Spelling Tool: Single Syllable and Two Syllable Compound Words

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Students can spell check over 15,000 single syllable and two syllable compound words, including their inflections.

This product may be used for multiple activities such as a spell check desk aid for students during creative writing exercises, phonemic awareness activities, word study skills and vocabulary development. Used in conjunction with the FREE Inflectional Morphing tool, over 15,000 words could be created by the student.

In addition to the word lists, the FREE Inflectional Morphing is included. Page 34 also provides artwork for making tabs for printed materials.

Preview File: The short vowels (Pancake) section is active. The waffle, OJ and Fruit Topping sections are not active.

Spelling: This tool has approximately 3,200 single syllable words organized by their vowel sound and then by ending sound. In addition, approximately 1,000 two syllable compound words (airport, barnyard) may also be spell checked. When combined with the use of my Morphing – Inflectional Endings tool, over 15,000 words may be created and/or spell checked.

Spell Check Steps (Desk Aid): The steps are diagrammed on page 3 of the tool.

1. Say the word. Stretch it out.
2. Listen for the vowel sound. Find the picture that matches the vowel sound.
3. If using the interactive PDF file, click on the picture. If using the printed copy, go to the major food tab (pancake, etc…) then look for the matching picture for the vowel sound.
4. Listen for the final consonant(s) sound. Start looking in the Special Ending sounds. If not there, go to the regular ending sounds. Find the correct ending sound. Look at the (number) to tell you how many rimes can be spelled that way.
5. Start looking for the beginning sound in the rime families until you find the word. If the word is purple, that means there is one more spelling. If the word is bold purple and underlined, that means that there are two or three more words (for four fore).
6. Write the word. If you need to morph the word, use my FREE morphing tool.

Phonemic Awareness:

Page 2 of the tool indicates that there are four auditory phonemic patterns:
vowel sound only (1% - I aye);

consonant (single-blend-digraph) + vowel sound (2% - go blue show);

vowel sound + consonant (2% - at and ash);

consonant sound + vowel sound + consonant sound (95% - cat flame shot pump branch stretch).
You can use the various word lists/rime families to practice phonemic awareness skills. Example: what is the beginning sound of “xxx”. What is the vowel sound and/or the middle sound in “xxx”.

Word analysis activities:

Using a vowel sound page (short a), review the words with students noting that most words follow the vowel rule, but some don’t.

Pancake words are words with short vowel sounds because most words with a short vowel sound have only one vowel. Pancakes are cooked one side at a time (1 side = 1 vowel = short vowel sound).

Waffle words are words with long vowel sounds because most words with a long vowel sound have two vowels. Waffles are cooked two sides at a time (2 sides = 2 vowels = long vowel sound),

Orange Juice words are words with R Controlled (bossy R) vowel sounds. You can serve pancakes and OJ (one vowel + r: car stir art). You can serve waffles and OJ (two vowels + r: door store stair stare).

Fruit Topping words are words with diphthong vowel sounds. You can serve pancakes with fruit toppings (one vowel + y or w: straw stew cow boy). You can serve waffles with fruit toppings (two vowels: caught cough moon soup shout void)

Vocabulary: If you are using the interactive PDF file, right click on the word you want to define or find other information such as inflections, synonyms/antonyms, etc…. Select “Look Up …” This will open Dictionary.com with the selected word.

Options for Using:

Individual Printed Book: In my tutoring work, I printed off a copy for each student. I placed them in page protectors to increase the lifespan and reuse of the materials. Once the students were comfortable, I would time them on finding the word I would dictate. This activity was to ensure automaticity in using the tool so that once they used it in creative writing activities; they would be comfortable with the process.
Classroom study stations: Many teachers have students grouped into learning stations. You could print off a copy as a resource for each study station. You could also use the interactive PDF format on workstations.

SmartBoard Activities: You could project the tool and have the students work through various word examples. Discussion of following rules/rule breakers/special endings could be part of the activity. Also, right clicking invokes Dictionary.com to provide additional word study activities.

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Spelling Tool:  Single Syllable and Two Syllable Compound Words
Spelling Tool:  Single Syllable and Two Syllable Compound Words
Spelling Tool:  Single Syllable and Two Syllable Compound Words
Spelling Tool:  Single Syllable and Two Syllable Compound Words