THE CRUCIBLE- Four Culminating Activities-Independent and Group Projects

THE CRUCIBLE- Four Culminating Activities-Independent and Group Projects
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Are you looking for effective and engaging ways to assess students' understanding of The Crucible? Give students choices with these differentiated culminating activities.


--Students really enjoy this culminating activity at the completion of
Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible.

--The project is a great way for kids to apply their understanding of the literature to real world events.

--This activity focuses on the rigid ideology of the Puritans as portrayed in The Crucible and by the accusers during the McCarthy trials.

--There is a brief discussion of the theme, “dangerous ideology."

--There is a subsequent discussion of other times in history where we can observe ideology falling into corruption and tyranny.

--The group project requires students to research people or events in history that illustrate rigid ideology becoming corrupt and tyrannical.

There is a list of 20 topics from which to choose:

1. Eugene Debs-WWI/Socialism/unions
2. Imperialism vs. Anti-Imperialism-Spanish/American War, 1898
3. Temperance Movement (18th Amendment)
4. Suffragists (19th Amendment)
5. Russian Revolution
6. WWII Dictators: Hitler/Mussolini/ Japan-Hirohito
7. Korea
8. Vietnam
9. Castro/Cuba
10. Civil Rights-Malcolm X Black Panthers
11. 60’s Counterculture/Hippies
12. China-Human Rights
13. FDR-New Deal
14. Obama-Socialism
15. 9/11-Iraq
16. Dalai Lama
17. Sacco/Vanzetti—1st Red Scare
18. Scopes Trial/Fundamentalism
19. Eugenics Movement
20. Cults: Jonestown, Charles Manson, Heaven’s Gate, WACO/David Koresh

--Quite a diverse list for a diversity of students’ interests!

--I provide a detailed scoring rubric.

--There are also graphics and quotes about tyranny that relate to the historical topics,
The Crucible and McCarthyism.

--This is a wonderful activity for all levels of students.

--I encourage students to present their information in creative ways.

--Most create a slide presentation; however, I recently had a group present Eugenics with a game that “kicked people out of the gene pool.”

--In the past students have shown clips from the Manson trials to illustrate the dangers of cults and played clips from Across the Universe to portray the hippy counter culture.

--Students have videotaped their own portrayals of protests, conducted interviews with historical figures, and decorated the classroom with WW2 propaganda posters.


--This movie, Good Night, and Good Luck, is an excellent representation of the fear and injustice that was rampant during Joe McCarthy's Red Scare, purging of so-called Communists in the US in the 1950's.

--This is an activity that I use after completing discussion of The Crucible; however, it would be great for enhancement of a history lesson about the Red Scare.

--This activity requires students to draw parallels between The Crucible and the movie Good Night and Good Luck, which is about Edward R Murrow's attack of Joseph McCarthy in the 50's.

--The document includes a brief movie plot line discussion followed by a review of how Arthur Miller was inspired to write the play during the McCarthy trials in the 1950's.

--There is also a list of comparisons between the witch trials and
the Communists trials.

--I have included 20 questions for students to complete during or
after viewing the movie.

--I bought the movie on for a very low cost.

--Clear font and a few graphics.

--This resource was created using Word and is editable.


--This researched formal speech activity requires students to research The Second Red Scare and McCarthyism, take notes, outline, cite sources, and prepare and deliver a formal speech.

--I use this as an introduction to our studying Arthur Miller's The Crucible in Honors English class.

--The activity includes fundamental information about McCarthyism and a brief discussion of how Miller created The Crucible, a play about Salem's witch trials as an allegory for America in the early 1950's.

--Although I use this activity to introduction the play, it would also be very effective in the history classroom and could be followed with the movie The Crucible to show the similarities--false accusations and unjust punishment.

--Included are 25 possible research topics from which students can choose.

---The Cold War,
---Edward R Murrow,
---The Rosenbergs,
---J. Edgar Hoover.

--Included is information on reading, researching, and citing information.

--A speech outline template is provided.

--There is general discussion on speech delivery: voice, eye contact, gestures, etc.

--A grading rubric is provided.

--Clear font.

--A few appropriate graphics.

--Created with Word, editable.

--I would recommend this activity for a College Prep or Honors course.


--This is a project that I assign after reading and discussing Act 3 of The Crucible; however, it can be used at any point after that.

--The project begins with a brief discussion of how scandalous Proctor and Abby's affair would be to the citizens of Salem in 1692.

--Following that is a discussion of how people in our society are intrigued by scandal and are drawn to tabloids that reveal the mishaps and misfortunes of celebrities.

--I've included an excerpt that discusses tabloid circulation numbers and the transition from print media to TV and Internet as a source of rumor collection.

--Students are assigned the task of creating a Puritan tabloid.

--They must include title, headlines, and bylines.

--They must discuss the events of Salem using Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How. (I provide a chart to help them organize their information.)

--They must also include their speculation about the fall-out from the revelation of John and Abby's affair.

--Students are asked to include three minor articles after reviewing the play through Act three including dramatic exposition and dialogue to determine topics (land-lust, working on the Sabbath, etc.)

--Students are required to include graphics.

--There are remarks about recognizing one's audience where students are told to maintain decorum suitable to Puritan sensibilities; maintain a tone in both words and graphics that is appropriate for a school assignment.

--Students may submit page(s) or a poster.

--I include a sample front page.

--This assignment includes a grading rubric and graphics.

--Clear font.

--Could be used as a group project as well.

--This is always successful in my classes.

--Thank you for your consideration of this resource.

--Please check out my other items for The Crucible

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