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Spanish Three Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year

Product Description
Spanish Three Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year by Angie Torre

★ ★ Click here to see a video about this curriculum: Spanish Three Lesson Plans and Curriculum

About Me:

I have been teaching Spanish for 30 years.

Since I have been teaching AP Spanish, all of my students have passed except one. Most have passed with 4s and 5s. Last year, 75% of my AP Spanish students had gone directly from Spanish Three to AP Spanish, skipping Spanish Four. They all passed the AP Spanish Language and Culture Test.

Two years ago, my principal nominated me for Teacher of the Year.

I am one of the top High School TPT Sellers.

For my staff, I facilitated and presented a workshop on EDI (Explicit Direct Instruction) Lesson Planning.

I worked as a Consulting Teacher for two years mentoring participating teachers on quality lesson planning, instructional strategies, engaging activities, TPR Storytelling, equity, strategies for visual learners, how to teach grammar in the target language, and classroom management.


~Uses of Se Power Point: Excellent power point and worth the money. It covers everything. I helped me a lot. I recommended it to everyone.

~Stem-Changing Verbs for Sp 3 PPT: Good explanations, examples, and exercises / Fun, fun way to practice/introduce boot verbs.

~Ser Estar TPR Story and other Activities: What a great activity! Students were able to practice reading, writing, listening, and speak and had so much fun!

~Spanish Double-Object Pronoun TPRS PPT: My kids loved it and said it helped clarify this very difficult concept. Muchas gracias!

~Subjunctive Eight Stations: Very nicely done! I love the themes of the different stations. It makes it more "real world." Gracias!

Product description:

This curriculum is kid-tested, refined during 30 years of teaching. Lesson plans include comprehensible input, TPR Stories, games, engaging Power Points, interactive notebook activities, songs, audios for absent students, and much more.

This curriculum includes some AP Themes and Pre-AP Activities to prepare students for Spanish Four and AP: interpersonal speaking (conversación simulada), oral presentation, (comparisons) interpersonal writing (emails), interpretive readings, presentational writing (They are introduced to writing a five-paragraph essay with transitions, thesis statement, developing paragraphs, and conclusion) and authentic listening practices. College Board Rubrics or modified rubrics are used to evaluate the activities.

CALIFORNIA BUYERS: In order to avoid to avoid an 8% sales tax plus the price of the flash drive, I recommend you buy this product digitally. Otherwise, your price for this product is: $383.00. If you would like the digital version, email me your email address and I will share the files with you in dropbox and send you directions for how to access dropbox. My email is: altespoir@sbcglobal.net

This curriculum includes, but is not limited to, the following:
3,815 Power Point slides:

~Comparatives (101 slides)
~Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs PowerPoint (67 slides)
~Spanish Reflexive Verbs PowerPoint(203)
~Uses of Se Power Point (71 slides)
~Present Tense Power Point (61 slides)
~Cambios ortográficos PowerPoint (61 slides)
~Spanish Irregular Verbs (75 slides)
~Stem-Changing Verbs for Sp 3 PPT (64)
~Spanish Ser Estar PowerPoint(77 slides)
~Spanish Progressive Tenses or Gerund PowerPoint (61 slides)
~Progressive Tenses (19 slides)
~Participio pasado (14 slides)
~Spanish Irregular Preterite PowerPoint(96 slides)
~Preterite PPT & TPR Story (101 slides)
~Imperfect Preterite & INB Activity (96 slides)
~Presente perfecto (32 slides)
~Future Tense (85 slides)
~Conditional (50 slides)
~Spanish Object Pronouns PowerPoint(67 slides)
~Spanish Preterite Jeopardy PPT & Activities (26 slides)
~Hace que, Desde que PPT & TPRS (94 slides)
~El medio ambiente (59 slides)
~Subjunctive cláusulas adjetivales TPRS PPT (25 slides)
~Perfect, Imperfect, Pluperfect Subjunctive (37 slides)
~Spanish Subjunctive Power Point (112 slides)
~El imperfecto del subjuntivo- Si yo fuera (15 slides)
~Spanish Subjunctive TPR Story PowerPoint (42 slides)
~Answers to Homework Assignments
~Competitions, vocabulary, visuals, miscellaneous
~Bell Work

1,241 pages of printables, handouts, and lesson plans which include SOME of the following:

~120 ninety-minute lesson plans
All lesson plans are based on the EDI (Explicit Direct Instruction) model and a 90-minute instructional day for the block schedule. However, they can easily be modified for a regular schedule.
~Everything you need for each day’s lesson in a folder
~ Table of Contents
~Syllabus for Spanish Three with Learning Targets
~Learning objectives
~Attention Getters in the form of cartoons, jokes, and photos
~Tension indicating what students will do to show proficiency at the end of each lesson
~List of items necessary for that lesson
~Student Handouts and Grammar Explanations
~Tests, quizzes, midterm, final with Answers
~Instructional Strategies for the Teacher
~Student-centered, hands-on activities such as interactive notebook activities, white boards, TPR, singing, games, to name a few
~Alternate homework assignments
~Extra lessons and activities for the regular schedule
~Sample Classroom Rules and Policies
~Rubrics for all activities
~Rubrics based on the College Board AP Spanish rubrics.
~I can statements after each concept for student self-reflection and evaluation
~Paired Activities
~Competitions and Games
~Puppet shows; dialogues; comprehensible input using the concepts repeatedly in context
~TPR Stories
~Cloze activities
~Imperfect Preterite Interactive Notebook Activities
~Vocabulary Lists and Activities
~Subjunctive Eight Stations
~Notes to the teacher
~Many URL links (listed in the preview)

Also included are:
~Audio files and videos for absent students
~Culture lesson plans
~Listening practice with native speakers
~★★Videos for comprehensible input of the following concepts: imperfect; preterite imperfect; present perfect; future tense; conditional tense; subjunctive; comparisons; object pronouns; los demostrativos. Click here to see the videos: Spanish Videos for Comprehensible Input

Spanish Three covers many grammar concepts and verb tenses. However, the concepts and vocabulary are recycled with frequent TPR Stories, narrations and comprehensible input incorporating the verb tenses so that students not only communicate accurately but with a varied and appropriate vocabulary. The emphasis of instruction is always on communication and employs communicative activities. 90%-100% Spanish is recommended by ACTFL and National Standards.

I recommend having students put all their handouts and interactive notebook activities in an interactive notebook although this is not required. For instructions on how to use an interactive notebook in a world language classroom, please visit my blog: blog

**Click on the Preview to see a list of the concepts covered and the URLs used in the lesson plans

Items recommended for this curriculum: Student white boards; Blaine Ray’s “El restaurante elegant”, “El robo”, and “La chic sociable” , slot board for grammar instruction; people puppets; interactive notebooks for each student


Ask your school to purchase this curriculum for you!

***ATTENTION DISTRICTS AND DEPARTMENTS: If you are purchasing for your school's department, please buy the appropriate amount of licenses. If you are a large school district and you are interested in a full district license, please contact me for a district-wide quote at altespoir@sbcglobal.net

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Total Pages
3,815 Power Point slides; 1,241 Word documents; 18 Videos
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