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Happy Days in First Grade
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Happy Days in First Grade
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Wonderful resource! Loved using this past year. Super engaging and inevitable for students. Loved that this bundle also aligned with our standards!
I am using this for homeschool and I love how easy it is to use because of how organized each lesson is. Thank you!

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    This 349-page TEXAS First Grade Social Studies Bundle includes comprehensive units PLUS an Interactive SS Journal and a set of FOLDABLES that are interactive, engaging, and rigorous for your students! The units cover all main TEXAS first grade Social Studies concepts and are complete with reading comprehensions, graphic organizers, writing activities, student booklets, colorful signs and so much more!

    Buy them together and SAVE!

    ADDITIONAL LICENSES CAN BE PURCHASED WITH DISCOUNT! One license per teacher PLEASE. Thank you for respecting my time and work.

    This Bundle includes:


    This extensive packet includes all you need for two to three-week's worth of ELA and Social Studies instruction on friendship and how to be a friend. Activities are fun, engaging, and meaningful. Students will be able to interact with each other as well as share their own understanding of friendship and what it means to be a good friend.

    Packet Includes:

    -Cover Page

    -What is a Friend? Explanation, Student Writing, and Illustration Box

    -A Good Friend Bubble Map

    -How to Make a Friend Explanation and Student Survey to Share

    -Getting Along with Others Etiquette Read and Sort

    -Cooking Up a Friendship Bubble Map on Ingredients for a Good Friendship

    -A Good Friend Tree Map and Student Writing with Illustration Page

    -Friendship Vocabulary Cards with Kid-Friendly Matching Definitions

    -I Can Be a Good Friend Graphic Organizer

    -Saying Sorry Explanation and Student Writing Page

    -Scenarios to Reenact or Read Aloud

    -Steps on How to Say Sorry

    -Forgiving Explanation and Writing Page

    -My Best Friend and Me Graphic Organizer


    This U.S. Constitution Unit Packet includes a kid-friendly breakdown of the meaning of the Constitution and Preamble, encourages students to determine rights from responsibilities, and writing activities to help students provide examples of good citizenship and the meaning of freedom.


    -Student Cover Page

    -Description of Constitution & Text-to-Self Connection Writing Activity

    -The Preamble and What it Means in Kid-Friendly Language

    -Our Class Preamble Template (Student-Created, Fill-in the Blanks Preamble)

    -Differentiating Rights from Responsibilities Activity

    -Good Citizenship Writing Activity

    -Freedom Writing Activity


    This 33-page ELA/SS unit has everything you need to introduce the basics of economics to your students! It includes wants, needs, goods, services, consumers producers, earning, saving, spending, supply, and demand.

    Simply print the unit as a student packet or distribute separately. Activities are student-centered and encourage students to make meaningful and personal connections. NO PREP is needed and it also comes with 12 colorful and SUPER CUTE vocabulary signs with definitions and graphics for whole-group instruction and display!


    -Student Cover Page

    -Wants and Needs Text-to-Self Connection Activity

    -2 Wants and Needs Cut and Sort Activities

    -Boy and Girl Wants Bubble Map and Writing Page

    -Boy and Girl Needs Bubble Map and Writing Page

    -Boy and Girl I Want and Need Tree Map and Writing Page

    -Identifying Goods and Services Activity

    -My Yard Sale (Understanding Goods) Activity

    -Kid at Work (Understanding Service) Activity

    -Spending Explanation, Bubble Map, and Writing Page

    -Earning Explanation, Bubble Map, and Writing Page

    -Saving Explanation, Bubble Map, and Writing Page

    -Earning, Spending, or Saving? Read and Identify Activity

    -Supply Explanation and Counting Activity

    -Demand Explanation and Text-to-Self Connection Writing Page

    -Producers and Consumers Read, Cut, and Sort Activity

    -Producers and Consumers- Identify Activity

    -Producers and Consumers- How One Person Can Be Both

    -Making Good Financial Choices Activity

    -12 Colorful Vocabulary Signs with Definitions and Graphics (Economics, Wants, Needs, Goods, Service, Earning, Spending, Saving, Demand, Supply, Producer, and Consumer)


    This 25-page ELA/SS packet is all you need to teach the basics on U.S. facts and symbols. All symbols come with student-friendly informational text, illustration, and an interactive, student-centered writing activity. This packet can be printed as a student packet and can last for 2 weeks-worth of instruction. In addition, it also comes with colorful signs of the symbols for easy classroom display and are very helpful in whole-group discussions. Most importantly, writing activities are both engaging and meaningful!


    -Student Cover Page

    -US Flag Facts and Comprehension Questions

    -Student Reading and Drawing Flag Activity

    -White House Facts and Creative Writing Activity

    -Liberty Bell Facts, Tree Map, and Writing Template

    -Bald Eagle Facts and Fill-in the Blanks Activity

    -Washington Monument Fact Page

    -Lincoln Monument Fact Page

    -Washington and Lincoln Comparing and Contrasting Writing Activities

    -Statue of Liberty Fact and True or False Activity

    -My Favorite U.S. Symbol Is Writing Template (Text-to-Self Connection)

    -7 Colorful and Informational Symbol Signs


    This is an ELA/SS writing packet that helps students to learn about and experience the voting process. It also includes writing activities to help students to brainstorm on why they would make a good president.


    -Reading Prompt on Voting with Comprehension Questions

    -Steps on How to Vote with Graphics

    -A Student Generated Acrostic Poem on Voting

    -A Classroom Voting Scenario

    -Vote for Me Bubble Map Boy & Girl

    -Vote for Me Tree Map

    -Vote for Me Writing Template

    -If I Live in the White House Writing Activity


    Celebrate Memorial Day, Flag Day, and July 4th with this 23-page ELA & SS bundle! With kid-friendly informational text paired with reading comprehensions and meaningful writing activities, students will definitely gain a better understanding of each holiday and be able to connect with them personally.


    -Memorial Day Reading Comprehension and Questions

    -Different Ways of Celebrating Memorial Day Reading Prompt and Writing and Illustration Boxes

    -How I Celebrate Memorial Day Writing Template

    -Memorial Day Tree Map (Is, Can, Will)

    -All About Memorial Day Writing Template

    -Memorial Day True or False

    -Thank You, Fallen Soldiers Letter Writing Template

    -Flag Day Reading Prompt and Writing and Illustration Box

    -Flag Day Tree Map (Is, Can, Will)

    -United States Flag Reading Comprehension with Questions

    -United States Flag Explanation and Coloring Activity

    -Pledge of Allegiance Fill-in the Blanks

    -Independence Day Reading Comprehension with Questions

    -Cake for America Creative Writing

    -Independence Day Tree Map (Is, Can, Will)

    -All About Independence Day Writing Template

    -How I Celebrate Fourth of July Writing Template

    -Signs of Three Holidays with Explanation and Graphics (Memorial Day, Flag Day, & Independence Day)


    Help your students learn about making decisions with this NO PREP Making Decision Packet! Complete with 6 colorful and informative signs to define and explain the decision-making process, graphic organizers, and a student booklet, students will be able to go through the process interactively.


    -Cover Page

    -6 Colorful and Informative Signs to Explain the Decision-Making Process

    -Making Decisions Graphic Organizer

    -Predict Outcome Graphic Organizer

    -Student Booklet (Step-by-Step Decision Making Booklet)


    Celebrate Armed Services, Memorial Day, & Veterans Day with this 22-page English/Language Arts and Social Studies packet! Filled with various writing activities and comprehension reading passages to explain the holidays and their differences, students will be able to explore, celebrate each holiday, and understand the importance of the main branches of the U.S. military.



    -Armed Forces Day Reading Comprehension with Questions

    -Veterans Day Reading Comprehension with Questions

    -Memorial Day Reading Comprehension with Questions

    -Celebrating Memorial Day Draw and Describe Boxes

    -How I Celebrate Memorial Day Writing Template

    -Armed Forces Tree Map (Army, Navy, and Air Force)

    -Armed Forces Tree Map (Marine Corps and Coast Guards)

    -Armed Forces Writing Template

    -Celebrate Armed Forces Day Writing Template

    -Soldiers Tree Map (Are, Can, and Will)

    -All About Soldiers Writing Template

    -Soldiers Acrostic Poem

    -Dear Soldiers and Dear Veterans Writing Templates

    -United States Armed Forces Signs with Graphics and Description of the Four Main Branches


    This 21-page ELA/SS All About Family Unit includes all you need to teach about the basics on family! With 12 writing activities that can be printed as a student packet or completed separately, students will be encouraged to make personal connections, learn about other students' families, and write and share about their own family. This unit also comes with 6 COLORFUL FAMILY PICTURE SIGNS ready for display and whole-group discussions! Best thing about this unit? NO PREP IS NEEDED!


    -Student Cover Page

    -What is a Family? Explanation and Bubble Map

    -Blank Family Tree

    -My Family Illustration Box and Fill-in the Blank Family Writing Page

    -Colorful Family Favorites Sign

    -My Family Bubble Map

    -My Family Tree Map (Is, Can, Will)

    -My Family Blank Writing Template

    -The Best Thing About My Family Is Writing Template

    -Family Helps Describing Activity

    -I Can Help Too Tree Map (Can, Will, Promise)

    -My Family Acrostic Poem Template

    -My Home Description Writing Template and Activity

    -6 Colorful Family Picture Signs (Mom and Dad, Daughter and Son, Grandparents, Brother and Sister, Twins, Baby, Uncle, Aunt, and Cousins)


    This ELA/SS unit includes all resources that you need to teach the basics of citizenship and what it means to be a good citizen in one week.

    The text is kid-friendly and easy to understand. Students will find it easy to connect the abstract concept of citizenship to self through writing activities that can be adapted to either whole-group or independent work. Turn the handouts to a packet or complete them one by one. Best of all, NO PREP is needed!!!


    -Cover page

    -Explanation of Citizenship & Student Writing Section

    -Explanation of Rights & Writing Activity

    -Explanation of Responsibility & Student Writing & Illustration Section

    -Traits of a Good Citizen & Identification of Traits with Scenarios

    -Graphic Organizer for Students to Describe How They are Good Citizens

    -Graphic Organizer on Good Citizenship & Writing Section


    Celebrate the history of San Jacinto Day with this 16-page packet that are both interactive and information!


    -2 reading comprehensions on the history and celebration of the holiday

    -3 signs of its history with visuals

    -5 student writing activities

    -16 vocabulary cards.


    HOWDY, Y'ALL!!!! This is an ELA and Social Studies packet that includes all you need to teach about the basics on Texas! Activities are informational and meaningful and can be used for three weeks of instruction. Unit can be printed out as is to serve as a complete student packet. Best part?! It also comes with Texas symbol picture cards and two games that students will LOVE!!!


    -Cover Page for Students

    -Texas Facts Graphic Organizer

    -The Best Thing About Living in Texas Is Writing Prompt

    -Explanation and Fill-in the Blanks Texas Map

    -Meaning of the Texas Flag and Coloring Page

    -Reading Prompt and Comprehension Questions on the Founders of Texas

    -Texas Symbol Illustration Boxes

    -Cowboy/Cowgirl Writing Activity and Illustration Box

    -My Favorite Texas Food Writing Activity

    -Texas Pledge and Text-to-Self Connection Writing

    -Native Americans in Texas Reading Comprehension

    -The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush BME

    -The Legend of the Bluebonnet BME BW and Color

    -Giddy Up: If I Were a Cowboy or Cowgirl Writing Prompt BW and Color

    -Texas ABC Order Page

    -12 Texas Vocabulary and Symbol Cards

    -Texas YIPPY Bingo (8 Playing Cards & Calling Cards)

    -Texas Flashcards for Yee-Haw Game (similar to BOOM!- Students will take turns drawing a word from a box or brown bag and say it aloud. As soon as one person gets the Yee-Haw! Card, all the cards go back in the bag and the game starts again.)

    Simply print and help students learn the easy to follow history and celebration of the holiday.

    The packet is easy to use, student-centered, and can be printed as is.


    Introduce and explore the 10 main U.S National Holidays with this 22-page packet! Each of the holiday comes with a colorful sign with explanation and a meaningful writing activity to encourage students to make connections to self. NO PREP is needed! Simply print, and it's ready to use!


    Holidays Include:

    -New Year

    -Martin Luther King Jr.

    -Presidents' Day

    -Memorial Day

    -Independence Day

    -Labor Day

    -Columbus Day

    -Veterans Day



    14. COMMUNITY HELPERS {K-2 Writing Prompts, Headbands, Student Booklet, and More}

    Learn and explore different community helpers (farmer, construction worker, police officer, firefighter, teacher, nurse, dentist, doctor, chef, and mail carrier) using this 41-page packet! Complete with easy-to-use graphic organizers, engaging writing prompts, fun headbands, colorful information signs on the roles of each community helper, and a student packet that is fun and interactive for students!

    This packet includes:

    -What is a community? Writing Activity

    -My Community Graphic Organizer

    -Community Helpers Writing Activity

    -Community Helper Award Writing Prompt

    -I Can Be a Community Helper Too (Am, Can, & Will)

    -The Community Helper in Me Writing Prompt

    -I Can Help My Community By Headbands

    -10 Community Helper Headbands (One headband for each indicated community helper.)

    -10 Colorful Information Signs on Community Helpers

    -Student Booklet on Community Helpers (simple to use and easy to assemble)

    K-2 Social Studies Interactive Journal- 34 pages of Comprehensive Social Studies Journal review entries covering various Social Studies topics. Entries are informational and can be easily used as review at the end of the week for each concept. They are also arranged two to a page to save paper from printing and copying.

    NO PREP is needed! Simply print as is and cut in half for distribution. They are the perfect size to be glued inside composition notebooks when completed.

    Engaging, interactive, and effective!

    Topics Include:

    -Journal Cover Page

    -All About Me Bubble Map

    -My Family

    -What is a Friend?


    -Following the Rules

    -Class Rules Writing

    -I'm a Good Citizen

    -Good Citizenship

    -Characteristics of Good Citizenship

    -Leaders in the Community

    -My Community

    -Community Services

    -Community Helpers

    -U.S. Constitution Description and Law or Rule Activity


    -Pledge of Allegiance

    -State Pledge

    -U.S Symbols

    -State Symbols

    -Goods and Services

    -Wants and Needs

    -Spending and Saving

    -Producers and Consumers

    -Cardinal Directions

    -My Bedroom Map

    -Problem Solving

    -Past and Present

    -Dental Health

    -My Invention for Invention Day

    -Historical Figure Research

    -I Have a Dream

    -All About Veterans

    -Memorial Day

    -Armed Forces

    -Community Helpers

    K-2 Social Studies Foldables {20 Different Topics for the ENTIRE YEAR}-

    This packet of foldable flipbooks includes 20 different Social Studies topics that can be used throughout the school year. May you be introducing, engaging or reviewing, these flipbooks are wonderful tools for learning and can be included in your students' interactive Social Studies Journals!

    The best part? They are SUPER easy to put together and can be done so by students themselves. Simply cut on the border, fold on the middle line, and cut along the dashes! In addition, the labels are already made and the insides of the folds are blank so that students can either draw pictures or write descriptions at teacher's discretion.

    They also fit perfectly inside of composition notebooks!

    Topics Include:

    -All About Me



    -Class Rules

    -Good Citizenship

    -Rules vs. Laws

    -Goods & Services





    -Cardinal Directions

    -Dental Health


    -I Have a Dream (MLK Jr.)

    -U.S. Symbols


    -Memorial Day

    -Armed Forces

    -Community Helpers

    Total Pages
    349 pages
    Answer Key
    Teaching Duration
    1 Year
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