Teach ABCs in ASL via Go Fish, Old Maid, & Memory! Sign language Alphabet Games!

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Love the Games "Go Fish!" "Memory" and "Old Maid??"
These are just what you are looking for! Description and rules below. Also use for Bulletin Boards!

You'll need two copies of all ABC card images. The smaller images are the size of playing cards and use high quality JPEG images. The larger images fit two to a 9 by 11 inch printed page and also
utilize quality JPEGs. You can shrink or enlarge them depending upon the needs of your kids.

You can copy on whatever quality of paper you like.
I like to use thick card stock or laminate regular paper.
They are fun and use bright background colors to catch the interest of both boys and girls,
and help facilitate the memory game.
(They could even be used to help teach letters and colors.)

* the purpose of each game is to learn ASL letters. Encourage the students to request the cards using the sign for each letter!! Feel free to begin with only a few ABC cards and work your way up to using all 26 letters as the kids develop skills.

How to play Old Maid

1. Choose the size of your deck. Try beginning with only 7 pairs per diad or small group.
2. Students look at their cards and place any matches to the side.
3. The first player takes a card from the dealers hand without looking at it and adds it to their own card collection. If it completes a match, they place the match to the side. That player then offers their cards to the player to their left, without showing their cards. That person chooses a card and if it completes a match, they put it down. The game continues as such until only the old maid card is left. That person is the "loser" of the game.
You may, if you wish, make losing not such a bad thing. However, you may also help convey the lesson that in life, you can't win 100% of the time and you can still carry on. Life can be worthwhile. You may, if you wish, simply ignore my last few sentences and just have fun!
How to Play Go Fish

for 2 or more players

1. If there are two players, each person can use up to 7 cards. If there are three or more players, use 5 cards each.

2. Place the rest of the cards to the side in a pile.

3. Gamers take turns asking another player if they have a certain letter card. (More experienced players may ask by signing the desired card letter.) If that person does indeed have that card, they have to give it to the student who asked for it. The "asker" then gets another turn.

4. If the other player does not have the desired card they say "GO FISH", and the "asker" has to take a card from the pile. The next player then asks for a letter of their choice.

5. The game continues until all the matches have been made and the player with the most matches wins.

How to play Memory

Here is the basic idea: Object of the game is to make and set aside the most matches!

1. Using two of however many pairs of sign cards you choose, place cards face down in rows in front of you.
2. Turn over two cards.
3. If they match, pick them up and set aside. If they don't match, turn them back over. Remember where the cards are!
4. Continue until all the cards are gone. Winner has the most matches.
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All images used in these games are in the Public Domain!

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Digital Download
Teach ABCs in ASL via Go Fish, Old Maid, & Memory! Sign la
Teach ABCs in ASL via Go Fish, Old Maid, & Memory! Sign la
Teach ABCs in ASL via Go Fish, Old Maid, & Memory! Sign la
Teach ABCs in ASL via Go Fish, Old Maid, & Memory! Sign la