Teacher Productivity Boot Camp: The Practical-Lesson Plan Efficiently (PT 7/8)

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Welcome to Module Seven! This module is all about creating a more efficient recipe for lesson planning. Now that you've identified your obstacles to productivity in Module One, overcome your negative motives in Module Two, gotten your classroom in order in Module Three, created productive habits in Module Four, learned to maximize your prep period in Module Five , and saved time by grading more efficiently in Module Six, you're ready to dig deep to create better lesson planning workflows using brainstorming, backwards unit planning, and exploring easy-to-implement tips for reducing the amount of time you spend lesson planning. You can create meaningful, incredible lessons in less time while still staying true to your unique teaching style. Join me as we walk through the process of doing a little work up front to create a much smoother, less time consuming lesson planning process so you can free up your prep period and take less work home! Let’s get to it!

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For all you inspirational, passionate, dedicated teachers out there who absolutely love your students and teaching, but are drowning in grading, paperwork, and general disorganization, this boot camp is for you! This is a full blown course broken down into eight distinct modules.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
-Examine and overcome the causes of inefficiency in your life
-Have an organized, functional classroom that serves you and your students
-Stop taking work home (including grading and lesson planning)
-Develop highly productive daily habits
-Learn to utilize your prep period for maximum efficiency
-Grade and lesson plan efficiently
-Create a life-changing work-life balance with a heavy emphasis on self-care

Each module of this course comes complete with an instructional video, a video summary handout, and several hands-on worksheets designed to help you implement what you've learned.

Seeing as this is designed as a complete course, it will be the most effective if you complete each module in the correct order and take the time to implement the lessons you've learned into your life. Included in each module is a suggested calendar to help you complete the course in a realistic, timely manner. While I am a high school teacher with high school examples, the content in this course can be applied to any grade level teacher.

To be successful, this course requires your time, energy, hard work, and dedication to implementing what you've learned. This might seem daunting, but haven't we wasted enough time being stuck in our inefficiency? Let's get real about making positive, realistic changes in our classroom. Let's get real about creating a better work-life balance. Let's get real about taking care of ourselves.

So what are you waiting for? Come join me in this joyful, transformative journey!

1. Obstacles to Productivity (What Gets in the Way of Productivity)
2. Let's Go Deeper: Why You're Not Getting Anything Done
3. The Practical: Organizing Your Classroom
4. Habits of Highly Productive Teachers
5. The Practical: How to Maximize Your Prep Period
6. The Practical: Grading Efficiently
7. The Practical: Lesson Planning Efficiently
8. How to Self Care
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