Second Grade November / Thanksgiving Common Core No Prep Packet

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This Second Grade No Prep Packet for November contains activities are fun, engaging, and common core aligned. Math and literacy activities are included and the common core standard addressed is printed clearly on each page. All activities require NO PREP - just print and go!

A table of contents is included.

Packets for September - December are available now and packets for January – May are on the way. All packets will build upon each other and increase in difficulty as the second grade year progresses. Every single Second Grade Common Core Standard will be addressed!

Included in this packet:


* Who, What Where, When, Why & How (Literature) (RL.2.1) – Read a fiction book and answer the questions.
* Thanksgiving Poem (RL.2.4) – Read the poem, practice fluency, find the rhyming words.
* Who, What Where, When, Why & How (Biography – Squanto) (RI.2.1) – Read a biography about Squanto and answer the questions.
* Who, What Where, When, Why & How (Informative - Turkeys) (RI.2.1) - Read an informative text about turkeys and answer the questions.
*The First Thanksgiving: Making Connections (RI.2.3) – Read the passage about the first Thanksgiving and answer the comprehension questions, making connections between historical events.
*Identifying Purpose (RI.2.6) – Read each passage and determine the author’s purpose.
*Points and Reasons (RI.2.8) – Read the passages and determine the author’s point and the reasons that support it.
* Sight Word Search (RF.2.3.F) – Complete the word search and find the sight words.
* Fluency Passage (RF.2.4.B) – Read the passage about football season to practice fluency.
* Opinion Writing (2) (W.2.1) – Write to answer the questions – includes 2 (What are you most thankful for? and Who is the best cook in your family?)
* Informative Writing (2) (W.2.2) – Write 2 informative pieces (Veterans Day and How to Make Pumpkin Pie)
* Narrative Writing (W.2.3) – Write 2 narratives (A Fall Day and Thanksgiving Dinner)
* What are you thankful for? Discussion (SL.2.1.B) – Discuss the topic with your classmates. Record their answers and your response to them.
* My Best Thanksgiving (SL.2.5) – Write about your best thanksgiving, using drawings for details. Make an audio recording of your story.
* Irregular Plural Nouns (L.2.1.B) – Change the singular words into irregular plurals.
* Reflexive Pronouns (L.2.1.C) – Use the correct reflexive pronoun in each sentence.
* Expand It! (L.2.1.F) – Expand the sentences to make them more exciting.
* Proofreading Practice (L.2.2) – Proofread and rewrite a letter.
* Capitalization (L.2.2.A) – Rewrite the sentences using capitals correctly.
*Spell Check (L.2.2E) – Use a dictionary to find the correct spelling for each word.
* Formal and Informal Language (L.2.3.A) – Sort the sentences by whether they are formal of informal language.
*What’s the Meaning? (L.2.4.B) – Determine the new meaning of a word when a prefix is added.
* Root Words – Use the definition of the root word to determine the word’s meaning.
* Real Life Words – Draw pictures of real-life objects that a given adjective describes.


* Word Problems (2.OA.1) – Use addition and subtraction to solve the word problems.
* Addition Fact Practice (2.OA.2) – Answer the addition problems quickly.
* Subtraction Fact Practice (2..OA.2) - Answer the subtraction problems quickly.
* Comparing Number Sentences (2.OA.2) – Solve the number sentences and compare sums.
* Odd and Even Leaves (2.OA.3) – Color the pumpkins according to odd or even numbers..
* One Hundred Is… (2.NBT.1.A) – Show the number 100 different ways.
* Skip Count by 5s (2.NBT.2) – Skip count by 5s to reach 1000.
* Write It 2 Ways (2.NBT.3) – Write numbers in expanded form and word form.
* Double Digit Addition (2.NBT.5)
* Double Digit Subtraction (2.NBT.5)
* Roll and Solve Addition (2.NBT.7) – Roll the dice and solve the triple-digit addition problems.
* Roll and Solve Subtraction (2.NBT.7) - Roll the dice and solve the triple-digit subtraction problems.
*Adding and Subtracting 10 and 100 (2.NBT.8) – Fill in the chard to add/subtract 10 and 100 from the given 3-digit number.
*How Will You Measure It? (2.MD.1) – Determine the correct tool to measure each object.
*Measure It! (1.MD.1) – Choose a tool and measure classroom objects.
* Estimate Length (Centimeters) (2.MD.3) – Circle the best estimate for the length of a given object.
* Write the Time (2.MD.7) – Practice telling time to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour.
* Count the Coins – Write an addition problem to find the total value of the coins.
* Thanksgiving Graph (2.MD.10) – Create and interpret a graph about Thanksgiving.
* Identifying Shapes (Cubes) (2.G.1) – Identify the shapes and describe their defining attributes.
* Name That Fraction (2.G.3) – Write a name for each fraction.

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I hope you enjoy this packet and find it useful and engaging for your students. Please message me with any questions. Enjoy!

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Second Grade November / Thanksgiving Common Core No Prep Packet
Second Grade November / Thanksgiving Common Core No Prep Packet
Second Grade November / Thanksgiving Common Core No Prep Packet
Second Grade November / Thanksgiving Common Core No Prep Packet