Solar System (Song/Rap)

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Our Solar System
Is made up of a star,
Planets and other objects revolve around it (revolve around it).

What up,
from outer space
So many objects,
Too much to name
Hah, just kiddin'
In order to win
You need to know all about
Our Solar System.

Eight planets orbit 'round the sun
4 are inner and 4 are outer, uh
You wanna know what separates them? Well
They're separated by the asteroid belt
Our Solar System
Is made up of a star,
Planets and other objects revolve around it (revolve around it).

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Are the inner planets
Closer to our star.

They're rocky and dense
Though not immense
Compared to the outer planets.

They have solid cores
And fairly short
Revolution times

Prone to volcanoes
Now here we go
Inner planet break down, yo!

Mercury is first in line
The Smallest with craters
It's revolution time
Is 88 days
Rotation's 59
And boo hoo, zero moons

Venus is number two
Which also has zero moons
225 days Revolution
243 days rotation
Thick clouds, carbon dioxide atmosphere
About the same size as Earth
But you can't live here,
No, too hot!

Earth is the third
Planet from the sun
It's atmosphere is made up of
Carbon dioxide, nitrogen,
and oxygen
365 days Revolution
24 hours Rotation
1 moon,
Only 1 moon
Doobie doo
It's true
Earth is incredible
It has the only surface that's livable
¾ water, so it's not too hot.
Yeah, Earth pretty much rocks

Fourth planet from our star
Is called Mars
Known as the Red Planet
Revolution 687 days
Rotation about 1 day (Like Earth)
Rocky atmosphere too
This planet has 2 moons
This planet has 2 moons, has 2 moons

Our Solar System
Is made up of a star,
Planets and other objects revolve around it (revolve around it).

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
They have ring systems and many moons
Much colder than the inner planets
Gas surface, so they're called the Gas Giants

These outer planets
Have longer revolution times
And they're less dense
They have rings made of rocks and ice

The outers start with Jupiter, Jupiter
The largest planet that could hold all the others, others, inside
Famous for it's Great Red Spot that looks like an eye
A huge storm, three times the size
of Earth, it's Jupiter
It's really kind of hard to see,
But Jupiter has very faint rings
Revolution's long...about 12 years
Rotation's 10 hours on this planet, here
Jupiter has not one, nor two,
This planet has 63 moons!
63 moons?
Yo, I'm telling you the truth!

Saturn's the second largest
With rings up in the thousands
Compared to Jupiter's very faint rings
Saturn's rings are much easier to see

Its revolution around the sun takes 29 years
But its rotation is only 10 hours, gee that's kinda weird
Wanna know something cool,
Saturn has 61 moons.
Some can even be seen
Inside of Saturn's rings

Planet number seven is Uranus
Get this, it has a horizontal axis
What's this mean?
Let me be your guide
Uranus rotates on its side

Revolving around the sun
Takes 84 years, hun.
Rotations short, about 17 hours
27 moons, moving on with our tour.

Neptune's gonna be our last stop
It's windy with a great dark spot
It's revolution is the longest, dear
To orbit takes 165 years.
16 hours to rotate
13 moons to appreciate

Hey, what about Pluto
My mom says that used to be a planet too, yo
It did, but in 2006
Some scientists classified it as a dwarf planet.
Bye, bye Pluto.
It was nice knowing you

Our Solar System
Is made up of a star,
Planets and other objects revolve around it (revolve around it).
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Solar System (Song/Rap)
Solar System (Song/Rap)