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Spanish One Power Points and Curriculum by Angie Torre

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I have been teaching Spanish for 30 years.

Since I have been teaching AP Spanish, all of my students have passed except one and that during my first year of teaching AP. Last year, all my students passed the AP Spanish Test with mostly 5s and a few fours. The year before all passed with mostly fours and fives.

Last year, my principal nominated me for Teacher of the Year.

For my staff, I facilitated and presented a workshop on EDI (Explicit Direct Instruction) Lesson Planning. I also created and presented a workshop on Total Personal Response (TPR) story telling, Strategies for Visual Learners, and other instructional strategies.

I worked as a Consulting Teacher for two years mentoring participating teachers on quality lesson planning, instructional strategies, engaging activities, TPR Story-Telling, equity, and classroom management.

I wrote and facilitated numerous workshops for beginning and veteran teachers, in and outside of my district, on lesson planning, classroom management, instructional strategies, TPR Story-Telling, How to Teach Grammar in the Target Language, Equity, Strategies for Visual Learners and more.

I am one of the top sellers in the High School Category.


Spanish One Power Points and Curriculum: Thank you so much for making these available! They are excellent resources. They are going to save my life this year! I am actively suppressing a squeal while going through these. There just isn’t enough time to plan all this stuff and you’ve made it so easy! Seriously, thank you!

Spanish Conjugation of Regular Verbs: This file saved me hours of work! Thank you, Angie!

How to Form Questions Power Point
This was exactly what I needed to review/reinforce questions in Spanish. Thank you!

Position of Adjectives for Spanish One: Wonderful! ¡Gracias!

How to Use Two Verbs in a Sentence PPT & Activities
¡Muy impresionante! This is a fantastic product. Your PowerPoint is so clear and provides excellent practice. The handout is super, too. Love it! ¡Gracias!

Stem-Changing Verbs for Spanish Two and Three PPT
This Power Point is outstanding! Very well done! Very thorough!

Spanish Go Verbs PowerPoint
Outstanding PowerPoint on the GO Verbs!

Ir, Venir, Places PPT, TPRS, Activities
Outstanding! Excellent job! Relevant to high-schoolers!

Spanish Preguntas Tú, Usted, Ustedes PowerPoint
Thank you for this power point. It really came in useful to help practice the differences betwen tú and Usted.

Spanish "Ser" PowerPoint and TPR Story
My students found this SO fun and funny!

Spanish Adjectives: The Dating Game
I teach 8th graders so trust me they LOVED playing "The Dating Game" and really learned the adjectives! / Used this Spanish Adjectives activity around Valentine’s day as a way to review and the kids had a lot of fun!!

Present Tense, Eight-Station Activity in Spanish
“Activity was fun and creative! The students loved it and asked me when we were going to do it again!” Another user said, “It keeps the students speaking Spanish the entire period!”

Los planes son fabulosos. Me encanta todo lo que haces.

Spanish Vocabulary Board Game
My students enjoyed this game very much!

Ser Estar TPR Story and other Activities
My students loved this story and activities! / Another user said: What a fun story! My students had a great time acting out this story while exploring when to use ser and estar.

This SPANISH ONE POWER POINTS AND CURRICULUM includes the following 25 PowerPoints with 1,895 slides

~Spanish Alphabet PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities
~Las salutaciones PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities
~Spanish Conjugation of Regular Verbs (38 slides)
~Conjugation Competition for Spanish One (44 slides)
~Spanish Estar + Places and Emotions PowerPoint (83 slides)
~Position of Adjectives for Spanish One (28 slides)
~Spanish Classroom Objects PowerPoint and Quiz (47 slides)
~Days and Months PowerPoint & Activities (Two PPTs;117 slides)
~How to Use Two Verbs in a Sentence PPT; Dos verbos activities (47 slides)
~Spanish Go Verbs PowerPoint; hacer, salir, traer, venir, oír, decir, poner, tener, caerse (50 slides)
~Ir, Venir, Places PPT, TPRS, Activities (130 slides)
~Infinitivos PowerPoint for Spanish One- 59 verbs (121 slides)
~Los plurales for Spanish One or Spanish Plurals (31 slides)
~Spanish Preguntas Power Point with Interrogative words; how to make yes/no questions in Spanish (19 slides)
~Spanish "Ser" PowerPoint and TPR Story (65 slides)
~Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs PowerPoint (115 slides)
~Spanish Preguntas Tú, Usted, Ustedes PowerPoint (20 slides)
~Le Mauvais Élève or El Mal Alumno TPR Story, Activities and Illustrations (50 slides)
~Dos verbos competencia (19 slides)
~Frases útiles (3 slides)
~Los adjetivos posesivos for Spanish One (35 slides)
~Spanish Tener TPR Story & Activities PPT (79 slides; 3 Word documents)
~Spanish Gustar Powerpoint (32 slides)
~Weather Power Point and Curriculum
~Sports PPT & INBs
~Los números PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities
~Los adjetivos PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities (118 slides)

This Spanish One Power Points and Curriculum includes 343 Word Documents which includes the following:

~Spanish One Sequence
~El Mal Estudiante y El Sr. Bobo TPR Stories and Activities for Spanish One (8 pages)
~Spanish Places TPR Stories and Activities (7 pages)
~Spanish Present Tense, 8 Station Activity and Placards (10 pages)
~Spanish Adjectives: The Dating Game Activity (2 pages)
~Spanish Adjectives Ser Gustar TPR Stories, Activities, Illustrations (9 pages)
~Vocabulary list for adjectives (1 page)
~Two tests on adjectives (4 pages)
~Homework practice on adjectives (2 pages)
~Rubric and instructions for the biography in which students use adjectives. Will be used in the Dating Game the following day (2 pages)
~Possessive Adjectives Test (1 page)
~Oral Presentation Instructions and Rubric for the use of possessive adjectives (1 page)
~Classroom Objects TPR Stories and Activities for Spanish One (9 pages)
~Spanish Days and Months Bell Work, Homework, and Test (16 pages)
~Spanish Dos Verbos PowerPoint and Activities (8 pages)
~Spanish Hobbies and Places TPR Story with Illustrations (9 pages)
~Spanish Ir Venir PowerPoint and Activities (5 pages)
~Homework practice for the verb “ir” and “al / a la”. (1 page)
~Quiz on “ir” and places (2 pages)
~Questions using the verb “ir” (1 page)
~Spanish Ser Estar Lesson Plan, TPR Story; Cloze Activity; Two Paired Activities; Quiz (12 pages)
~Estar, emotions, places homework practice (2 pages)
~Spanish Ser Paired Activity (2 pages)
~Test on "Ser" and Subject Pronouns (2 pages)
~Homework practice in which students write in the correct forms of the verbs “ser” or “tener” (1 page)
~Homework practice on subject pronouns (1 page)
~Spanish Stem-Changing TPR Story and Activities (7 pages)
~Spanish Vocabulary Board Game (3 pages)
~El Mal Alumno Power Point; El Mal Alumno TPR Story and Activities and illustrations (9 pages)
~TPR Stories and Illustrations for Spanish 1 & 2 (44 pages)
~Clothes Project (1 page)
~Clothes Project Rubric (1 page)
~Vocabulary List for Clothes (2 pages)
~Frases Útiles
~Frases Útiles Test
~Bingo Sheet
~¿Qué te gusta hacer? speaking activity (1 page)
~Gustar competition in which students answer questions using the verb “gustar” and associated vocabulary (2 pages)
~Instructions on how to write a composition about one’s family using the verb “gustar” (1 page)
~Dialogue/puppet show demonstrating the use of “gustar” and associated expressions(1 page)
~Vocabulary for the song “Me gustas tú” (1 page)
~Instructions for making a menu (1 page)
~Food Vocabulary List (1 page)
~Conjugation Practice for Homework (1 page)
~Two Conjugation Competitions (2 pages)
~Homework practice in which students answer questions to obtain information (1 page)
~Competition in which students change sentences to yes/no questions (1 page)
~Handout on information questions which compares the interrogative word to the unaccented word (¿cómo? vs. como) (1 page)
~Homework practice in which students answer yes/no questions and change sentences into questions (1 page)
~Puppet show dialogue demonstrating information questions with true/false questions (2 pages)
~Quiz on information questions in which students change yes/no questions to information questions (1 page)
~Competition in which students answer “tú, Ud., Uds.”questions (1 page)
~Teacher questions using “tú, Ud., Uds.” (1 page)
~Quiz on numbers 1-100 (1 page)
~Plurals homework in which students change sentences from the singular to the plural (1 page)
~Quiz on plurals in which students change sentences from the singular to the plural (1 page)
~Homework practice on time and the expressions associated with time such as “empieza a las” and “termina a las” (1 page)
~Answers to all quizzes, tests and homework are provided
~Homework, activities, interactive notebook activities for weather


~Four Spanish Gustar Video Puppet Shows with Script and True False Activity (4 video puppet shows and 4 page script)
~Ir + a + Infinitivo Video
~Spanish Video for the Object Pronouns
~Las salutaciones Video
~Spanish Video La ropa
~Los adjetivos posesivos Video
~¿De dónde eres? Video
~¿Qué te gusta hacer? Video
~Video on the verb SER
~La hora y las clases Video

~Spanish One Interactive Notebook Activities

~Sample Table of Contents
~Sample INB Instructions for Students


~Interactive Notebook Activity in which students match the objects to visuals and write in the objects in Spanish
~Interactive Notebook Activity in which students write in the articles, “a, an, the”
~Google Drive Activity in which students move the objects to the correct word and write in the word that describes the image.
~Student List of Classroom Objects

This activitiy corresponds to the Power Point Spanish Classroom Objects PowerPoint


~Student Handout
~Interactive Notebook Activity in which students complete the sentences and answer the questions based on the story
~TPR Story for the verb, “Ser”

This activity corresponds to the Spanish "Ser" PowerPoint and TPR Story.


~List of Spanish One Verbs
~Trifold INB Activity in which students describe the drawing and write complete sentences conjugating the verbs.
~One Fold Activity in which students complete the sentence by choosing the correct
~Alternate One Fold Activity in which students translate the sentences
~Activity in which students complete the sentence by conjugating the given verb

This Activity corresponds to the Infinitivos PowerPoint for Spanish One.


~Student Handout with vocabulary of weather, seasons, and clothing worn in each season
~Student Sample
~Interactive Notebook Activity in which students draw the weather described, finish the sentences and draw Paco’s clothing

Click here to see the Weather Power Point:


~Activity in which students write complete sentences choosing the correct verb
~Activity in which students describe the visuals using the correct GO verb
~Student Handout on the GO verbs and conjugations, expressions with the verb, “salir” (con, de, para) and the verb, “hacer”

This activitity corresponds to the Spanish Go Verbs PowerPoint


~Student Handout
~Activity in which students write correct the illogical sentences by writing logical ones and then answer questions using the “ir + a + infinitive” structure
~List of places and activity in which students answer questions saying where they go to do certain things
~Video demonstrating the structure, "Ir + a + infinitivo": Ir + a + Infinitivo Video

This activity corresponds to the Ir, Venir, Places PPT, TPRS, Activities


~Student Handout of Sports, Equipment, Places Vocabulary
~Los deportes Interactive Notebook & Google Drive in which students answer questions and describe the images about sports
~Google Drive Activity and Instructions
~16 Power Point slides that replicate the Google Drive Activity

This activity corresponds to the Sports Power Point & INBs


~ Power Point instructions for students
~Student Handout on Stem-changing Verbs including, “pensar” with the prepositions, “en, que, de”
~Flip Book on Stem-changing verbs in which students conjugate verbs and complete sentences Stem-changing Interactive Notebook Activity
~Interactive Notebook Activity for the verb, “pensar” (pensar EN, pensar QUE, pensar DE)
~List of stem-changing verbs

THIS “SPANISH ONE POWERPOINT AND CURRICULUM” WILL BE SHARED WITH YOU IN DROPBOX. It is no longer available as a hard good. Instructions on how to access the files are included. If you would like a flash drive sent to you, email me at:

YOU WILL NEED MICROSOFT OFFICE 2002 or later to access the password-protected PowerPoints

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Spanish One Curriculum and Power Points by Angie Torre is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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Spanish One Power Points and Curriculum
Spanish One Power Points and Curriculum
Spanish One Power Points and Curriculum
Spanish One Power Points and Curriculum
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