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Connecting with students is important; what better way than bringing in social media to your lessons? Each product is versatile to the subject you teach, and the content you want to get across. Want your students to draw up a storyboard for a short video? (Vine) What about analyze a character in a novel? (Facebook) Brainstorm a topic? (Pinterest) Talk about a news story? (imgur) … Snapshot of history? (Instagram) Discuss the viewpoints of stakeholders? (Reddit). Conversation between important historians? (Skype). Broadcast of an event from the eyes of someone else? (Periscope) Write a review of a business, like a restaurant? (Yelp) Or maybe even ask and answer a question? (Tumblr)

Some of these adaptations use replacement names of the social media site in a font that students will recognise (for instance, Fakebook instead of Facebook and Instasnap instead of Instagram).

BUNDLE VALUE $25. Save $5!

NOTE: This is a GROWING BUNDLE. That means any additional social media templates I make WILL be added to this bundle at no extra cost to you! Bargain! As social media takes over our world, and indeed, our student's lives, more and more social media brands will spring up and I will be making templates of said sites. Each new template and each new improvement to the resources will raise the price, so get in quick and grab all future updates and new content for free!

      ‡ 1. Technology Usage Log $1
How long does the average student spend using technology and social media websites in a week - think electronic devices such as gaming consoles, computers; think websites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? Task your students with completing this log of digital devices and online applications to find out! It's a real eye-opener to students how much technology is integrated in our lives.

      ‡ 2. Vine-like Video Storyboard Bundle $3
Created with inspiration from a popular 6-second video-sharing media site, Vine, this worksheet/activity will surely get students excited and engaged! When limited to the Vine 6 second standard, creativity really shines. This Complete Vine Bundle introduces your students to Vine with a 4-page presentation; organize video ideas using the Vine video storyboard; and finally, consolidate lesson content with a Vine Exit Slip!

      ‡ 3. Pinterest-like Board Template Bundle $3
This Complete Pinterest Bundle introduces your students to Pinterest with a 4-page presentation; allows them to create a Pinterest board filled with images and text for any subject, for any topic; and finally, consolidate lesson content with a Pinterest Exit Slip!

      ‡ 4. Youtube-like Video Template $1
Your students will be creatively and artistically depicting or representing ideas of any event as if captured in the medium of film, in this snapshot worksheet/graphic organizer + exit slip based off the popular social media website, YouTube. Students could draw, write or glue images into the provided spaces of this YouTube Video template.

      ‡ 5. Facebook-like Bundle $5
This Complete Facebook Bundle introduces your students to Facebook with a 4-page presentation; allows them to create a Facebook profile for any character, for any subject, for any topic; discuss ideas using the Facebook response cube; and finally, consolidate lesson content with a Facebook Exit Slip!

      ‡ 6. imgur-like Image Template $1
This is a full page imgur-like profile template! Print off this blank imgur template for your students to create a viral image for any subject, for any topic! They could draw, write or glue images to the provided spaces of this imgur page. Great for studying the idea of viral images, how media change spread ideas, how the internet memes are created, and more!

      ‡ 7. Instagram-like Image Template FREE
Instagram-like template/graphic organizer, Instasnap! Print off this blank Instagram template for your students to create a picture, for any subject, for any topic! They could draw, write or glue images to the provided spaces of this Instagram template.

      ‡ 8. Twitter-like Graphic Organizer Bundle $3
Limited to 140 character Tweets, students learn to write short and concise summaries when using these Twitter-like graphic organizers. A great Twitter-flavored resource for students to note-take, opinion-write, revise or provide feedback for any subject, any year level! You could also use the Twitter organizer yourself as a lesson prompt, bulletin board comments, etc, ideas are endless! Now with Twitter Presentation & Twitter Profile!

      ‡ 9. Community Opinion (Reddit-Like) - Have You Read It? $1
Your students will have to consider the viewpoints of a broader community in order to provide an analytic dissection of whatever topic/social issue you choose, when completing this worksheet based off the popular social media website, Reddit. Meant as a sort of brainstorming activity for topics that may provoke heated debate, this Reddit-based discussion board will surely provoke higher-order thinking. Students should write varied responses from suitable walks of life in the provided spaces.

      ‡ 10. Skype Exit Slip $1
This social media, Skype chat template, can be used as an exit slip, task card, bulletin board graphic, graphic organiser, diary prompt, creative writing scaffold – anything you can think of that involves conversation!

      ‡ 11. Tumblr Ask a Question $1
Tumblr “Ask a Question” templates that allow your students to devise a question and answer for any subject, for any topic! Your students will enjoying creating a suitable question and answer in a unique, Tumblr and social media experience.

      ‡ 12. Yelp Review $1
This Yelp Review template is an engaging example of the real world of opinion writing, all powered by social media.

      ‡ 13. Periscope Broadcast $1
These Periscope Broadcast templates could be used to show a snapshot of history for any famous person or a character from a novel of film, or even used as an entrance ticket for students to detail their weekend.

      ‡ 14. All About Me Worksheet $1
This fun one-sided worksheet is a great way to get to know your students. Incorporating poetry, drawing, question prompts and a personality web, students will enjoy telling you more about them in a creative way. When finished, these sheets could be displayed around the classroom. This is an ideal activity at the start of a school term.

      ‡ 15. Spotify Song List $1
Your students listen to music through apps like Spotify whenever they can and it’s rare to find a student who doesn’t have music on their phone or device and a set of earphones dangling from a front pocket. Connect with your students with this social media Spotify song list worksheet, where students can make music playlists for themselves or in the role of a character, famous person or for any other idea you can think of!

      ‡ 16. Technology Homework Choice Board $1
This Technology Homework Choice Board negates the need for different weekly or night homework for the busy teacher! Remove the fuss and stress that comes with scheduling and creating homework with this technology homework choice board! Students get to pick how they interact and learn with technology from this fun and topical choice board that students will absolutely love – it won’t even feel like homework to them! You could use this homework choice board for ANY class, as the skills the students are practicing are cross-curricula!

COMING IN DECEMBER Bundle will be $30
      ‡ 17. Google Search Critical Thinking $1
      ‡ 18. Urban Dictionary Critical Thinking $3
      ‡ 19. LinkedIn Profile / Resume Template $3
      ‡ 20. SoundCloud - Lyrics/Music Exploration $3
      >>> + Updates to previous products $3 for each updated product

      ‡ 21. Announced at the end of December $?

Instructions for use
Print off the chosen template for your students to stimulate creativity for any subject, for any topic! They could draw, write or glue images into the provided spaces. Creative outlet for representing ideas, themes, topics – their imagination is the limit.

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Social Media & Technology in the Classroom | Facebook Twit
Social Media & Technology in the Classroom | Facebook Twit
Social Media & Technology in the Classroom | Facebook Twit
Social Media & Technology in the Classroom | Facebook Twit