graph based on data and answer questions (2 pages)
⇒ make picture graph based on data and answer questions (3 pages)

2.NBT.1 - Place Value Practice: Hundreds, Tens, and Ones
⇒ writing numbers when given hundreds/tens/ones in word form (4 pages)
⇒ identifying value of underlined number (1 page)
⇒ using place value to make a number (2 pages)
⇒ making numbers using base 10 blocks (3 pages)

2.NBT.2 - Counting Within 1000 and Skip Counting
⇒ fill in the missing numbers to make pattern on 100 table; identify pattern (10 pages)
⇒ fill in missing numbers from pattern (2 pages)

2.NBT.3 - Expanded Form, Word Form and Standard Form for Numbers Within 1000
⇒ writing numbers in standard form when given word form (2 pages)
⇒ writing numbers in expanded form when given standard form (2 pages)
⇒ writing numbers in word form when given standard form (2 pages)
⇒ writing numbers in standard, expanded, and word form (4 pages)

2.NBT.4 - Comparing Three-Digit Numbers
⇒ comparing three digit numbers (3 pages)
⇒ comparing numbers in word form (2 pages)
⇒ comparing numbers in standard, word, and expanded form (3 pages)
⇒ order numbers from least to greatest (2 pages)

2.NBT.5 - Add and Subtract 2-Digit Numbers
⇒ adding 2-digit numbers (5 pages)
⇒ subtracting 2-digit numbers without borrowing (5 pages)
⇒ subtracting 2-digit numbers with borrowing (5 pages)

2.NBT.6 - Add 3-Digit and 4-Digit Numbers
⇒ adding with three addends (6 pages)
⇒ adding with four addends (6 pages)

2.NBT.7 - Add and Subtract 3-Digit Numbers
⇒ adding 3-digit numbers (5 pages)
⇒ subtracting 3-digit numbers without borrowing (3 pages)
⇒ subtracting 3-digit numbers with borrowing (5 pages)
⇒ subtracting across zeros (2 pages)

2.NBT.8 - Ten More/Ten Less & 100 More/100 Less
⇒ 10 more/10 less word form (2 pages)
⇒ 100 more/100 less word form (2 pages)
⇒ fill in the missing numbers for 10 more/10 less and 100 more/100 less (8 pages)

2.NBT.9 - charset='utf-8'>Modeling and Explaining Addition and Subtraction
⇒ explain strategies for solving problems in words, pictures, and/or numbers. (6 pages)
⇒ show addition problems using base 10 blocks (2 pages)
⇒ show subtraction problems using base 10 blocks (2 pages)

2.OA.1 - Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
⇒ Addition word problems (2 pages)
⇒ Subtraction word problems (2 pages)
⇒ Mixed addition and subtraction word problems (4 pages)
⇒ Multi-step word problems (2 pages)

2.OA.2 - charset='utf-8'>Addition and Subtraction
⇒ Complete the fact triangles (4 pages)
⇒ Fill in the missing number in the equation (2 pages)
⇒ Addition facts using pictures (2 pages)
⇒ Subtraction facts using pictures (2 pages)
⇒ Fill in the missing equation in the fact family (2 pages)

2.OA.3 - Odd and Even Numbers
⇒ Complete equations to prove even or odd (2 pages)
⇒ Circle pairs to prove even or odd (3 pages)
⇒ Even and odd numbers and patterns on a hundreds chart (2 pages)
⇒ Identify even and odd numbers of objects (3 pages)

2.OA.4 - Arrays and Repeated Addition
⇒ Identify rows and columns in an array (4 pages)
⇒ Repeated addition sentences based on arrays (6 pages)

2.G.1 - Identify 2D and 3D Shapes
⇒ shade in quadrilaterals and cross out non-quadrilaterals (2 pages)
⇒ draw shapes based on given attributes (1 page)
⇒ name and match 2d shapes with real life objects of same shape (2 pages)
⇒ name and match 3d shapes with real life objects of same shape (1 page)
⇒ name and write 2 attributes of pictured 2d shapes (2 pages)
⇒ name and write 2 attributed of pictured 3d shapes (1 page)
⇒ name attribute that two shapes have in common (1 page)

2.G.2 - Partition Rectangles
⇒ identify number of rows and columns of arrays (2 pages)
⇒ identify number of rows, columns, and total squares of arrays (2 pages)
⇒ draw rectangles partitioned into given number of rows and columns with support of the outside rectangle drawn for students; identify total number of squares (3 pages)
⇒ draw rectangles partitioned into given number of rows and columns; identify total number of squares(3 pages)

2.G.3 - Partition Circles & Rectangles; Halves, Thirds, and Fourths
⇒ write yes or no to identify shapes partitioned equally or unequally (2 pages)
⇒ classify shapes as partitioned into halves, thirds, or fourths by coloring each a different color (1 page)
⇒ identify fraction and match an equal fraction (1 page)
⇒ show examples and non-examples of partitioning given shapes equally (1 page)
⇒ show 2 unique ways to partition the same shape into 2 equal parts (1 page)
⇒ show 2 unique ways to partition the same shape into 4 equal parts (1 page)
⇒ color in one equal part of a whole and identify fraction (3 pages)

Classroom teachers who want a print and go common assessment of student learning
Classroom teachers who need a resource to help them figure out what to teach next
Interventionists needing to work with small groups on third grade math skills

This resource is included in the following bundle(s):
Math Skill Checks - First, Second, Third Grade

➡ Are you looking for third grade math skills?
3.G.1 - Shapes and Their Attributes

3.G.2 - Partitioning Shapes into Equal Parts
3.MD.1 - Time to the Nearest Minute; Elapsed Time
3.MD.2 - Measuring and Estimating Liquid Volumes and Masses
3.MD.3 - Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs
3.MD.4 - Measuring to the Quarter Inch; Line Plots
3.MD.5 - Concepts and Measurements of Area
3.MD.6 - Area by Tiling; Area of Odd Shapes
3.MD.7 - Perimeter
3.NBT.1 - Rounding to the Nearest 10 and 100
3.NBT.2 - Addition and Subtraction Within 1000
3.NBT.3 - Multiplying Multiples of 10
3.NF.1 - Identifying Fractions
3.NF.2 - Fractions on a Number Line
3.NF.3 - Comparing Fractions; Equivalent Fractions; Whole Numbers
3.OA.1 - Multiplication Strategies
3.OA.2 - Division Strategies
3.OA.3 - Multiplication and Division Word Problems
3.OA.4 - Solving for Unknown Numbers
3.OA.5 - Properties of Multiplication
3.OA.6 - Division Related to Multiplication
3.OA.7 - Multiplication Fact Fluency
3.OA.8 - Multi-Step Word Problems
3.OA.9 - Arithmetic Patterns

➡ Are you looking for first grade math skills?
1.G.1 - Shapes and Their Attributes
1.G.2 - Composite Shapes

1.G.3 - Decomposing Shapes
1.OA.1 - Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
1.OA.2 - 3-Addend Word Problems
1.OA.3 - Associative and Commutative Property
1.OA.4 - Subtraction as Unknown Addend Addition
1.OA.5 - Relating Counting to Addition and Subtraction
1.OA.6 - Adding and Subtracting Fluently
1.OA.7 - True or False and The Equal Sign
1.OA.8 - Missing Numbers in Equations
1.MD.1 - Ordering Objects by Length
1.MD.2 - Measuring Length of Objects
1.MD.3 - Telling Time (Nearest hour and half hour)
1.MD.4 - Data and Graphing
1.NBT.1 - Counting to 120
1.NBT.2 - Tens and Ones
1.NBT.3 - Comparing Numbers
1.NBT.4 - Adding Within 100
1.NBT.5 - Ten More, Ten Less
1.NBT.6 - Subtract Multiples of 10

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