Stress Management Habits (HabitWise Lesson #2)

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Help students reduce stress with Lesson #2 of the HabitWise program!

After watching the video and completing the follow-up worksheets, students will be able to:
• Identify the parts of the habit loop (cue, behavior, satisfaction, and negative side effects) and explain how they work together.
• Explain how habits in their own lives follow the habit loop.
• Identify appropriate rewards for making progress on habits.
• Recognize the consequences of habits that result from or cause stress.
• Identify habits that can prevent stress

HabitWise is an in-class program that empowers adolescents to use the psychology of habit formation to improve their wellness, productivity, money management, and relationships. It's a critical addition to the curriculum for Health, Advisory, Guidance, Social & Emotional Learning, and Psychology.


Be sure to download all seven HabitWise lessons!

HabitWise Lesson #1: Why Habits Matter
HabitWise Lesson #3: How Habits Can Help Us Be Healthy
HabitWise Lesson #4: How Habits Can Help Us Be Productive
HabitWise Lesson #5: How Habits Can Help Us Avoid Advertising Gimmicks
HabitWise Lesson #6: How Habits Can Help Us Improve Relationships
HabitWise Lesson #7: Independent Habit Project

Each lesson includes:
• An engaging animated video (4-7 min.) that makes it easy to introduce the concepts.
• Structured worksheets (40-50 min.) that tap prior knowledge, check comprehension, and help students connect the concepts to their own lives.
• Multiple extension activities (6-30 min.) that deepen students’ understanding of how habits affect society and our personal lives.
• A detailed teacher’s guide


HabitWise is a new program, so we're hoping to learn more about how educators are using it! If you have accessed the HabitWise resources, it would mean a lot to us if you could complete our HabitWise Teacher Survey. It's quick, and your feedback will help us continue to tailor the program to you and your students!
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