Summer Packet Bundle for Incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders

Summer Packet Bundle for Incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders
Summer Packet Bundle for Incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders
Summer Packet Bundle for Incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders
Summer Packet Bundle for Incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders
Summer Packet Bundle for Incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders
Summer Packet Bundle for Incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders
Summer Packet Bundle for Incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders
Summer Packet Bundle for Incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders
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This is a bundle of three summer packets for incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

These packets are the perfect way to keep 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade graduates learning and progressing all summer long so that they are well prepared to start school in the fall. The pages require no prep and offer creative, interactive activities that make learning fun. A table of contents is included for each packet, making it easy to find each page and see the common core standard that is being addressed.

Second Grade Into Third Grade Summer Packet

*Adverbs (L.2.1e) - Write 3 adverbs to tell about each noun.
*Ask and Answer (RI.2.1) - Read a passage about whales, then create and answer comprehension questions.
*Summer Book Log (RF.2.4) - Log the fiction and nonfiction books you read this summer.
*Comparing Characters (RL.2.6) - Use a Venn Diagram to compare two characters.
*Contractions (L.2.2c) - Write the words each contraction stands for.
*Create-a-Word-Search (RF.2.3) - Create a word search for a friend to solve.
*Expand It (L2..1f) - Add details to a sentence to make it more interesting.
*Fluency Passage (RF.2.4) - Read the passage, using your voice to make it more interesting.
*Narrative Writing (W.2.3) (2) - Write about your Fourth of July and another fun summer event.
*How to Writing (W.2.2) - Write about how to make a s'more.
*Informative Writing (W.2.2) - Research and write about Hawaii
*Irregular Plurals (L.2.1b) - Write the irregular plural form of each word.
*Irregular Verbs (L.2.1d) - Write the irregular past tense form of each verb.
*Main Idea and Key Details (RI.2.6) - Read the passages and determine the main idea and key details of each.
*Character's Reaction (RL.2..3) - Read a story and record the character's reaction to certain events.
*Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Prepositions (L.2.1) - Identify the parts of speech in each sentence.
*Opinion Writing (2) (W.2.1) - Write about whether or not summer vacation should be longer and whether it is more fun to ride in a boat or surf. Give reasons for your answers.
*Proofreading Practice (L.2.2) - Proofread and rewrite a letter to a friend.
*Short and Long Vowel Sort (RF.2.3) - Fill in missing letters for short and long vowel words and sort them by vowel sound.
*Dear Teacher (W.2.2) - Write a letter to your new teacher.
*Second and Third Grader Venn Diagram (RL.2.9) - Compare and contrast second and third graders using a Venn Diagram

*Triple Digit Addition (2.NBT.7) - Add the three-digit numbers.
*Triple Digit Subtraction (2.NBT.7) -Subtract the three-digit numbers.
*Write the Time (2.MD.7) - Write the digital time to match analog clocks (to 5 minutes)
*Number Riddles (2.NBT.1) - Use clues about hundreds, tens, and ones to solve the number riddles.
*Color the Fractions (2.G.3) - Divide the shapes and color the fractions.
*Building With Base Ten Blocks (2.NBT.1) - Build three-digit numbers with base ten blocks.
*Rectangular Arrays (2.OA.4) - Write same-addend addition problems to represent each rectangular array.
*Find the Missing Numbers (2.NBT.3) - Practice writing numbers to 1000.
*Comparing Number Sentences (2.NBT.4) - Solve the addition/subtraction problems and compare the answers.
*Making Change (2.MD.8) - Show the amount of quarters, dimes, nickels, or pennies you would need to make exact change.
*Double Digit Addition (2.NBT.5) - Solve the double-digit addition problems.
*Double Digit Subtraction (2.NBT.5) - Solve the double-digit subtraction problems.
*Draw That Shape (2.G.1) - Draw each shape based on clues, such as the number of sides, faces, angles, or vertices.
*Draw the Time (2.MD.7) - Draw the clock hands to match the digital time (to 5 minutes)
*Elapsed Time (2.MD.7) - Draw the clock hands to show a given time and the time hours or minutes later.
*Measurement (2.MD.4) - Measure and compare lines.
*Money Word Problems (2.MD.8) - Solve the money word problems.
*More or Less (2.NBT.8) - Find the numbers one more, one less, ten more, and ten less in number grid puzzles.
*Counting Coins (2.MD.8) - Count the coins and write the amount.
*Odd or Even (2.OA.3) - Determine if a number is even or odd. Write same-addend addition problems for the even numbers.
*Skip Counting (By 5s, 10s, 100s) (2.NBT.2) - Write numbers to skip count to 1000.
*Subtraction Facts to 20 (2.OA.2) - Solve the subtraction problems quickly.
*Summer Graph (2.MD.10) - Create a summer bar graph based on a tally chart and answer questions about the data.
*Addition Word Problems (2.OA.1) - Solve the addition word problems.
*Comparing 3-Digit Numbers (2.NBT.4) - Compare three-digit numbers.
*Estimate Length (2.MD.3) - Estimate the length of given objects.
*Identify Shapes (2.G.1) - Identify pentagons, triangles, cubes, quadrilaterals, and hexagons.
*Addition Facts to 20 (2.OA.2) - Solve the addition problems quickly.
*Roll and Solve Addition (2.NBT.7) - Roll a dice and solve triple-digit addition problems.
*Adding and Subtracting 10 and 100 (1.NBT.8) - Add and subtract 10 and 100 from given numbers.
*Roll and Solve Subtraction (2.NBT.7) - Roll a dice and solve triple-digit subtraction problems.
*Summer Sudoku - Solve the summer sudoku puzzle.

Third Grade Into Fourth Grade Summer Packet

1 - Teacher Letter (W.3.4) – Write a letter to introduce yourself to your new fourth grade teacher.
2 - Third Grader and 4th Grader Venn Diagram (RL.3.9) – Use the Venn Diagram to compare third and fourth graders.
3 - Abstract Nouns (L.3.1.C) – Finish the story by filling in the missing abstract nouns.
4 - Adding Prefixes (RF.3.3.A) – Add prefixes to create new words.
5 - Adding Suffixes (RF.3.3.A) – Add suffixes to create new words.
6 - Derivational Suffixes (RF.3.3.A) – Match the meaning with the suffix and give examples of words containing each suffix.
7 - Addresses (L.3.2.B) – Add commas to complete the addresses on the postcards.
8 - Adjectives (L.3.1.A) – Give three adjectives for each summertime noun.
9 - Comparative Adjectives (L.3.1.G) – Determine the correct comparative adjective to complete each sentence.
10 - Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs (L.3.1.G) – Write the comparative and superlative form of each adjective or adverb.
11 - Parts of Speech (L.3.1.A) – Match the definitions with the parts of speech and give examples of each.
12 - Parts of Speech Search (L.3.1.A) – Find the hidden words in the picture and sort them by part of speech.
13 - Ask and Answer (RI.3.1) – Read the informative passage about Hawaii and ask questions about the text.
14 - Summer Book Log (RF.3.4) – Record the fiction and nonfiction books you read this summer.
15 - Create-a-Word-Search (RF.3.3) – Create a word search for your friends to solve.
16 - Compare and Contrast (Whales and Dolphins) (RI.3.3) – Fill in the Venn Diagram to compare whales and dolphins. Write a paragraph comparing the animals.
17 - Facts, Details, and Definitions (W.3.2.B) – Choose a topic to research. Record facts, details, and definitions pertaining to the topic.
18 - Informational Writing (W.3.2) – Write an informational piece about a favorite sea creature.
19-20 - Narrative Writing (2) (W.3.3) – Write a fictional story about a day at the beach. Write a true narrative about your summer vacation.
21 - Opinion Writing (W.3.1) – Write an opinion piece about whether or not you should swim in the ocean.
22 - Sorting Sentences (Intros, Facts, Conclusions) (W.3.1, W.3.2, W.3.3) – Sort the sentences by whether they are introduction sentences, conclusion sentences, or facts for the middle of a paragraph.
23 - Sorting Sentences Simple Compound, Complex) (L.3.1) – Sort by sentence type.
24 - Plot Diagram (RL.3.5) – Use the plot diagram to plan a fictional story. Include a list of characters.
25 - Proofreading Practice (L.3.2) – Correct the mistakes you find in each passage.
26 - Quotations and Commas (L.3.2.C) – Add commas and quotations to complete each sentence.
27 - Reasons (W.3.1.B) - Give your opinion on three summertime topics. Provide three reasons for each opinion.

28-29 - Multiplication Facts (2) (3.OA.7) – Solve the single digit multiplication facts as quickly as you can.
30 - Multiplying Multiples of 10 (3.NBT.3) – Practice multiplying multiples of ten.
31 - Multiplication Word Problems (3.OA.3) – Solve the multiplication word problems.
32 - Multiplying 3 Numbers (3.OA.5) – Practice multiplying three numbers.
33 - 3 by 1 Multiplication (3.OA.3) – Multiply the three-digit numbers by a single digit number.
34 - Multiples Of...(3.OA.7) – Color each grid with multiples of a given number. Use the secret code to reveal a summertime word.
35 - Spin and Multiply (3.OA.3) – Use a paperclip / pencil spinner to find number to multiply. Solve.
36 - Solve It (Distributive Property) (3.OA.5) – Use the distributive property to solve the equations.
37 - Roll and Solve Addition (3.NBT.2) – Roll a dice. Solve a three-digit addition problem in the given column.
38 - Roll and Solve Subtraction (3.NBT.2) - Roll a dice. Solve a three-digit subtraction problem in the given column.
39 - Divide and Color (3.OA.7) – Solve the division problems. Color the picture according to the code.
40-41 - Division Facts (2) (3.OA.7) – Solve the division facts as quickly as you can.
42 - Division Word Problems (3.OA.3) – Solve the division word problem.
43 - Finding Area: Counting Units (3.MD.6) – Find the area of each rectangle by counting units.
44 - Equal Groups (3.OA.2) - Determine how to make equal groups of a given amount of objects.
45 - Groups Of...(3.OA.1) – Multiply to determine the total amount of objects.
46 - Plotting Fractions on the Number Line (3.NF.2.B) - Place the correct fractions on each section of the number lines. Determine the equivalent fractions.
47 - Comparing Fractions (3.NF.3.D) – Use < or > to compare the fractions with equal numerators or denominators.
48 - Color and Match Fractions (3.NF.3.B) – Color the circle to match the given fractions.
49 - Comparing Number Sentences (3.NBT.2) – Solve the equations and compare the answers.
50 - Write the Time (3.MD.1) – Write the time shown on each clock (to the minute).
51 - Draw the Time (3.MD.1) – Draw hands on each clock to show the given time.
52 - Elapsed Time (3.MD.1) – Look at two clocks and determine how much time has passed.
53 - Elapsed Time Word Problems (3.MD.1) – Solve the elapsed time word problems.
54 - Rounding (3.NBT.1) – Round each number to the nearest 10 and 100.
55 - Find the Missing Number (3.OA.4) – Find the missing number in each multiplication or division problem.
56 - Using Multiplication to Divide (3.OA.6) – Write the multiplication fact that can help you solve each given division problem. Solve.
57 - Multi-Step Word Problems (3.OA.8) – Use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve the word problems.
58 - Summer Food Graph (3.MD.3) – Complete the graph and answer the questions.
59 - Rectangles and Rhombuses (3.G.1) – Use a Venn Diagram to compare rectangles and rhombuses.
60 - Area and Perimeter (3.MD.8, 3.MD.7) – Solve the problems involving are and perimeter, including finding total area or perimeter and finding the missing length.

Fourth Grade Into Fifth Grade Summer Packet

1 - Dear Teacher (W.4.2)
2 - 4th/5th Grade Venn Diagram (SL.4.4)
3 - Analyzing Literature (RL.4.3)
4 - Baseball in the US (RL.4.10)
5 - Baseball in the US Comprehension Check In (RI.4.2)
6 - Research Report (RI.4.9)
7 - Biography (W.4.7)
8 - Summer Book Log (RF.4.4)
9 - Book or Movie (RL.4.7)
10 - Summer Book Report (RL.4.3)
11 - Character Profile (RL.4.3)
12 - Create-a-Word-Search (RF.4.3)
13 - Defining Words With Known Affixes (L.4.4.B)
14 - No Fragments! No Run-Ons (L.1.4.F)
15 - Informational Writing (Summer How To) (W.4.2)
16 - Informational Writing (All About 4th Grade) (W.4.2)
17 - Narrative Writing (4th of July) (W.4.3)
18 - Narrative Writing (Summer Vacation) (W.4.3)
19 - Opinon Writing (School Change) (W.4.1)
20 - Opinon Writing (Fireworks) (W.4.1)
21 - Proofreading Practice (L.4.2)
22 - Say What? (L.4.5.B)
23 - Topic Sentences, Facts, and Conclusions (W.4.4)
24 - Summertime Word Scramble (RF.4.3)
25 - Which Word? (L.4.1.G)


26 - 2 x 1 Multiplication (4.NBT.5)
27 - 2 x 2 Multiplication (4.NBT.5)
28 - 3 x 1 Multiplicaiton (4.NBT.5)
29 - 4 x 1 Multiplication (4.NBT.5)
30 - Adding Mixed Numbers (3.NF.3.C)
3 1 - Comparing Fractions (2.NF.2)
32 - Converting Measurement Units (4.MD.1)
33 - Equivalent Fractions (4.NF.5)
34 - Expanded Form (4.NBT.2)
35 - Finding Area and Perimeter (4.MD.3)
36 - Finding Multiples (4.OA.4)
37 - Fraction Word Problems (4.NF.4.C)
38 - Geometry: Check It (4.G.2)
39 - Geometry: Draw It (4.G.1)
40 - Long Division Practice (4.NBT.6)
4 1 - Long Division Practice 2 (4.NBT.6)
42 - Measuring Angles (4.MD.6)
43 - Number Names (4.NBT.2)
44 - Number Patterns (4.OA.5)
45 - Prime or Composite? (4.OA.4)
46 - Summertime Snack Shack (4.MD.2)
47 - Subtracting Mixed Numbers (4.NF.3.C)
48 - Lines of Symmetry (4.G.3)
49 - Baseball Word Problems (4.OA.3)
50 - Lemonade Stand Word Problems (4.OA.3)

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Fourth Grade into Fifth Grade Summer Packet

I hope you enjoy this packet and that you find it helpful. Please message me if you have any questions.

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