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THE QUOTES PROJECT: Independent Book Project.... Great Assignment

THE  QUOTES PROJECT: Independent Book Project.... Great As
THE  QUOTES PROJECT: Independent Book Project.... Great As
THE  QUOTES PROJECT: Independent Book Project.... Great As
THE  QUOTES PROJECT: Independent Book Project.... Great As
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• Read a fiction or a non-fiction book
• Collect NINE annotated* quotes/passages from the novel
• Select “The Quote of the Novel” (the 10th MOST important quotation)
• Write a REFLECTIVE letter about the novel or non-fiction book. Here you will talk about the book that you read and your reactions to both it and the annotated passages that you assembled.

* “Annotate” means “to comment upon in notes”
• Use sticky notes to mark passages as you read. Every time you encounter a particularly important, dramatic, surprising, intriguing, even disturbing passage, mark it with a sticky note.

• When you have completed the novel, look at the passages and decide which TEN you will select.

REMEMBER: The 10th quotation is “THE QUOTE” of the book! It’s the MOST important quotation that captures the essence – the true meaning – of the book for you.

• Copy EACH of the NINE quotations down (including page numbers) and then write about EACH quotation in the following ways:

1. First, in a well-written paragraph explain how the quotation “fits” into the book (does the passage add to the character development? to the plot line? to the details of the setting? and so forth). How is it connected to the pages before it – how does it set up the pages after it? Discuss the importance of the passage to the book’s message or meaning or theme.

2. Then, in another well-written paragraph, react to the passage as a reader. Make me understand WHY you have selected this quotation. You may consider the following as suggested ways to deal with this:
 Why does the passage impress, intrigue, horrify, or puzzle you?
 Do you find the author’s use of language appealing or powerful? Does the passage jump off the page as a great descriptive passage?
 Does it prompt a strong response from you as you read it? Does it present itself as so well-crafted that you just love the sound of it? Is the language beautiful, descriptive, graphic?
 Is it particularly meaningful? Is it a highpoint in the book? Do you find yourself in agreement/disagreement with the ideas expressed?
 Does the passage remind you of a situation you have lived as well?
 Does the passage make you laugh out loud or make you melancholy or make you something else? Does the author or the character raise intriguing questions or issues?
 Does the passage challenge or expand your thinking?

You are not limited to the above list, nor do I expect you to answer all of the above. But, your
responses to the passages should clearly explain to me WHY these passages mean something to you, WHY these passages caught your attention.

3. Next, select another, different, passage (quotation 10) as “THE QUOTE of the BOOK” -- that one passage or quote that captures the essence – the true meaning – of the book for you, the reader.
In a well-written paragraph explain exactly HOW this
passage is the one perfect quote from the book. [Think of this
as the one passage that you would absolutely want saved should your book ever be lost or destroyed.]


Lastly, write me a reflective letter about reading this novel and creating your quotes paper. Write to me about the thoughts and feelings and observations and new insights you experienced while reading your book. Write to me about marking the quotes as you read and then selecting the ones to keep.
Some things to think about for your letter may include, but are not the only things you could include:
o Tell me what you worked on the hardest or struggled with in doing this assignment
o Share with me what you think you did well: what worked, really worked
o Show me where you were drawn into the novel and where you were pulled away from the novel
o Identify in your opinion the author’s – or the story’s—or the character’s -- greatest strength and weakness
o Explain some of the reasons why you chose this book
o Discuss in what ways is the book similar to your life
o Explore what value, other than entertainment, that this book has
o Share your overall impressions of the book
o Discuss if you found yourself changing your mind about the book and/or the assignment

Your reflective letter is your chance to “talk” with me about your book, your project, and your experiences in completing this assignment. With your letter, make me see your work – and your learning – through your eyes.

 All aspects of the assignment MUST be typed.

 Passages/quotes must be AT LEAST two sentences long. Your collection of passages should include many that are longer than two sentences.

 Passages/quotes MUST be taken from throughout the entire book. Page numbers will indicate that!

 All passages MUST be in quotation marks – and be sure to copy the passage exactly as it appears in your book. Better yet – photocopy the quotations!

 All passages MUST include the page numbers from which they are taken. Cite page numbers in parentheses, like this: (235)

 This assignment is due on the date assigned.

 The REFLECTIVE LETTER is a required part of this assignment!!!!

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THE  QUOTES PROJECT: Independent Book Project.... Great As
THE  QUOTES PROJECT: Independent Book Project.... Great As
THE  QUOTES PROJECT: Independent Book Project.... Great As
THE  QUOTES PROJECT: Independent Book Project.... Great As
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