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We see probability / probabilidades in our everyday life, and we use it in decision making. It helps us to better understand the world around us. It is found in health and medicine, in business, economics, education, sports and engineering. It is used at the local grocery store as they keep their shelves stocked. It is also used as anyone figures out how much it’s needed to make for dinner. Probability / probabilidades whether we know it or not is a large part of our lives. Also, “Probability / probabilidades is an important part of any mathematical education. It is a part of mathematics that enriches the subject as a whole by its interactions with other uses of mathematics. Probability / probabilidades is an essential tool in applied mathematics and mathematical modeling. It is also an essential tool in statistics.” It is vital to have an understanding of the nature of chance and variation in life, in order to be a well-informed, (or “efficient”) citizen. One area in which this is extremely important is in understanding risk and relative risk. Tools in Probability / probabilidades could be: Spinners: Provide a variety of spinners divided into different number of parts and students record all of their spins. Coins, Dice, Two-sided counters, Color Tiles: Make several bags of different combination of color tiles. Students pull a tile, record their pull, and replace it in the bag. Paper Lunch Bags, Box with colored marbles with a corner cut out to act as a peep hole: Place a different combination of colored marbles in each box, seal it shut and label the boxes A, B, and so on. Students shake a box and record which marble comes to the corner. The vocabulary to focus on using words such as certain, likely, unlikely, and impossible. Example: What is the chance of rolling a 2? We should have a large model drawn somewhere in the classroom. Know the difference between chance and odds. Chance refers to the number of times the event might happen compared to the total number of outcomes. Odds is a ratio of the number of times the event might happen in comparison to the event not happening. For example, the chance of getting heads is one half but what the odds are 1:1. Students can collect their data on tally chart or a bar graph, etc. On the other hand, students can learn new vocabulary words in Spanish Math Probabiliy / Probabilidades activity. Great for math and Spanish stations, intervention groups or individual work. Just print on card stock or construction paper then laminate for durability. 42 cards with pictures, situations, instructions, directions, cover, back cover, example, answer key and chart for your Spanish and Math class. Follow us and Visit our Store: ShapeUp-N-Matemáticas y Lenguaje
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Spanish Math Probability / Probabilidades in a Station / C
Spanish Math Probability / Probabilidades in a Station / C
Spanish Math Probability / Probabilidades in a Station / C
Spanish Math Probability / Probabilidades in a Station / C